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Top 10 Proven Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

Discussion in 'Food & Health' started by charlhxe, May 9, 2018.

  1. charlhxe

    charlhxe Well Known Mod

    Religion actually made us see olive oil as one tool for only spiritual activities here in Nigeria. When you ask an average Nigerian what you can use olive oil to do, you'll find out that his/her answer will not be far from the idea of spiritualism.

    {filename}-Top 10 Proven Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

    Before we proceed, I'll like us to know what olive oil is all about.

    What is olive oil?

    Olive oil is a liquid fat obtained from the olive plant/seeds after procession. It is usually bottled in plastic or glass containers and traded in any part of the world.

    Olive has so many uses such as cooking and is very important as a raw material in cosmetic industries for the manufacture of creams, soaps, etc.

    In the earlier times, little or none can be told about the health benefits of olive oil especially the "extra virgin" type. But according to recent reports evident of researches carried out by scientists, olive oil has been said to possess certain health benefits some of which I'll highlight in the article.

    Also according to recent reports, it has been proven that olive oil (extra virgin) is the best oil for cooking due to it nutritional added values.

    As you read on you'll get to know some of these nutritional and health benefits of olive oil.

    Types of olive oil

    1. Virgin olive oil: This type can also be used for cooking purposes but is not really advisable due to it higher concentration of fatty acids.

    2. Extra virgin olive oil: This is the best type of cooking oil and contains higher level of monounsaturated fatty acids.

    3. Pure olive oil: This type is mainly used for industrial purposes and is not ideal for cooking as it has high acidic content.

    4. Lampante oil: This type is used as fuel and is not ideal for cooking purposes.


    {filename}-Top 10 Proven Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

    Before I proceed, I'll want you to ensure that the olive oil you're using is the "extra virgin" olive oil, any other type does not have the benefits I'm about to list out below.

    Here are some of these benefits you can derive from using extra virgin olive oil:

    1. Extra virgin olive oil contains anti-oxidants. This helps to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in our body.

    Cholesterol is one of the major causes of body fats which can lead to cancer and blockage of veins and arteries which is ideal for paving ways for other type of related diseases in our body.

    2. It is rich in monounsaturated fats:

    Olive oil is a natural extract and at most contains about 73% of monounsaturated fatty acids known as oleic acid. This is one of the reason why it is the best oil for cooking. Oleic acid is known for its anti-inflammatory properties in the body. This is a plus to those that consume olive oil (extra virgin).

    3. Olive oil does not cause weight gain/ obesity. This is one of the reasons why it is a very advisable type of cooking oil, unlike other sources of cooking oils that are rich in saturated fat which can lead to one gaining a lot of weight.

    4. Olive oil may help prevent stroke:

    Use of olive oil amongst other type of cooking oils is plus for you in the sense that it may help in preventing stroke.

    Stroke is caused as a result of lack of free flow of blood in some parts of the body which in turn leads to shrinkage and paralysis of the affected areas. Using olive oil (extra virgin) may help prevent this.

    5. Application of olive oil on your body is very ideal for prevention of dry skin:

    Olive oil can be very helpful for people with dandruff. Applying it on your body may help prevent further growth especially the type caused by dry skin.

    {filename}-Top 10 Proven Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

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    6. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in preventing the development of serious health conditions such as cancer and stroke. This is due to its high level of monounsaturated fatty acids.

    7. Olive oil may help in the prevention of heart diseases:

    According to statistics, heart disease is one of the major causes of death around the world especially in developed countries.

    Research shows that people who include olive oil in their diet rarely suffered heart diseases unlike those who didn't. This made scientists come to a conclusion that including olive oil in your diet may help prevent heart diseases.

    It has also been proven that using olive oil helps in preventing heart burns which is also another added health benefits of using olive oil.

    8. Olive oil aids digestion. It is medicinal and can be used in cleaning the bowel and digestive tract.

    9. Olive oil delays aging. This is one of the reasons it is used in most cosmetics and herbal creams.

    10. Olive oil is also effective in preventing gallstones which blocks the digestion of fat and oil in the body.

    That's all I can write on olive oil. If you have any suggestion, you can relay it through the comment section. Stay tuned!
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  3. Oliver Mills

    Oliver Mills Jackobian

    This is a very useful post. Olive oil is one of the best oils.
  4. Filher

    Filher Jackobian

    God made everything with multiple fuctions and benefits. Olive oil is the best for the nourishment of the hairs. Alongeith that, it has many extra benefits as well which are mentiones in the post. I will surely take advantage of that, what is your plan?
  5. Kristy_S

    Kristy_S Jackobian

    I always use olive oil with salads in summer. But I did not notice the impact on my health.
  6. AkinCosta

    AkinCosta Upcoming

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  7. Drealup10

    Drealup10 Rookie!!!

    I love tiis forum and it's openess
  8. jacobsontrain

    jacobsontrain Jackobian

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