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Why The Camon 12 Is Your Best Travel Companion

Discussion in 'Phones' started by D-termined, Oct 14, 2019.

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    Going on a trip without a companion could make the experience insipid. Let's show you how to liven it up!

    Traveling is not only rejuvenating but also enriches your soul. It helps you meet new people, ignites your creativity, and allows you to appreciate nature's beauty.

    No matter how far your trip is — and how long you will stay — packing a lighter suitcase ensures easier mobility. To travel light, you only pick the bare essentials and a robust camera to document some vital photographic opportunities.

    {filename}-Why The Camon 12 Is Your Best Travel Companion

    With several advances made in smartphone camera today, people have nixed the idea of having to carry a DSLR camera along with them on a trip.

    Add well I think that CAM bag is too heavy. Don't you agree with me?

    A few days ago, 24 finalists from the TECNO CAMission, armed with the Camon 12 smartphone, embarked on a trip to a location in Ibadan to unlock a new CAM*ERA.

    The 5-day camping event saw the contestants showcase their photography prowess as they basked in the serenity offered by Mother Nature.

    The Camon 12 smartphone is all they needed as a travel companion to showcase their photography skills

    And this is why…

    Camon 12: The Best Any-Angle Camera

    The Camon 12 is a camera-centric device that is making waves on the market. It offers an impressive array of cameras, comprising a 16-megapixel camera, which is flanked by an 8-megapixel unit and a 2-megapixel depth sensor.

    The camera covers a variety of common shooting scenarios and produces corresponding AI optimization to enable you to snap more natural and stunning photos.

    Macro & Bokeh Photography

    {filename}-Why The Camon 12 Is Your Best Travel Companion

    Macro shot from the camping location of the recently held CAMission Contest in Ibadan

    {filename}-Why The Camon 12 Is Your Best Travel Companion

    Fashion image shot using the Camon 12 bokeh feature

    As a traveler, there some notable moments you will like to show, and doing this will require a camera with the ability to capture tiny objects

    The Camon 12 delivers 2cm extreme macro photography and powerful bokeh effect. Away from home, this device lets you appreciate nature's beauty better as you see the world, much clearer, closer, and even brighter.

    Wide-Angle Capability

    {filename}-Why The Camon 12 Is Your Best Travel Companion

    Mapo Hall Ibadan – a historic colonial-style hall in Ibadan. This monumental edifice attracts many visitors every year who like to have fun with friends and family

    The Camon 12 features a 1200 wide-angle lens, making it easier to see as much of the building as possible and discover more of the world around you, making your travel experience riveting.

    Low-Light Photography

    {filename}-Why The Camon 12 Is Your Best Travel Companion

    During your trip, you may be in a place where there are different amounts of light emanating from a variety of sources, with less than daytime light outside;

    In such cases, you will appreciate the sophisticated camera of your Camon 12 as it will offer you spectacular indoors photography, even without much ambient light thanks to its Quad-LED flash that delivers a more vibrant and brighter picture

    Market Place

    {filename}-Why The Camon 12 Is Your Best Travel Companion

    Bodija Market shot on Camon 12-Bodija Market is a famous open-air market, known for the sales of livestock, cattle, foodstuff, and fruits

    {filename}-Why The Camon 12 Is Your Best Travel Companion

    Good Battery Life

    The 4000-mAh battery is an excellent addition to the Camon 12, guaranteed to get you through the day with little or no charging needed. There is no need to stew over running out of power.

    Wrapping up

    The Camon 12 is a robust camera smartphone that delivers stunning photography and has modest battery life.

    The just concluded Camon 12 photography camping contest has proven that the Camon 12 is all that is needed to document unique photographic moments with the new people you meet on your trip and in the destinations you visit.
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    Nice report, thx.
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    Thank you , I really enjoyed your travel experience. And the photos are amazing. We went to a mountain resort in Tennessee last year. But unfortunately I don't have any photos from our trip. I uploaded them to my computer, but there was a system crash and my photos disappeared. Of course, I have heard that there are specialists who could return them, but our specialist said that it was impossible to restore the photos in our case. But you can visit link and see what wonderful places there are. We had an amazing vacation that we remember with warmth.
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    Where can I find some more feedback?