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What Is Mlm?

Discussion in 'News Around d World' started by Isha gupta, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Isha gupta

    Isha gupta Jackobian

    Multi-Level Marketing Software is a Pyramid selling marketing or direct selling network marketing. Now Days MLM Software very essential for Us.
  2. LillyPage

    LillyPage Jackobian

    Why is it essential?
  3. usoroakpan

    usoroakpan Rookie!!!

  4. madeonline

    madeonline Rookie!!!

    Multi level maketing - most are ponzi scheme
  5. LillyPage

    LillyPage Jackobian

    Multi level marketing is a ponzi scheme? Why?
  6. Michelle Lordes

    Michelle Lordes Rookie!!!

    Not all MLM are ponsiz. Some of them are just glorified referral program.