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The Revelation, The Vision, The Plan & Where Jackobian Is Headed

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by Prezzy, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Collinberg

    Collinberg Well Known

    Just 19yrs old and you already have many people who look up to you.. You're definitely a gem and I'll recommend you for presidency in 2019
    In the previous years,I used to live a life of chatting from morning till night,I love reading(always have from childhood),I once read the old testament like a novel from start to finish in 2days,I actually did it twice.:rolleyes:
    But after the harsh econimic situation I went through last year,I sat down and asked myself a very pertinent question "Is this how I want my life to be? Would I continue this way until my figurative manna falls from heaven?"..
    That was when I changed my mindset,I placed my destiny in the hands of God and myself,and am proud to announce that since I changed my outlook on life,everything about me has changed,I have made more money in these few days of 2017 than I did in the whole of 2016.. This my success story could anybody's if they change their mindset.
    Preezy your age just inspired me,I would be 24 in 4days(12th) and I was thinking that am still quite young considering my achievements but now,u have inspired me to try harder and each the peak before am 25... God help us all.
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  2. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    am updating now bro...
  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Let's talk about students and why i strongly believe that students are the key to Nigeria succeding and why weshould not mess around withthem.
    I already mentioned earlier that the students are supposed to be the focus of the development plan in the country because after students' stage comes the working class stage and Nigerian students cannot be able to give more than what they learn in the scjhools when they start working.
    They cannot jump from being xorrupt to giving the best they can and maybe becoming saints when they actually start working but that's what Nigeria needs actually, impartiality, no greediness and of coursse Love and the Fear of God in order for her to leave this terrible stage she is in now!

    So, Students, how are they what we need ti be focusing on now. Am not talking about the Government which has long forgotten us in this country but Nigerians who feel they need to do something ABOUT it, those who wish to work with this vision or fit it into theirs somehow.

    I will illustrate with an example...

    I didn't get an excellent schooling in primary school though i was opportuned to have parents who are both teachers. They made sure i went to some of the best schools which they can afford and though i didn't understant the reason behind this, i very much enjoyed every bit of it. I chaged school a number of times for different reasons, mostly attebnding village schools. I was schooling but not being challenged much as i didn't need to do much reading in order to beat my classmates in scores and emerge mostly first then sometimkes second in class.
    Yeah, i was considered brilliant in primary school but am not one of those that doesn't read but pass. I did a lot of reading and importantly WRITING OF COMPOSITION.
    It wasn't until my primary 6 that my parents changed my school again, this time to a competitive one.
    My teachers, actually one of them had told me in the past that the only reasdon why i excelled is because i was dealing with village kids.
    So, when i was changed to another school, the only one that allows students to speak only English around my village. The name was Peter Marist and it is located in Abagana. I was challenged badly.
    I could not speak English not to talk of the good one.
    These guys are so brilliant they will chant their notes as though it were songs.
    They were simply brilliant and i could not see myself competing with people that had been learning under such competitions when i spent most of my time teaching my classmates previously but somehow, i did it again in Prmary 6.
    I took first twice in 3 terms and won the Best student of the year... my only year ibn the school.
    It doesn'y mean much to me for the record.
    I equally broke a nmber of records after taking so many exams at that time including Federal special school, in Lagos and so many other state special schools. It was clear that i need to go out and compete with kids from Rich homes and i knew it and wante dot do so too but it all turned out bad. I didn't get that chance, then.

    Then, it was time for secondary school.
    My first secondary school was in a school called NASSA, name souds great but it's not exactly so great.
    NASSA = Nnamdi Azikiwe Secondary School Abagana.
    Story easn't so different there either as i excelled in most of my subjects and eventually, i had to leave the school in the first term of JSS2 to enroll ina worse school.
    Yeah, a community secondary school, ..........
    Instead of resuming in JSS2, i was taken to JSS3 hence getting a step ahead of my mates as i most certainly deserved at that point considering it would be more like a waste of time for me to be in JSS2 when i was ready to take anything callled exam provided i have enough time to study my books.
    So, JSS3 was it and it wasn't difficult for me to get along as it was another village school of course with NO DOORS
    NO WINDOWS, NO FANS, hardly any good chairs except for our lockers.
    However, my mom was a teacher there so i didnh't have much problems.
    Needless to say, i excelled here in terms of competing with my mates and soon Junior WAEC was out and i had to be out of the village school by all means possible.
    I didn't get the chance in JSS but the SSS class will not pass me by.

