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Why Blockchain Must Maintain Your Privacy

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by Collinberg, Apr 6, 2019.

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    I remember when I first discovered Blockchain Technology in 2015 and I was instantly attracted to the prospect of sending funds from one part of the world to another without exposing my personal details to anybody or any third party services and for a couple of years,. I have been enjoying the ultimate privacy that Blockchain provides.

    Recently there has been talks of Cryptocurrency regulation but while it is all well and good, I think that Cryptocurrencies would not really be "Cryptocurrencies" if that were to happen because it would have lost one of it's most fundamental features which is decentralisation and Anonymity.

    Even though Regulations has not been fully implemented yet, we are now gradually losing our privacy without us even knowing it's happening, take to example the BLOCKCHAIN WALLET which is one of the trusted wallets to transact Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Stellar, they used to be one of the blockchain wallets that used to preach about privacy but recently they have added KYC to the platform and even started rewarding people $25 to do the KYC, this is a blatant slap to the fundamentals of Blockchain technology.

    But all hope is not lost because as some big giants in the blockchain world are moving towards centralisation, other Blockchain services are cropping up to continue the lagacy of Satoshi Nakamoto and one of such projects is the Veil Project, the motto of the Veil Project is "Privacy Without Compromise" and that is what caught my eyes and made me take a closer look at it.

    Veil's aim is a trustees blockchain platform that takes privacy to a whole new level, it is so private that when you make transactions in the veil Ecosystem, even your IP cannot be traced, I think we need more projects like Veil in a time like this when the big dogs are so focused on invading our privacy, if you want to check out Veil, just visit- Privacy without compromise

    So what is your opinion? Is Veil the future of Cryptocurrency?
    IMG_20190406_163736.png-Why Blockchain Must Maintain Your Privacy
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