Tradera Is A Platform Built For Aspiring Entrepreneurs Looking To Make An Income Through Trading In

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    Tradera is a platform built for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make an income through trading in the financial markets along with building residual income from our efforts.
    upload_2020-3-31_13-27-17.png-Tradera Is A Platform Built For Aspiring Entrepreneurs Looking To Make An Income Through Trading In
    What do you get as a customer at Tradera?

    - Trading Education
    The education is designed to teach you everything you need to know from beginner to advanced.

    - Forex Alerts / Signals
    These are alerts sent straight to your phone from expert traders that you can literally copy and paste and earn money while you learn this skill.

    - Live Trading Sessions
    These sessions are designed to be a great teaching tool for you to learn live from a master trader on how to read the market and also get your questions answered.

    - Fundamental Analysis
    This is a section of the platform that presents to you major news events that will affect the market so you can take advantage and be more profitable.

    - Market Forecasts
    These are predictions of what is expected based on what the market has shown. This will give you an idea of what to expect in the coming days and weeks.

    You will have access to many expert traders and access to 1on1 training to guide you along this journey to financial freedom.

    What is the cost of these services?

    The cost of our services is only $99/month.

    (Free membership when you refer 3 customers)

    upload_2020-3-31_13-27-1.png-Tradera Is A Platform Built For Aspiring Entrepreneurs Looking To Make An Income Through Trading In

    Learn How To Create a 6 Figure Income By Becoming an IBO !!
    This will allow you to build an organization within the company and build a team.

    You can achieve a residual income through this.

    This is NOT like any other companies you have seen online that has a marketing side to it.

    You will be compensated weekly in residual income based on Team Volume, NOT Personal Signups.

    What does this mean?

    This means that; After you have signed up 3 personal customers. You can go on and help your own customers to build their team. This creates a WIN-WIN Situation.


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