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Some Health Benefits Of Honey(no 1 Will Shock You)

Discussion in 'Food & Health' started by blazegossips, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. blazegossips

    blazegossips Rookie!!!

    Benefits of Honey
    • Honey reduces the risks of stroke, heart attack and cancer because it is rich in antioxidants.
    • Honey also helps in wound healing.
    • Honey is very nutritional and is safer for diabetics to consume more than sugar.
    • Honey can also help improve your look, buy applying honey on your face it reduces wrinkles.
    • Honey can help in pinkining your lips.
    • Honey can also help reduce stomach pain.
    • Honey reduces high blood pressure.
    • Honey also helps supress cough in children thats why most cough syrup add honey flavour or extract.
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  3. Jenni Loves

    Jenni Loves Rookie!!!

    The most beneficial is that is opens the veins for smooth flowing of blood towards heart .. hence less chances of stroke
  4. Niqqaclaimz

    Niqqaclaimz Rookie!!!

    Wow...Didn't know it had all these benefit s.
  5. jillyberish

    jillyberish Jackobian

    It really true to life as long you looking for natural support goods for your health. Honey does brings a lot of positive effect on your body. But sometimes it's just not enough, bees are creating their own eco system, not a pill for you. So, keep in mind that human-made stuff like are helpful as well.