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Why Nigeria Is Afraid Of A United Igbo & Ijaw Nation

Discussion in 'BIAFRA' started by Prezzy, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Prezzy

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    May 24, 2016
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    images (55).jpeg-Why Nigeria Is Afraid Of A United Igbo & Ijaw Nation
    IJAW in this article is an example of BIAFRA COAST while IGBO is example of BIAFRA HINTERLAND

    Why can't some people accept the fact that Igbos are a special race.

    I am IJAW n very proud of it but am very grateful to the Igbo ethnicity because if not for them, Islam would have grounded us all in the name of "one sharia Nigeria". The name Igbo puts fear in the hearts of Fulani because that's the only tribe that understands their trick.

    IJAW is struggling in Nigeria because they allowed Yoruba and Fulani to separate them with Igbo.

    Igbos are our kith n kin whether we accepts it or not. The glory of the IJAW man in history has never been cut off from the Igbos.

    We are the brothers that rule the sea while they rule the land. We are both republicans. We are Biafrans. Our alliance is what the world fear.

    Why do they fear our alliance?

    Igbos are smart n fast to act
    IJAWs are smart but slow to act.

    We are both brave.

    Apart we are bound to make mistakes. Igbos will take steps in a hurry n fail while ijaws will be too slow and lose the target.

    The merger usually results into... A blend of both. Giving you

    A smart, fast, brave and careful society.

    This is the society the world powers dread.

    This is the society I shall build in Biafra. I don't have to be the President of Biafra to do it. I just have to be a writer to make my people see their true qualities and get focused. That's my calling.

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  3. wazzaap

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    Jun 8, 2018
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    First, for those who think this is all about Jonathan and Buhari. It is not. Igbos were disappointed that Jonathan did not win. But those whose candidates lose elections lick their wounds. It is allowed. It happens when your candidate loses election. This is why they are angry on them