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Ask Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Attempt Change Of Course/institution In 2018/2019

Discussion in 'Jamb' started by Jenero200, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Jenero200

    Jenero200 Leader Mod

    For one reason or the other, many students in Nigeria are eager to change their initial preferred institutions.

    This is as a result of the belief that they will be admitted into their various choice of institutions with their low scores in JAMB.

    In this article, I want you to note the DANGER in being part for this people.

    See Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away from doing Change Of Course/Institution in Jamb.

    1. It is JAMB’s Medium of extorting money from students: It is not a new thing to hear that students who applied for change of course are never admitted (check No 2).

    2. Changes May Not Reflect: One of the most important reason why you should stay away from “the so called CHANGE OF COURSE ” is that many at times, the changes do not reflect.

    3. Waste of Money: It may be a waste of money if you apply and still never get admitted.

    4. Waste of Time: All the time you invested in the process becomes waste if you are not admitted, remember , time waits for no-Man – You can still do other things with your time.

    5. Have asked question before going into this process? Are you not aware that almost 70% of students that applied for change of Institution last year were not admitted (If am right)?


    I understand that your JAMB score does not meet the requirements provided by your preferred course/Institution. Perhaps, you may consider going to polytechnic or college of education.

    But wait a minute, those people at polytechnic, are they not human beings? Are you better than them?
    This is a question you must ask yourself. Thanks for reading
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  3. Shabab

    Shabab Jackobian

    I want to d thid changE of inStitution plz cn i do it
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  4. Jenero200

    Jenero200 Leader Mod

    Go to a nearby cafe, I believe they'll help you with it
  5. Shabab

    Shabab Jackobian