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Who Should Love More In Guy - Girl Relationship?

Discussion in 'Love and Romance' started by kessyboy, Jun 1, 2017.


Who should love more?

  1. guys

  2. girls

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  1. kessyboy

    kessyboy Well Known

    In my final year,I attended a seminar on Dating401 where an indepth and advance studies on Love,Lustand Lies were taught.Amidst what the speaker taught,a statement made by the speaker struck a chord in my mind.he said-"In a relationship,the Love that exist between male and female are never equal".I couldn't get to ask why 'cos it all happened in my dream:lol::lol::D.
    .......Okay Real Life now
    However,that statement which i have considered to be true is still on my mind.Considering what is happening in our everyday life.
    ......Real question
    So friends,sample your opinions(for matured jackobian).since love between a guy & a girl in a relationship ain't equal.(1)who should love more-Guys or Girls? (2)which is proper-the guy loving the girl more or vice versa
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  3. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    The two party pitting both the guys and girls need to love more.

    I can't rate one better than the other becos the two are involved in it so they need to make sure they love each other to the fullest if not 100% self.
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  4. kessyboy

    kessyboy Well Known

    Bros D-termined it can NEVER ALWAYS be equal...
    check ya own relationship?
    and do the mathematics...o_O
    Rule 1:he/she who loves more is the controlled one
    but he/she who loves less is the controlling one in that relationship...
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  5. Greattas

    Greattas Upcoming

    Nobody owes anything to anyone.
  6. shirleymaysonet

    shirleymaysonet Rookie!!!

    I think, girls should do the part more.
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  7. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    Sure, i noticed you are new on this forum...I welcome you
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  8. Alma Zamarly

    Alma Zamarly Jackobian

    Actually both need to love more, but i personally think if i need to choose one side, i choose girl. Girl will do anything because of love to her kids. It is in their nature
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  9. Edubrazil2017

    Edubrazil2017 Upcoming

    The girl I think
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  10. Sonja-Erica Pompa

    Sonja-Erica Pompa Rookie!!!

    Relationship is about partnership.
    So, in good relationship both of partners love each other equally.
    Maybe, the questions is more about who shows love signs more often?
    It also depends on a person. And this person's love signs.
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  11. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    Thanks for your contribution
  12. lowprofile

    lowprofile Jackobian

    I think the love of guy and girl is rather different and we cannot say who should love more. Everyone should love and then all will be good!
  13. Jaymes_Willson

    Jaymes_Willson Jackobian

    Probably it is. Girls think much more about relationships and family than guys. Did you notice how much time they spend on makeup before the date? You can click for reference to see a regular master class on eyelashes. Personally, I wouldn't spend so much time on appearance, but I'm pleased when my girlfriend does this. My thoughts and time often spent on the business. I think that is typical for all guys.
  14. Johngames

    Johngames Rookie!!!

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