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    {filename}-Web Design Tutorial -  Map
    Hello and welcome to @electrode web design tutorials hosted on http://jackobian.com.
    Since this is going be the first time you're getting to know we must have an idea or picture exactly what we are going to cover in the Tutorials.

    1. Introduction [link:http://jackobian.com/threads/web-design-tutorials-introduction.1004/]
    2. Html(intro, tags, syntax, samples)[http://jackobian.com/threads/web-design-tutorials-html.1006/]
    3. Css(intro, tags, syntax, samples)
    4. Php(intro, basic tags, basic syntax, basic examples)
    5. Hosting and acquiring a domain name.(how to host, how to upload to server using ftp,)
    6. Conclusion (advice to continue advance lessons, more online resources ).

    1)introduction :this is going to be the map of our tutorial lessons.,here you Get to see what exactly Web design and Web Development is and how to continue other lessons easily.
    2)Html(intro, tags, syntax, samples) :here we will talk about everything that concerns Html, the rules, syntax, hints, tags and so on.
    3)Css :this is where I'll post all stuffs about Css, every basic steps and syntax you need to know about Css, hints, tags, and so on.
    4)php:we are also going to discuss basic php topics here, php syntax, snippets, files, and so on
    5)Hosting and acquiring a domain name.:everything you need to know about acquiring a domain name hosting your website, using an ftp software and so on.

    A what we have covered checklist will be below this with link to each tutorial

    Signed. electrode
    [To any developer that is interested in assisting in this course should kindly indicate]
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    I know how to program a website using HTML n CSS but I can't created an effective Form.... For my client to login into my site... And also save there details.... N I like D way Jackobian Forum function.... N d email stuff.... I was Hoping to Get something this effect in my web site.... Pls I need Help.
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    All you need is pho bro ,php will make your html and css dynamic.I'll start a thread about this specific problem of yours so stay tuned
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