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Top 15 Job Search Websites In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Networks' started by njideka, Apr 28, 2018.

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    {filename}-Top 15 Job Search Websites In Nigeria

    Job websites in Nigeria have launched to help solve a problem – creating a link between employers of labor and job hunters. This involves updating job seekers on any job vacancies.In Nigeria, Job websites are really doing a great job to notify thousands of people on all job vacancies across the country.

    But with an increasing number of these job websites, it is important to give a list of top 15 job sites, any of which you can job search vacancies in Nigeria.

    With increasing number of job sites in the country, it is important to give a relevant list of the top 15.
    This list will help you get the right information about job vacancies and help you avoid the painful experience of being scammed. I’m sure you know there are enough people out there posing to be authentic while the truth of the matter is; they are scams.

    You will be surprised at the positive result you’ll get from using the 15 most relevant job websites to hunt for job vacancies in Nigeria. Check them out!

    Top 15 Job Search In Nigeria

    At the time of writing this, here are the top 15 job websites in Nigeria, based on the popularity and rankings on alexa

    1 Hot Nigerian Jobs (

    Hot Nigerian Jobs is now the first job search site in Nigeria, ranking 96th website in the country. It is one of the oldest and popular jobs listing websites if you’re looking for jobs in Nigeria.
    Currently, Hot Nigerian Jobs has over 80,600 Facebook likes on their fan page and over 8,200 Twitter followers. Hot Nigerian Jobs features listings of job vacancies from either governmental agencies/bodies, private businesses, and companies.
    Need to get in touch? Tel:234-7038916577, Email:

    2 My Job Mag (

    The second job website on the list is Myjobmag ranking 124th website, making it another great platform to look for jobs in Nigeria. MyjobMag popularity trend is on the increase.
    This job search site categorizes their job vacancy listing by a company making it easier for their audience.
    You can get access to job tips, training and courses. Most importantly, My job mag helps you navigate through job vacancy listings by states in the country, region or field.
    Currently, Myjobmag has over 9,400 Facebook page likes and 5,900 Twitter followers. Need to get in touch? Call 08121633133 or email:

    3 Jobber Man (

    Although with over 300,000 Facebook fan page likes and over 53,000 Twitter followers, Jobberman now ranks 175th website in Nigeria, making the 3rd on the list of top job search websites to search for jobs in Nigeria.
    It has over a thousand jobs listed across several sectors that you would sure find your match.
    The first step towards finding a job using Jobberman is by signing up. After that, go through the job listing which has a short description of what each of the jobs is all about, application and contact details. You can then use these details to forward your application and CV.
    Need to get in touch? Email

    4 Ng Careers (

    Ngcareers is among the highly respected job portals in Nigeria. This job search site offers training courses and tips in a unique friendly interface for job seekers to meet with their potential employers and exchange their views and services.
    With over 54,100 Facebook fan page likes and over 18,200 Twitter followers, this job search site ranks 180th in the country, making it the fourth website to search jobs in Nigeria. Need to get in touch? Call 0813757449 or 08137816321

    5 Job Gurus (

    Jobgurus is an online job portal located in Port Harcourt, with a goal of advertising new job vacancies from small and multinational companies in Nigeria.
    With over 34,000 Facebook page likes and 13,000 Twitter follower, this reputable job search site ranks 198th in Nigeria. organized their platform in such a way that employers can post jobs and search CVs of job seekers from the website's database. is an ideal online destination where employers can look for suitable candidates to occupy job positions at their firm and employees can look for jobs that fit their profile, thereby helping to bridge the gap and get quick and reliable access to suitable jobs.
    Need to get in touch? Call 08188649791 or Email:
    While searching for jobs, you should start preparing for job interviews. Our list of top 63 job interview questions and best answers will help you craft JOB-WINNING answers to even the trickiest questions.
    You will also be glad to know that you can get the book for FREE so that you can save it on your device for offline use.

    6 Careers24 (

    This job search website is unique in its simplicity, user-friendly platform, and easy navigation.
    With over 47,000 Facebook fan page likes, ranks the 282nd website in the country, making it the 6th job search site to look for jobs in Nigeria.
    Users though will find many useful pieces of information that will aid their job search or in the case of employers, will aid their employment process, this site has simplified everything. Need to get in touch? Call 07066212029 or use the contact box on their page.