    I took the necessary exams and saw myself in a Federal Science College few months later.
    The clasrooms were neat and had fans too! Heck, i had never learned under such conditions and tears filled my heart each time i remember that fellow Nigerian students in the village deserves such opportunities too! But who would give them such? Noone, except ME & YOU.

    The competition here was something like i had never seen before. I met Hausa kids who were brilliant and Yoruba ones too. All knew how to speak English which was a major challenge for a village Kid at the time, even now. I had to remain quiet and learn as each time i tried to talk, it would seem like i could not match up with their excellence in English and they could easily figure i was coming from the villa and that was bad.

    One of The first person i spoke to couldn't understand me because i used Igbo instead of English. I was really feeling terrible but the excitement was there.
    There were Lab practicals and so many other things which can never be experienced by anyone studying where i came from. The competition helped me a lot but i think my biggest problem was the fact that i was announced the second Best Student in our entrance examination.
    It wasbn't difficult for me to get fairly popular as the list was pasted and a kid from anambra came second behind no other than a boy from Benue.
    I had to see this boy by all means and when i did, we were friends, good tight friends for all our school days.
    Yeah, being second means having attention and i did and it affected me in many ways. I wouldn't read as much as i should and when the Test reults were out, i was not any way near the top 3. I don't actually know as only the first 3 were always announced.

    School was fast and interesting with my elder brother to shield me from most of the corrupt practices by the senior students as he himself was a senior then too and his reputatiobn as a good senior made sure i wasn't flogged to death in that school.
    I was barely 12 in SS1 and in SS3 when i graduated, i was about 15, a year later, i was an undergraduate and that was when i knew that i had to start giving back to people who dikdbn't have the opportunity i had.

    Let's go back a little... School was lots of fun especially as it had to do with competitions, inside and outside of schools. I represented my school severally and performed badly in most of the exams including Cowbell competition, Olympiad, Geography club test in PH and some others i may not remember clearly. I was little but i remember and enjoyed it all except for failing to bring honor to my school as they deserved for treating me so kindly.
    Ultimately, i was good in Chemistry and Maths, scoring 99% once in mathematics and close to that in Further mathematics.
    There were better kids in Maths so 90-95% was not really something we celbrated then.
    I still remember scoring all the points in school Maths exam and i lost 1 mark during test to land in 99. It was terrible for me. I wanted 100% and i wanted it badly. For my parents and for the competition too.

    I didn't do as well as i thought because in SS3, i started using phone and it crashed my academic career badly. I gamed away my time but i don't regret as it ultimatley lead to my discovery of the Internet, my first blogs and ultimately positioning for my Vision. They were all part of it and for that am glad that i gamed. Again, i gamed when i wanted to game even few minutes into the exam hall{for MOCK exams}

    I left secondary school with tears in my heart again. I loved that school, i love ebverything about it/. For me, it was the best thing that ever happended to me school-wise. I love my few friends and i loved our pricipal, Mrs. Owolabi.
    Through her, i grew to love the Yorubas a lot and there were soem very good Yoruba kids around who loved me a lot too and some Hausa friends who could tolerate me and i loved them all. I will never forget one of my Hausa friends who yet remains my friend forever. He was everything i wanted in a friend and he was Hausa yet we were tight and shared ebverything.

    But i had to leave.
    Now, here's the moral from my story...

