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Hot Start Making Thousands Of Naira From This Platform

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by D-termined, Oct 28, 2019.

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    Success* doesn't walk to *you,*
    It is *you* are to walk into *Success.*

    With just *₦500* or *₦2,500 one time reg fee here,

    You will zoom into *Success* & will be making thousands of naira hourly in the same social media account which you waste data & time but no pay in the past.

    *_We will pay you here for your social media activities such as_*

    Instagram follow *₦10*
    Instagram vote is = *₦5*
    Instagram Like is = *₦3*
    Instagram View is = *₦5*
    Instagram comment *₦4*

    Twitter Like is = *₦5*
    Twitter Retweet is *₦5*
    Twitter comment is *₦5*
    Twitter follow is also *₦10*

    Facebook Like is = *₦3*
    Facebook Comment *₦4*
    Facebook page follow *₦10*
    Facebook vote also = *₦4*

    YouTube view, votes *₦5*
    YouTube Subscribe is *₦10*

    with ₦ 500 registration fee and get a referral commission of 30% for his or her direct referrals (downlines) and 5% of his or her grand children, to the second generation.

    Second plan is the Premium members, here they register with ₦ 2,500, get 50% commission first generation and 10% second generation and a grant system that grows faster than the basic membership

    *Minimum withdrawal is ₦2,500* & withdrawal is everyday once your earning is up to *₦2,500* or above.

    *Registration link

    ViralTrend ‐ Register

    What to like, who to follow and what to comment on will be on your dashboard..

    Select Promote_and_

    Then chose Plan..
    Basic* plan is 500 while Premium plan is #2,500

    Chat up +2348130197355 for more info
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