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Turkey Africa Economic Summit 2019

Discussion in 'News Around d World' started by Turkeyafrica Summit, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. The Turkey Africa Economic Summit 2019 is a global sourcing event for business, investment, trade, commerce and economic exchange and business health products. Its core attendees work in the upstream value chain as manufacturing companies, export and trading companies, importers, and distributors at the national level.

    Attendees include more than 150 exhibitors and sponsors, typically manufacturing companies, from China, India, the United States, Africa, EU, and Southeast Asia.

    Exhibitors offer both technical-grade and are allowed to access business listings to encourage lead generation before the show even starts, and more.

    The Turkey Africa Economic Summit 2019 event would be held in Istanbul.

    Transnational Trade and Commerce Center is a leading business media brand with a mission to link buyers and sellers of business and trade inputs. We publish TradeBusiness Global magazine,,, and the Trade Summit, among other events.

    This project is a joint initiative and partnership with Transnational Trade and Commerce Center, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, World Trade Summit & Expo Organization, Nigerian Embassy Turkey, Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, States and Federal Government of Nigeria.

    Each country's program will promote a lot of local and international businesses, factories, investments, companies, industries, locally made goods, products and services, visitors, traders, and investors from the countries selected.

    business investments government trading trading economics commerce partnerships economicdevelopment traders internationalbusiness joints joints nationalism promoters organics initiation industrialization

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  3. jillyberish

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    What was this about
  4. Camberpruff

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  5. Jaymes_Willson

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    This is great news! As soon as the exact dates are known, I'll immediately reserve a ticket to Book Cheap Flights Online / Kiss & Fly Nigeria Economic Summit is a good place to announce your business and enter into new contracts. I try not to miss such events in order to keep abreast of the latest business news. I advise you to do the same.
  6. usoroakpan

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  7. wazzaap

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    This is very good news. I think that these sort or events should be organized more frequently. It is good for people in business to meet and exchange ideas and/or make few business deals. It is good for economies of all countries involved in this forum
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  8. Anastasiia

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    Agree with you. It can help solve some problems
  9. Filher

    Filher Upcoming

    African countries are sustaining their lives on the base of foreign aid. Foreign aid is really not a solution of the betterment of economy. You must have to work on the basic resources for enhancing the GDP and growth of a country. What do you people think?
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