    I had a friend whom i played, laughed, maybe fought with as i was growing. He was brilliant and wanted to learn too but he never really left the village schools. His parents couldn't sponsor him as mine did for me. He schooled in CKC Onitsha and it was a reputable school, more so a boarding school and that was everything i wanted at the moment, to go join him there.
    That never happened anyway.
    He was in JSS 1 when i was in Primary 6.
    I met him in JSS 3 after i skipped a class which was JSS 2.

    That's Jackobian for you. That's students.. that's the focus.
    Just yesterday, he came up to meet me so i could teach him Mathematics for WHAT????????????????????????????????????????????????? JAMB!
    I hate it. I hate myself. I hate eveyrthing that made him not to have equal opportunities as me to have better schooling.

    Look at the situation... He didn't get good education so he has wasted 4 years writing Jamb while am talking about graduation.
    God help him to gain admission this year and the next 4-5 years is another complete waste of time in school + another 1 year of service and in the end, he will probably start looking for JOB.
    I call it one thing... WASTED POTENTIALS. I hate it and i hate the very causes of it which are the looters in our government. The people who forgot us. The government which doesn't care about what we need... I mean the people in the Government.

    I believe that every kid deserves good education, the best possible because that is the only way by whicbh they will be duly exposed to see what they are truly capable of. THAT IS THE VISION: TO ENLIGHTEN PEOPLE OF WHAT THEY ARE TRULY CAPABLE OF.. TO AWAKEN THE FALLEN GIANTS OF AFRICA. stop eating grass and INNOVATE.
    Stop buying everything and produce some. Stop begging the US and start lending help to those other countries that need our help.
    Time is gone for us to keep begging. We need to start giving. We need to start helping. We need to be out of where we are locked presently by those who care not about our future which presently is as bad as it can be.

    Simply put, get them off the streets and reduce crime,
    Give them education, inspiration, care and they will Bloom.
    They will so innovate that we will sell tech like Chinese.
    They will so perform wonderfully that our leaders will step down for them to take over and steer this country to course.

    It all has to do with helping the STUDENTS understand their full potentials and work towards it with the right Inspiration... That is what am talking about. Those maybe and that is how things are going to change in this country... Not the next governor of Lagos or the next President but the next student who will be taken off the street and renewed in both spirit and personality.. Given a true purpose to LIVE and Die for... the inspiration to solve problems and the Love for this country of ours.

    I know it's possible because it happened to me. Growing up as an Igbo boy in the villa means a lot including siding IPOB thinking it's the way forward, thinking ill of our brothers ibn the North, Blaming the Government and blaming everything else, being clouded from the truth, not understanding how money works, what the problem is and the solution, where this country is heade, how we are dying slowly, how the Giants of Africa are hated and highly detested almost everywhere where their imposed/unnatural character is seen, the very reason why Nigerians can't use Paypal or most online services like normal Human beings because we arebn't seen as normal.
    These are what we intend to work towards ASAP.

    Hopefully, it will make sense to you and you will give it a thought.

    If you have 3 cars, sell 2 and sponsor someone's kid through a good institution of study and watch how this country will change.
    Stick with your cars and watch the very same kids grow into rogues and steal it from you.

    That is not exactly what it is but the picture in a way.
    If you are reading this and you want to start helping in any way you can, this is the time... our country is getting worse daily.
    Wheni first recieved money from the interenet about 600 days ago, the bank converted @ 199.Something to a dollar.
    Today, we buy and sell dollar @ 480. Life is terrible for the poor and people are literally dying and can't go to school. WORSE OF ALL, THERE IS NO HOPE, not in the government, not in the future... Not for poor kids outside of Lagos and ABJ that are here in the Villa where am typing from.
    We need to give them some, even if it is to borrow them some, but we need to give them a CHANCE to impact because they deserve to Live and be happy and fulfilled just as any other Kid elsewhere.

