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Welcome New Jackobian Crazy Knight @tmc!

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by Prezzy, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Hey, guys, we have a new Knight in the forums;). Bad thing he's a Crazy one!:p
    @Tmc have been scouted for Knights promotion in the past but it wasn't until he did something a little out of the ordinary here on Jackobian that he became fully inducted as a Knight:rolleyes:

    You may be wondering, what did he do?
    Well, its pretty simple, he succeded in overriding our server configurations which do not accept videos to be able to upload videos!
    Though it was theoritical, it will work perfectly.
    You can read his procedures here

    While that is not completely sane, I believe it's an act that needs commendation.
    So, welcome @Tmc
    Congrats for finding your way in here through the window and hope you improve and use your skills more effectively in creative things in the future:)

    We hope to pass the message that CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION is among the most cherished virtues here on Jackobian and among the Knights.
    Stand up Nigerians and flex your creative mind!
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  3. Gigi2sure

    Gigi2sure Well Known Mod

    Cool congrats and welcome bro @Tmc
  4. Abasiofiok Bassey

    Abasiofiok Bassey Verified Moose Mod

    Congrats bro
  5. Deeboy

    Deeboy Well Known Mod

  6. vitriol

    vitriol Rookie!!!

  7. victor_dhare

    victor_dhare Active

  8. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    What does that mean?
  9. vitriol

    vitriol Rookie!!!

    Does it matter ?...
  10. Gigi2sure

    Gigi2sure Well Known Mod

    yes bro......i'd like to knw also
  11. osixkilz

    osixkilz Well Known Mod

    Welcome @Tmc
    Cell signal towers I think cst
  12. vitriol

    vitriol Rookie!!!

  13. Viktor

    Viktor Jackobian

    Welcome bro
  14. Tmc

    Tmc Upcoming

    Tnks guyz
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  15. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

  16. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Congrats one more!:)
  17. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    i wanna be the last to comment on this thread:p
  18. Deeboy

    Deeboy Well Known Mod

  19. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

  20. Deeboy

    Deeboy Well Known Mod

  21. sonorous 22

    sonorous 22 Rookie!!!

    Wow nice one
  22. thafweshgeek

    thafweshgeek Well Known