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The Revelation, The Vision, The Plan & Where Jackobian Is Headed

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by Prezzy, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    This is probably the Longest thing I ever wrote and the longest article you ever read. Of course, it's not a Novel though it will have elements of such.:rolleyes:

    What is it?

    It's the Revelation, what's going on in my head, the Vision I see now which I have always seen which has also been modified frequently to make it better. It's the future I see.

    Let's start with me.
    Am precious, known as Prezzy these days and am nothing much more than that. Different people have a different opinion of me but the best way you can learn about me is through my writings because I write as inspired, mostly emotionally so if you wanna know me best, it's by my Writings. Hence, through this write-up, you will know me better.
    Basically, You won't find any information about me online that is tangible and that's for a reason, a very stupid one, though... It's the same reason for which my hands are cold and sweaty now as I type ...Am shy, very very shy:(. So, I can't bear people knowing me, meeting me or discussing with me especially when they know my profile well.
    That means, am actually going against my very nature by translating all these to you and trust me, it took a lot of energy to convince myself to do this.
    Lastly, am 19 yrs and I school in FUTO. Am not a very serious student anyway so don't expect too much from me academically.
    For the record, am not a Millionaire as most people are led to think by what they see and what they hear. I don't have much interest in the accumulation of money though but in the use of it, the positive and effective use of it hence, I may never really have such amounts ever in my account.
    That's the much I can say about myself for now and don't even bother asking anyone because they don't know me either.

    Now, this Revelation stuff, what's it all about?
    It's the plan i have and am trying to develop which has an ultimate goal, Better living for fellow Nigerians especially the poor which i happen to know a lot about from experience and interaction in the Village where am typing from now... Umunnachi, it's your job to find out where that is if you care.
    I dream of a good Nigeria, forget about the better stuff now.. Good is OK for now and then eventually we will get to better and then best because the time when I was growing up, I was hearing things like... Nigeria... Lion of Africa but now, I don't hear that anymore and it's really bad. going from what we used to be to what we are ashamed of. That is my problem. That is what I wanna change. Am actually afraid of the word change, thanks to Buhari and APC but that's what I want to work towards.
    I don't wanna see Nigeria as Lions though but a country where people have Hope of a better future.. one known for Innovations and progress with, of course, One Love!
    In all, the process by which all these will be achieved by God's grace will be free of corrupt practices. It's difficult that way but I work to have a valid explanation for every action I take towards this goal and this cannot be underestimated.

    Why am Letting all these out?
    Am scared.
    But that fear is necessary because it reminds me that am not supposed to be messing around but working to make sure that things are set right before they go terribly wrong.
    What exactly am I scared of?
    Nothing really. I think failing myself, Nigerians and Nigeria is the biggest of them all. I cannot afford to be happy knowing that I failed these 3 people. So, that's why am scared. But not exactly that kind of scared you are thinking about my dear. Am neither shivering nor crying nor will I do any of those anyway. Rather, I draw motivation from all these to work as hard as I need to in order to see that this vision comes true. Hence, I wake up each morning Forgiving myself for not working hard enough the previous day else I will hate myself for the rest of the day!

    Now, let's see the Revelation... the plan... what's coming and where we are heading to, as I have it in my head!
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  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    now... i write..
  4. Greatman

    Greatman Leader Mod

    Nicely written bro. Still waiting for the rest.....
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  5. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    we are just getting started bro:rolleyes:
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  6. Abdul6190

    Abdul6190 Upcoming

    at 19 your doing all this wonderful stuff that amazing.
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  7. Ride on

    Am with you
  8. Maestro

    Maestro Jackobian

  9. dammywizzy95

    dammywizzy95 Jackobian

    @Prezzy I just wanna ask how you were able to put up this great forum...what are you studying?
  10. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    expect the next in about 2 hours...
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  11. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    First of all, read about the Vision in it's raw form = What You Don't Know About 'the Kinwap Vision', Jackobian & The Brain Behind It All

    Letting info on my profile out was tougher than you imagined and that, I hope, should send a message that this thread is no ordinary one.

    A lot is on the line and even the hairs on my body knows what's at stake. Thelasthyip is in it's final stages of testing. Hopefully, it will be launched in about 24 hours. I think that's one of the biggest players in everything that's going on now including this post am writing. Not really a post anyway, a Revelation as I chose to address it.

    Another thing to note
    Sharing all these is for a reason.
    Am sure some people will say, why not sell the idea to someone who cares or understands it, maybe a company, but NO.
    I didn't get this idea to make money with it. I believe it came to me through God almighty so I can play my part in setting things right in our country Nigeria.
    However if you use my idea to make wealth for yourself, I don't think things will ever go as you plan. Not a curse my friend.

    This won't work if you don't have the people whom you are serving on your side. That's the problem with Nigerians, not NIGERIA. THEY DON'T SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT HENCE THE GOVERNMENT'S PLANS WILL FAIL 99% OF THE TIME.
    BUHARI CAN'T HELP YOU WHEN YOU WANT HIM DEAD.. that's the way to put it. And literally most Nigerians want the man dead, both Rich and poor. It's not helping.