    INK fades...
    ... Refilling ...
    ... Preparing next episode...
    ... Loading ... 45%
    ... expect me soon... Loading... 70%...
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  4. Collinberg

    Collinberg Well Known

    I write unique freelance article for a forum,I have had experience with my chats for days so am using the forum as a stepping stone,as a test tool to refining my article writing craft and am happy to announce that out of 11 articles I have written,only 2 were rejected and that was my first three articles,they rejected the first and the last.. With more effort and practise,am quite sure that I would able to hire out my expertise in freelancer.. Good bless us all.. Gob bless Prezzy and God bless Jackobian.
  5. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Am sorry, i will have to format the post ASAP.
    I know it's unreadable now but it will soon be...
  6. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    i have been blessed bro.
    i just want people like the one i described in my post to be equally blessed.

    i don't write for any reason other than to get out what's in my head so people can see what i see and possibly adopt it.

    what do you write for?
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  7. Collinberg

    Collinberg Well Known

    I write because I want to get myself out of the clutches of poverty,I write because I can express myself very fluently and clearly,I write because through my works,I could spread hope to the hopeless,there was a time last year that I couldn't afford to feed myself 3 times a day and even though I was born with a silver spoon,I decided to abandon it and carve my own path in life,my Mum didn't appreciate the fact that I chose to be an apprentice rather than go to school like my brothers,my twin is actually a whiz and am very proud of him,God willing,I would be settled this year,what used to hold me back was the thought that when am settled,I would start hustling but after my experience last year,I discovered that I don't need to wait for anybody,I can start now and expand my territory when am actually settled.
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  8. Collinberg

    Collinberg Well Known

    No need,I already read it and I understood every single word.
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  9. Aliyu99

    Aliyu99 Upcoming

    I'm actually inspired by your post
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  10. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    I believe with strongly more than anything else that the Kids are the future we are praying for. But they are the most neglected in all cases. They hold unimaginable power to IMAGINE AND INNOVATE.

    I know the difference between Prezzy and the Precious i used to be and know.
    That's what am talking about. The kids should be advisors not old men but they need to be thought how.
    They are the innovators we are seeking in 60 year old Governors.

    Well, by Kids, i mean young people anyway, not necessarily 5 year olds.
    I mean, people who have no worries other than good in their mind and progress for everyone, at least them and their friends as their primary focus.. those that have not been corrupted by the country we know now.

    Imagine, i shared this article with someone on whatsapp, and he was like... He doesn't have data to check it out.
    Nor would anyone allow such to handle phones anyway because we are Nigerians forgetting that with guidiance, the Internet is the only school we need to go to.
    The internet, these fourms, Youtube, educational centers are the only things we ever need but Africans don't have access to data. Am not talking about those in Lagos that may have free Wifi.. i mean those that haven't seen NEPA lighht in 6 months whose parents haven't been paid for 9 months in IMO STATE!

    They are the ones who hold the Gold we are SEARCHING FOR IN ASO ROCK. they are the ones that have the ability to think and Innovate not our Senate president who base on past experiences which you will agree with me iS VERY CORRUP EXPERIENCE AS HE IS A NIGERIAN. We need people with Minds as God created it to think and innovate fresh ideas to get things moving forward... of course with Guidiance from people who care about them and their future.

    My parents practically flogged hell out of me for accessing the Internet with phones i bought while i was in secondary school with my pocket money of course but those same parents won't bother me if i decide not to go back to school while i seat here and press my phone all day and all night Learning and Impacting because they know that there is no opportunity that school in Nigeria can afford me bigger than what am positioned to get through the Internet now yet Parents still keep their kids from the Internet, from phones and from where they can unlock their potentials.

    Am not saying you should allow someone be online 24 hours in a day anyway but don't ignorantly discourage the person from using the INTERNET. Instead limit usage of things that may not be so helpful to him/her as a student.

    Imagine every Nigerian student has access to learning through the Internet and is guided properly to do just that. What will such children be like in years to come?
    Unimaginable and nothing to be compared with us because they will literally know EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO INNOVATE. even without going to what we call school these days

    .... speaking of the Internet and education IN NIGERIA, OUR BELOVED COUNTRY....
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  11. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    i appreciate your taking your time to Register and comment!
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  12. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    am just saying that i could have made it better..
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  13. GiftK

    GiftK Rookie!!!

