Crypto News Vidiot: A Decentralized Social Media Platform Buy Vidiot Token & Get Rewards

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    {filename}-Vidiot: A Decentralized Social Media Platform Buy Vidiot Token & Get Rewards

    ViDioT app will be a user video sharing program where freedom of speech is king.

    Vidiot app currency named Vido, will be exchangeable to the crypto currency token Vidiot (Vido)

    This will be based on Bsc network.

    Vidiot token will have a supply of 10 billion tokens, with a buy and sell tax of 9%.

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    {filename}-Vidiot: A Decentralized Social Media Platform Buy Vidiot Token & Get Rewards

    The ViDioT token Vido was deployed on the Binance BNB blockchain representing a response to the challenges of the crypto world. Class as the fastest blockchain ViDioT World needs that speed for its up coming media sharing program. The Vidiot app will differ from Tiktok snapchat and you tube by giving all users who hold OG NFTs a profit share of yearly profit made by ViDioT World. Also enabling basic users the ability to earn tokens in app to exchange for real $$$

    ViDioT Token is a cryptocurrency that is built to the maximum benefit of the people who hold it and every activity that the token makes rewards its holders.

    {filename}-Vidiot: A Decentralized Social Media Platform Buy Vidiot Token & Get Rewards


    Binance coin BNB is a decentralized platform that can be thought of as the “blockchain for blockchains.” The system operates on its own blockchain but has the capability of aggregating other cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols onto its network. Binance bnb is seen as an Ethereum alternative, and with Ethereum’s ever growing transaction fees, BNB token has risen significantly in value.

    BNB is the native cryptocurrency on the platform and it’s used for payments, rewards and governance on Binance coin. The platform seeks to digitize any type of asset on its blockchain, such as other crypto assets, stocks, art and commodities.


    Purpose of Vido token use? One as the main token of ViDioT World to trade either on exchanges and or between ViDiot App to real world trading. tipping content creators or using Vido to win wars in our app battle system then to withdraw and swap to our crypto currency ViDioT Vido. OG NFT holders will have a share in profits made by our Decentralized media app once up and running. Details TBC…

    ViDioT Presale Started
    PinkSale - The Launchpad Protocol for Everyone!

    Website - Vidiot
    Telegram - ViDioT World Official
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