    ... Hence, if the people detect you are trying to make money with this, you won't have their support hence you'll fail. So, don't use this idea in this country to make money for yourself. Don't worry, it will come naturally.
    Don't use it if you are not a Nigerian here in Nigeria

    Don't use it if it doesn't feel right to you.
    Use it if you truly love your country, Nigeria in this case and it will surely work, God involved!
    In few words...
    - Get Bitcoins into people's hands
    - Get the Money out of people's hands, out of savings and let it flow as it should, as a currency, not from MMM to Giversforum or to NNN but to places where they are used to make things happen positively.
    - Get the Rich to stop pushing money to offshore Banks & rather INVEST IN THIS COUNTRY and watch things light up.
    - Eliminate greediness and eliminate wickedness GENTLY, WITH KINDNESS AND OF COURSE OPPORTUNITY TO REGENT AND CHANGE FOR GOOD.
    - Ultimately play a positive part in the Economy
    - Encourage support for the Government while at the same time purging the Government of their sins. Yeah, they sin a lot else I will have light in my house now. Lols.

    It's a long list and not small as I earlier mentioned yet it will work with the right minds behind it.

    Ultimately, a new country will emerge where
    - IPOB won't wanna leave Nigeria
    - Boko Haram will start respecting and maybe even loving fellow Nigerians
    - Niger Delta Militants won't see the need to blow up Pipes nor will anyone have any real use for the Oil, Pipes and most of the things we kill each other for presently.

    One Correction: Greed and Corruption may not be possible to eliminate but with Law & Order, people want to do those. The remaining will be afraid to commit any of them. Ultimately, they will be absent in the community, villages, towns, cities, states, country.

    To put all these in motion, a lot of money and influence is needed. I HAVE NONE OF THE TWO.
    What I have though is the willingness to pursue this to whatever end it may lead. That's where Jackobian,, etc come in.

    The Role of Jackobian
    Until a few weeks ago, things were much more different here, maybe bad but I chose to call it plan less. Jackobian was growing though but there were no plans.

    Up to the point that we almost disappeared from the Internet. Just few hours to that, a Jackobian stepped in to set things right. Lols, that's what I meant when I said you need support and a lot of it.
    Also, we have crashes in September, my birth month and then we had to travel back in time, almost a month back to pick ourselves up during which we lost thousands of accounts, and sustained thousands more injuries. You can read full report here = What Really Happened To Jackobian On The 30th Of October 2016?

    Severally has the vision which is powered by our websites crashed in the past, - - & severally have things bounced back somehow. We are kinda getting used to it but the important thing is that we have a plan now and we have a clearer purpose and we are more ready and we aren't resting until we get what we want. That's the difference.

    So, the purpose of Jackobian in this vision is the one it's doing now.

    Jackobian came from the slang, Jack which Nigerian students use to address the act of reading...
    Yes, this was initially meant to be a students forums.
    Then it was majorly students
    Then mainly students
    The students and others

    To what we have now as an almost equal breed of students and non students yet it's important to point out that we started with STUDENTS IN MIND. YEAH, I BELIEVE THAT IF SALVATION IS GOING TO COME TO NIGERIA, IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE AUTHORITIES, IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE STUDENTS.
    for example, Motivate + Empower - Expo + Practice + Purpose + Vision = Best students ever = Better future leaders + Better workers = Better Future/Coutry.
    , the problem we are trying to solve in the Senate house is a MISTAKE. it should be solved in the classrooms.

    Access to the students means access to the FUTURE. That's where we wanted to start from.
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  12. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    It's getting late so I had to release that and test again.

    I'll be back before long with another update... Stay close.
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  13. James Nille

    James Nille Leader Mod

    Inspiring write up boss.. Still following
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  14. Tess

    Tess Upcoming

    Good one Prezzy, we will be waiting
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  15. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    There should be like 4 more of that. It's a long read and the corresponding write too.

    Everything should be uploaded by tomorrow latest
  16. I'm enjoying this..
    I mean to knw where all this is heading prezzy
  17. Wiseniggy

    Wiseniggy Active

    really inspiring this is where it begins
  18. Authority

    Authority Well Known

    Oboy this thing long o.....but it was worth the time sha......wonderful article though
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  19. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    People guys, the plans is still coming o.
    Come back in less than 24 hours to read it up!
    Very important.

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  20. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Lols, just be ready for what's coming bro. I'll try to detail all the plans the best I can
  21. Stephnora

    Stephnora Jackobian

    INSPIRING!!! Thumbs up...
  22. Mos

    Mos Jackobian

    This is a great one. More grease to your elbow. May God continue to give you more and better inspiration .
  23. JONAH180

    JONAH180 Jackobian

    Please are you lunching bitcoin mining hardware .if so, that will be so wonderful
  24. Haha. Prezzy u can write for Africa. U might enjoy tying.. Lol.. But many of us don't enjoy reading. Especially when its has long has ur write up.. But it is a nice article.. I'm still waiting.
    But abeg.. Reduce something's there biko. ;)
  25. chike michael

    chike michael Jackobian

    This is really inspiring .nice one
  26. Sun

    Sun Upcoming

    We've been here, all the way from Kinwap, Galaxy and now jackobian. keep it up precious
  27. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp Active

    It's not lomg
  28. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin GrandMaster

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  29. Benedict pepple

    Benedict pepple Well Known

    yeah, you have done a good work, that's why am trying to be a beneficiary of your good work. Please keep it on
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  30. wokemz

    wokemz Active

    Nice one bro
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  31. Aliyu99

    Aliyu99 Upcoming

    ;),,very good. I'm 100% with you
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