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ICO The Travellers/tourists Coin [ Toor Coin ]

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Sep 25, 2018.

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    IMG_20180925_102346_595.JPG-The Travellers/tourists Coin [ Toor Coin ]

    The approval of cryptocurrency by a lot of people has been without ambiguity turned out to be the world next technology improvement. This was confirmed since 2017 when majority of cryptocurrency resources experience tremendous appreciation in together with great demand of it,so the evolution of cryptocurrency can be interpreted to be expanding in the future.

    With the world GDP record,of more than 15%, travel and tourism are assumed to be among the world largest industry which in otherwise have influenced transportation and entertainment e.t.c It has been stated for a number of time that travellers are willing to pay more for extra or additional entertainment and enjoyment which creates an open door of a business to their services.

    However, there is marvelous need to improve the expansion and development of this industry which is facing difficulties as a result of the multiple requirements for travelling and tourism all around the nation.


    Toorcoin is a crypto project that is targeted on assisting individuals to acquire or experience better
    recommendations.Majority of the travelling platform out there do not have the requirements needed to assist users in reaching their destinations.Toorcoin was developed by a group of travelling and tourism lovers with the aim to upgrade the travelling and tourism industries by providing a means of open transaction and bring about an amusing reasoning for international exchange charges or expenses been paid by tourists and travellers with own local currency there by encouraging utilization in those industries in a large scale.

    IMG_20180925_102212_128.JPG-The Travellers/tourists Coin [ Toor Coin ]

    The platform will be a tourism and travelling site consisting of a lot of data on numerous travel destination including places of interests an explorer intend to visit starting from Europe down to worldwide.

    Toorcoin projects to develop or create three use cases which expands the project progress via it's roadmap.First and foremost is through using it's Toorister forum.This forum will be used to collect information on travellers activities and the local cultural norm of every location. The project developers uses this information to generate an accurate app that provide information to or on your destination.

    The second use case is attributed to its Travel Marketplace. This will develop a centralized platform where travel agents and others can exchange or sell local activities, tours and attraction in exchange for Toor Coin.With this actions, ever individual will benefit due to the strong economics the project created and via rapid information of the services from the users to the others.

    The last but not the least is the use case for hotels, airline rental bookings and holidays.Once Toorcoin reaches a large community and a strong framework of payments, then they will develop a booking app such as (travelling documents or route) to ensure safety and well organized booking platform via blockchain to keep the individuals information private.


    Beneath are the present issues Toor Coin aims to address.

    With a lot of information about travelling, there is no centralized place to purchase tickets, experience and activities that have user recommendation before reaching their destination.

    As tourists increases in number, so the popularity and proportion which will end up given a poor portrayal of the tourist experience base on the propose or focus audience.

    User's with the intention of going holiday requires a verified and planned system that will provide them with more details.


    IMG_20180925_102402_117.JPG-The Travellers/tourists Coin [ Toor Coin ]


    IMG_20180925_102250_475.JPG-The Travellers/tourists Coin [ Toor Coin ]

    Website: TOORCOIN.COM


    Telegram: Toorcoin

    Twitter: Toorcoin (@toorcoin) | Twitter


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    Wow, it looks promising. Hope one day tourism will be developed to get adapted to blockchain and cryptocurrency economy. But that year wasn't that lucky for me that's why I skip my vacation to earn more. The only thing I can do is to observe warm and beautiful beaches online. Thankfully, on I can watch Puerto Rico and other resort places at home live.
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    Really interesting information. I can't afford a vacation twice a year, so I plan my trips carefully and choose a place. In early may, I want to go with my wife to San Diego to see the sea lions. If you want to get a lot of positive emotions and do not know where to go on vacation, then read about best time to visit san diego Good luck!
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    Ok, I got it, but how is this coin related to these all? How will it work in this scheme?