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Top 10 Hot Businesses You Can Do As A Nigerian Student

Discussion in 'School News' started by charlhxe, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. charlhxe

    charlhxe Well Known Mod

    Most Nigerian students are faced with the challenges of catering for most of their needs due to so much projects at hand. Projects may range from tuition fee to so many other miscellaneous activities.

    You can probably make money as a Nigerian student and still meet up with your school demands. You can make money in any part of Nigeria as long as it involves any services you render for exchange of money.

    In this article, we'll highlight some of the top businesses you can do while in school and as a Nigerian student in any institution at all.

    Top 10 Hot Businesses You Can Do As a Nigerian Student

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    1. Computer Services

    Computer services may include sectors in computing like Typesetting, Internet, Ethical Hacking, Data reselling, Graphic design, etc. As a Nigerian student, if you know any of the above skills in computer, you're bound to become financially independent.

    We live in the computer age and most of the services rendered on daily basis require the use of computers. If you can master any computer related skill, no matter how little it is and with experience, you'll rarely have financial difficulties.

    2. Barbing/ Hair styling

    This is another hot business you can do as a Nigerian student. As a hairstylist, you are sure of making money on daily basis. Regarding the population of the school, probably someone will walk up to you for styling his or her hair.

    Hair styling is another lucrative business in Nigerian universities and colleges. Everyone, especially youths in these universities always want to look good and fresh, they'll resort to cutting or styling their hairs to ensure this.

    3. Transportation services

    Transportation business is another plus to the list as a Nigerian student. Looking at how large the institution maybe, you'll discover that students spend more on transportation. You can seize the opportunity into making a lot of money through it.

    You can start with leasing and then paying up in case you don't have a vehicle and I bet, you'll meet up.

    4. Dry cleaning/ Laundry

    This is another business you shouldn't miss considering as a Nigerian student. You can make huge income from washing and ironing other people's clothes. You may start by siting you shop close to any school hostel of staff house or lodge and then watch it fetch you money depending on how hard working you are.

    5. Photography / Video services

    Photographers are one of the few people in Nigeria that are self-employed. As a photographer you are bound to make money at any time depending on how hard working you are to search for work. You can begin by attending different occasions like wedding or naming ceremonies, etc.

    One advantage of this business is you don't need a shop or office, you can stay anywhere and make huge money. Same applies if you're into video services.

    6. Food and Canteen services

    Food and Canteen services is one business you shouldn't afford to miss out as a student. People may look at it as a poor man's business but to be sincere, it really pays and also know that no man is looking at what you do to make a living, all they are after is the results. Staffs and students will always patronise you especially on occasions or on hot afternoons or in the morning due to limited time to cook at the time.

    7. Provision store

    Setting up a general provision store where you can sell stuffs like sweets, biscuits, pure water and so on can generate you a lot of income. These things are what most students and school staffs use to chill at times and it can be very rewarding.

    8. Makeup/ Makeovers

    Making people up especially the ladies is one trending business today in Nigeria and you know in universities and colleges in the country, almost all ladies are after makeups and makeovers. They believe looking good is one norm that will fetch them good people, especially friends. Most ladies can go on to spend so much money just to look beautiful. You can setup a store close to hostels and watch as your cash unfolds or probably attach yourself to any hair styling shop.

    9. Selling books/journals

    This is another lucrative business you can do as a student. You don't really need to sell new books, you can also sell used books at a lower price, this can fetch you good income. Selling academic materials too can be very rewarding as a student.

    10. Fashion designing/ selling

    Fashion designing is not a new business to anyone especially as a student. You can look around and see testimonies from people. Fashion is one thing Nigerian youths can't do without. You may begin by styling ankara wears for people of even selling ready made clothes. I bet nothing will make you financially unstable again.

    That's all for my list! What are your thoughts on the topic? Let us know through the comment section.
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