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This Is Why Biafra Will Be Different From Nigeria

Discussion in 'BIAFRA' started by Prezzy, Oct 9, 2018.

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    May 24, 2016
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    Biafra is a beautiful country that have once shown her potential as the first African country to produce her own weapon of war to defend themselves in the space of less than two years. BIAFRA produced the first all black crew in an aeroplane including the pilot. Biafrans after civil war were given just twenty pounds to start life afresh in Nigeria but today that same region has the lowest percentage of poverty rate and the highest number of millionaires and billionaires.

    An argument between me and a doctor on Instagram promt me to write this. The doctor was like the problem of Nigeria are the corrupt politician not the country itself. She argued that even if BIAFRA is given freedom that same problem will still occur and this is also the view of the minorities against BIAFRA. But am here to prove them wrong with fact from the BIAFRA republic. A great nation is not measured by amount of mineral resources but the number of her human resources especially in intellectualism. When you come to education the people from the defunct Old Eastern Region/Biafra have the highest percentage of intellectuals. Just months back some girl from Eastern Nigeria which are all igbos won a competition in the United States, a competition contested by countries around the world. Even in international level, currently a Biafran is working in the world Bank as a vice-chairman of the organization. A Biafran has once held that position before. Biafra have produced great people like Chinua Achebe a man whose book "Things fall apart" have been translated to over 20 world language including Chinese which is the world largest spoken language. Chimamanda Adichie have won many accolades also in the international level. Philips Emeagwali is up there on the list. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is up there in the list.

    Biafra affair will not be like that of Nigeria because in BIAFRA every region will exploit her own God given natural resources. Those that have coal, zinc, salt, oil ,palm oil, vegetables, aluminum, fine Stone, tourist centers will use it for their own benefit to compete with every other Region within BIAFRA. In BIAFRA election will be free and fair at least 90% credibility because nothing can be 100%. In BIAFRA there will no states but district,towns and provinces. With this form of map, every one will be inclusive. In BIAFRA Freedom, equity and justice will be upheld, equal right for rich and poor. Many might not believe this because Nigeria have made everyone within it to believe that the infection of corruption is transferrable and it will infect BIAFRA politics. Some are also of the view that if BIAFRA is actualized that it is still the same politicians in Nigeria now that will hijack it. BIAFRA law will be supreme that every one will account for his or her sins within the Nigerian states. Many will be in jail for putting us in this kind mess by not representing us and defending us but are only doing the"chop make I chop" syndrome. Anybody who have held any political position in Nigeria will be barred for contesting any Biafra election.

    Corruption is not the main problem to developments, No country of this world is free of corruption not even the United States of America. When government gives free education to all students within her country, and the cost for that is 20billion and he quotes 25billion. Definitely that nation is benefitting and developing even with the corruption and embezzlement of 5billion. It is developing because more children are been educated while corruption still exists. Corruption is evil but it can never be eradicated, it will only be minimized if only the justice is blind and knows no one whether rich or poor. It will be minimized because fear will make many not to engage in it not that people will not still try to see what will happen. At times when some want to steal they claim that those caught were not smart, but if the system is smarter they will still fail. In BIAFRA the system will be so structured that they will be little or no loopholes for the smart ones because our judiciary will be so independent that not even the Prime Minister will be able to influence the judiciary. Our supreme Court Judges will be elected by the judiciary based on the credibility and records of the personality as a lawyer, High Court judge and appeal Court judge.

    In Biafra, her constitution will be written be law practitioners after conference that might last for weeks or months. And everything must work with time, from the judiciary, the executive and the legislature. Any project must have a starting and ending date and the date must be met or the law will take it's effect. Other issues will be on the constitution during the processing times. In BIAFRA no government will owe workers salaries beyond 4 months or that government must resign at the fifth month. There will be age limit for government officials just as it is for civil servants to retire at age 65. If we can dream it we can make it.


    God please out of your pure mercy, grant us BIAFRA and make our dreams become reality in such a way that by our fruit and development many African countries will want to be like us. We are small just like the mustard seed but make us grow into a giant tree where birds of the earth will perch on us for food and rest. This I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ the savior of the oppressed.... Amen

    By Mazi Chukwudi Okeke

    This is a Sunday program I skipped yesterday due to a mission.
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