Trade Crypto On Auto Mode With Botmargin

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    Trade crypto on auto mode with botmargin
    upload_2019-8-12_2-18-44.png-Trade Crypto On Auto Mode With Botmargin
    Trade Safely Using Botmargin.

    Open the bot from Botmargin and select deposit to generate your dedicated wallet of either ETH or BTC
    Copy wallet and deposit your preferred coin into your botmargin wallet.

    Select margin trade
    Select pair (MTH for ETH and MBT for BTC)
    Select leverage

    Input margin (Satoshi value eg: 0.008 or 0.4)
    Select take profit
    And start trading and allow bot trade for you.
    upload_2019-8-12_2-20-13.png-Trade Crypto On Auto Mode With Botmargin
    Join their Telegram
    Channel: BotMargin

    Official group: botmarginofficial
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