    7 JobZilla (

    With a mission to crush unemployment in Nigeria in their own little way, Jobzilla is another job search site that publishes latest job vacancies and other opportunities (business opportunities, scholarships etc.) in Nigeria.
    With over 19,000 Facebook fan page likes and over 1,000 Twitter followers, Jobzilla ranks 309th website in Nigeria, making it the 7th job search website. If you need to get in touch, email

    8 Just Jobs (

    JustJobs Nigeria is truly a growing concern with a focus on advertising jobs to enable job seekers to get genuine information on current job vacancies.
    With just 3,890 Facebook fan page likes and 1,500 Twitter followers, this job search site has proven to be of great relevance to job seekers, as it ranks 700th site in the country.
    This ranking makes it the 8th website to look for jobs in Nigeria. Need to get in touch? Contact WhatsApp only: +2348093333020

    9 Joblist Nigeria (

    This is one of the respectable Job search sites in the Nigerian Job and recruitment market with a popularity ranking of 815 based on traffic.
    This site get new job opportunities updated on it on a daily basis and even have an active Facebook page of over 212,000 likes for that.
    This website is one of the best to carry out your online job hunt. Need to get in touch? Email

    10. Naira Career (

    Every hour on the hour Naira Career updates their job website to notify a huge audience of latest job vacancies across the country.
    The website interface is a very simple one and that I guess is reasonable job seeker are attracted to the website. With a total of 748 Likes on their Facebook fan page and 1,774 followers on Twitter, Naira Career ranks 1,930th site in Nigeria.
    Need to get in touch with NairaCareer? Send a message to or

    11. JobSpire (

    Since 2009, JobSpire has been publishing thousands of constantly updated offers in all business sectors (information technology, sales, marketing, administration, law, engineering, finance, etc.) to link job seekers with employers on available jobs in Nigeria.
    JobSpire is present in over 16 countries and is available in more than 3 language versions. With over 9,500 Facebook fan page likes, Jobspire ranks 2,178th site in Nigeria. If you need to get in touch, email:

    12. Job Center Nigeria (

    JobCenterNigeria is another wonderful platform that makes it to the top 15 list of relevant job search websites in the country, publishing over 700 recent job vacancies every month, ranking the 2,206th website in the country.
    JobcenterNigeria a Leading Online Job and Recruitment Portal to search and apply for latest job vacancies across top companies in Nigeria. I’m talking 30 different job categories!
    All you need to do is post your Resume and find your dream job. If you need to get in touch, email

    13. Jobemy (

    Another cool job search site to search for a job vacancy is Jobemy created an exclusive membership club to ease your recruitment needs at all times.
    You can select from the 3 sub-services available for a first-class user experience ranging from:

      • Basic membership (free): Here you can post 2 Resumes in 365 days and many more.
      • Compact membership (N3,000): Here you can post 10 Resumes in 365 days and reach thousands of employers and many more.
      • Premium membership: With N5,500 you can post unlimited Resumes, reach thousands of employers and you get unlimited opportunity to feature your CV on their website.
    Jobemy is growing fast and has free courses you can benefit from. With over 65,000 Facebook likes on their fan page and 6,700 Twitter followers, Jobemy ranks 2,385thin the Nigeria.
    If you need to get in touch, send an email on the website or call 07015905254

    14. Naija Hot Jobs (

    Next on the list is Naija Hot Jobs. This is not just a job website but also a great community to be part of.
    This site is another wonderful hub where users can visit to get useful information on their quest to secure a job via discussion groups.
    Currently, has over 308,000 topics, 656,430 posts and an amazing 292, 412 members! It is truly a job website that has gone beyond job listing with a ranking of 2,513th site in Nigeria.

    15. CareerNaija (

    The next website I’ll love to add to this list is The website itself helps you get the feel of top quality information about latest job vacancies and recruitment opportunities.

    Source:Top 15 Job Search Websites In Nigeria 2018 - Oasdom
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    That's really cool that websites like exist. It's much easier to find a job when you can get help. Otherwise, you'd have to spend a lot of time to find something decent.