Top 5 English Learning Apps On Android

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    Getting to learn a language so as to be fluent in it is not easy as it requires you taking more studies and practicing frequently for you to become perfect. This goes for learning the English language. English is not all about speaking but being able to listen and use the grammars properly.

    You don’t have to go to a school to learn the basics of the English language as with the use of some android apps you can learn everything you need to know in English. Here is a list of the top 5English Learning Apps on Android.

    TalkEnglish Practice

    TalkEnglish is an app that lets you practice and improves your English skill using their interactive conversation practice tools. With this app, you will learn how to start a conversation with someone using the right English words. You will be able to improve the way you speak and listen. This is a must-have app for everyone.

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    I have heard about Duolingo , and it seems to be a good app to learn english or any other language via games
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    Yes it is also a good app to learn English
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    I think you should find a better method to learn English then apps for your phone. I think that you should know all this You should find more information about your health and your addictions. Thank about it and choose the right direction. And find a teacher with a good method for learning English.
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    good app , nice share
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    very nice