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Which Crypto Exchange Has The Least Trading Fees?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    One's choice of Cryptocurrency exchange is usually affected by a lot of factors which includes the availability of the choice coin/commodity . However, another criterion which many people usually overlook is the trading fees.

    Different Types of fees on Exchanges
    There are different operations on exchanges which are associated with fees. They include:

    • Trading Fees
    • Margin(Interest; or Lending Fees)
    • Deposit and Withdrawal Transaction Costs
    However, in this article we will be focusing on the trading fees.

    How Unimportant are trading fees?

    We know that the fees are usually below 1%. In fact most exchanges have fees as low as 0.15% and this is usually very insignificant for many trades. However, if you are a day trader who makes tens of transactions in a day, it begins to add up to something! Some people could make one hundred transactions either manually or through some automated software and at such rate, any small shift in the transaction fee can result in something greater in the overall profit of the trades .

    Why traders should care

    Cryptocurrency has come to stay and for many of us, we are determined to make some good profit from trading even if it means trading for a long period of time without enticing gains. Along the line of these trades both in profit and in losses, we incur charges from the tx fees which makes a big difference on the long run. Beyond that, we usually get used to the exchanges we use more often and moving our assets to another exchange with favorable fees can become tasking and unprofitable. At this point, one can be said to be stuck.

    So, if you are planning to engage in trading, then I suggest that you do your research and pick your exchanges carefully. These decisions usually have long term effects As we have shown above.

    Here are some of the Exchanges with the lowest fees

    1. Binance
    Website: Bitcoin Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange |
    Binance is a very popular exchange. It also has a very interesting model for calculating transaction fees on the exchange. They have invented their Binance coin and they offer you some discount if the exchange fee is paid in part with the Binance coin.
    You can get full details about the fees on Binance here: Binance - Fee Schedule

    Also, I'll love to chip in that the popularity of Binance is not totally unrelated to the low fees they charge per transaction on their platform! Of course, other factors are involved

    Website: Poloniex - Crypto Asset Exchange

    Poloniex is also a very popular exchange especially about a year ago They have different provisions of trading fees for the maker and taker.

    Here's what it is.

    Maker: 0.08%
    Taker: 0.20%
    Note: this information is for Trade Volume < $1m (trailing 30 day avg)
    Learn more about poloniex fees here: Poloniex - Crypto Asset Exchange

    3. OkEx
    Website: The Leading Global Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin Exchange
    They have a moderate fees structure as well. They are also a high volume exchange platform too.

    Okex offers trading fees as follows:
    Maker: 0.10%
    Taker: 0.15%

    4. Livecoin

    This website has extremely high fees. They charge as much as 0.18%
    Learn more here: Livecoin - Fees & limits

    5. Bittrex

    According to their website, All trades have a 0.25% commission. That is the highest i have seen! This means that it will cost you 2.5 times more to make a purchase on Bittrex than it would on Binance! And am sure many people don't know about this disparity.

    6. Bitfinex
    Website: Bitfinex

    Bitfinex charges moderate fees as well They charge:
    Maker : 0.1%
    Taker: 0.2%
    Learn more: Bitfinex

    Transaction charges: maker or taker, who pays more?

    From the information above, we can see that the maker pays less than the taker in the exchanges where they pay different charges. Otherwise, they pay the same amount.

    My most preferred exchange for trading

    I have discovered that Okex is ok in terms of trading volume and fees but I think Binance is truly the very best when you want to judge based on this criterion and other primary requirements like acceptance (popularity), etc.
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  3. Logician

    Logician Well Known

    Binance any day. Those guys invest in that platform a lot, from security to UI, to a very big market, among other things.

    Binance Any day.
  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Am forced to agree with you
    Innovation is the key
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