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  14. James Nille

    James Nille Leader Mod

    Reading this inspiring post as enthralled me to an irrefragable and unimaginable extent...

    Prezzy u b BOSS indeed
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  15. JONAH180

    JONAH180 Jackobian

    Being able to help someone learn something is a talent. Keep it up you be boss indeed
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  16. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Here I come...

    On my way back to school now and it's a good time to reflect on some things. Some important things actually. I decided to become what most people will call unserious students some time ago and I didn't make the decision while I was sleeping nor did I make it in a day. I made it over semesters of observation.

    I love my school, FUTO, more than I love most food. And I really love food just like every other happy person as they say. I love to be among my departmental guys, girls, just maybe, some of them anyway. Am hardly around but whenever I am, I do enjoy their company but just as our faces are different, our journeys are also different. I can't be like them because I chosed to. I can't be a serious student, always in the library, always with the lecturers, always researching and learning.

    I wanna do those things. I wanna learn to, more importantly, I want to apply but I can't walk that part now and am gonna tell you why in a moment...
    Over the semesters, I got to understand that University Education in Nigeria is hardly what people who haven't been there think about it. It's something else entirely but that's not why I decided to be an unserious student.
    My reason is simple.
    From observation, the reality as we know it in Nigeria, holds it that almost all graduates from the higher institutions don't study what they are trained for.

    Permit me to use, trained for because in reality, most of the schools including the Federal schools, as I already mentioned isn't exactly what they are seen as or what they are supposed to be.

    Back to the matter... In fact, I don't need to say all these things because everyone in Nigeria knows the truth. The school system is just as corrupt as any other system in the country except maybe Private schools that charges their employees to deliver according to what they are paid for. The Government schools just do what they like.

    In the end, graduates are simply UNEMPLOYABLE. Am not sure that word is in the dictionary but that's the best way to describe it as I heard someone say some time ago. They aren't useless though but UNEMPLOYABLE in the departments which they are supposedly trained to serve the community.

    I'll give you examples,

    - Both my parents aren't practicing what they actually studied.
    - All except one of my aunt on the maternal side is practicing what they studied.
    - None of my aunts on the paternal side are practicing what they studied either.
    - Not any of my uncles practicing what they studied for 5 years in a Nigerian Institution.

    Chances are, it's the same thing with you over there.

    What is going on then?
    Survival. We all are trying to survive. In Nigeria, people don't quit their jobs. Rarely at least. Hence people can be abused at their Job places, over stressed and nothing will happen. They are all trying to survive.

    Noone cares about staff comfort and much less about real customers satisfaction. We will get to staff maintenance and care in Nigeria much later.

    Do we even have real companies, I mean like phone companies and sorts?
    No we don't so, customer satisfaction is not our right as we are borrowing tech from other countries and we can only get what's escaped across the borders, across the oceans and survived it though to us which you'll agree with me, is very little!

    So as not to stray farther from the topic, besides we are already approaching Owerri and am meant to complete this episode before I step down from the bus, let's just see why I decided am gonna be unserious.

    I know things aren't the way they are so I intend to go ahead of my mates to set things right so when they arrive, they will have a good landing place to practice whatever they studied!

    So, technically, am being seriously unserious so the serious ones can finally arrive in a carefully prepared arena to bring forth what they got out of their seriousness.
    Hence we are all serious, just serious in different aspects where we feel our seriousness is most required. In this case, my case, at the moment, not with the books.

    Like I said earlier, I'll explain...
    I once met a Futoite who successfully manufactured a simple yet important mobile setup that works to dry seeds of most types more effectively than whatever means local farmers of our time are currently using. And he did this with the help of solar energy. Yeah, a solar panel is attached.

    It was a simple machine but it was a brilliant idea. It was a beautiful piece of work but tears gathered in my mind each time I remember that the project which he spent 5 years learning about and another 1-2 years perfecting in Graduate studies will end up getting him some grades with which he will pursue after jobs that can feed his family which is not so far from his stage in life then while all the time he has spent and all he has learnt is laid to waste.
    Do you get the picture now?

    This young man already has something he could sell,
    he has the intellectual requirements to improve itand
    he has the zeal to go after it
    but he won't just do that.

    Because He just can't do that. There is so much more to think about as a graduate in Nigeria than PURSUING YOUR DREAMS. you know what I mean, if you are a student in 300-400 Level.
    It's no more year are not a fresher any more and you know what's coming 1-2 years from now.

    I left him that day knowing fully well that this innovation is not going to see the light of the sun but there is little I could do about it as am a student WORSE STILL... I will someday be in his situation.. Developing something that Noone will ever use but that's if and only if I tow the path he has followed which is something am not comfortable with. And that's the reason why I have chosen to Walk the path of those considered unserious. We have defined unseriousness above though.

    That's the path I have chosen to walk and the reason behind it. In summary, I intend to work towards the future such as to provide a platform in which Nigerian students who have something to offer... which Jackobian will play a part in ensuring that we have that [such students who have things to offer].. Can actually rely on to work on their dreams which may otherwise be impossible to do.

    For that reason, I have chosen to be unserious academically and I don't advise you to be that unless you have a good reason to do.
  17. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    To inspire and motivate students yet remains on the forefront of what I wake up each day trying to do.

    Thanks for enabling me achieve that guys.
    You made my day!
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  18. kelebzy

    kelebzy Active

    Oga prezzy, what an informative and revealing article. Just pray that God gives you and everyone of us (Nigerian students) the ability to make a difference in the life of others. It is very possible that the boy from remote umunnachi can make a huge impact to the life of all Nigerians who never had such opportunity.
    Keep the vision and focus on it because all great things begin with a step while others are passive and reticent in the status quo of the day you and like minded fellows look at making opportunity from nothing and for everyone.
    I remain very loyal jkin- @kelebzy
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
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  19. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    What do you Know about the village bro?
  20. kelebzy

    kelebzy Active

    Nothing boss think have heard of it but not so sure though I think its in Delta,right?
  21. Jaflash

    Jaflash Active

    It's an honour to know u, great write up
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  22. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Lols, I have never been to Delta bro.
  23. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Thanks a lot bro.
    Also, it's important to note that, We hope to translate it into greater works. Then shall we be satisfied.
  24. cyborg07

    cyborg07 Active

    I can bet most of ya'll saying "thumbs up" didn't read these epistles all through! I personally read the first episode! Good stuff but too long!
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  25. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Lols, long is part of it my dear.
    This won't work, I mean the plan that's coming won't with anyone intending to carry it out unless they understand how it came about in the first instance!

    It's not a business, it's a vision and deserves to be treated as such.
    The next episode will be about the plans.
  26. soultan

    soultan Jackobian

    May God be with u @_P
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  27. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    you too bro.
    We are moving forward.. one step each day. stay close and remain blessed!
  28. soultan

    soultan Jackobian

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  29. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    am following in your footsteps bro. Hope i can do so equally!
    In times like this, if you don't know the word, you are in trouble!
  30. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    I trust Jackobian was a vital instrument was that and that makes me even happier for you man.
    You pointed out that....
    I love that a lot and will encourage others to sit down and think about their lives too if they are not comfortable with what they are getting now.

    By so doing, one can make life changing decisions!
    lastly, am glad
    to be a source of inspiration to you man.
    Age is no more a barrier in any way and i suggest you don't set any peaks rather work towards making today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than the previous including today, that way... there will be no peaks, only ups, of course downs but they will never too long and the peaks will continue to emerge!

    Stay cool and check this out: Hot - Why Bitcoin Mining Is The Best Investment For Long-term Investors!

    am sure it will help you in one way or the other.
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