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Skyllz Is Building A Transparent Platform To Assess, Validate And Empower Human Skills

Discussion in 'ICOs & Bounties (free bitcoins!)' started by Prezzy, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Hello Jackobains cryptocurrency community, as we know, am always on the lookout for new Blockchain-based platforms because i believe they have a big role to play in shaping the future we are approaching by each passing day and they are the way to go now. We have seen and reviewed as well as invested in different Blockchain-based projects in the past and today i have another EXCEPTIONAL ONE so i will encourage us to take time to read through this review and discover the genius imbibed into the project creation and foundation as well as the urgent need it solves.
    Am sure you will arrive at the same conclusion as i did that "Skyllz is a promising project and so a WISE INVESTMENT!"


    What is Skyllz platform?

    The mission of Skyllz is to convert people into their main assets. The Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) aims to build a universal and evolving Human Skills Ecosystem that replaces CVs.

    The world is changing incredibly fast. The demand for new and specific skills from the labor market makes harder than ever the adaptation of professional AND personal profiles to the requirements of the market. In addition, new talent scouting and recruiting is focusing more and more on empirical evidences of your skills (the “what”), the way that you apply them (the “how”), and what really drives you (the “why”). Tangibilizing human skills that are the basis of work behaviors such as problem-facing, solutions analysis, and team roles, is a key factor in order to meet the needs in this fast-paced environment. There are no limits to the skills you can showcase, and put into practice in any aspect of your life. Skyllz by Workkola fulfills this new idea of no limitation of possible skills you can develop, proof, share and use.

    Important Links about Skyllz


    The SDP ecosystem is fuelled by two different elements:

    ● Proof-of-Skill, which is the reputation related to every specific skill on the SDP. It is non-tradeable and handles skills validations as traceable annotations on the Ethereum Blockchain.
    ● SKT, which is an exchangeable ERC-20 compliant token that fuels the SDP ecosystem and operations. It enables users to participate, validate and certify their skills across applications.

    Talent Discovery & Recognition

    The Problem In the last decade, the acceleration of technology in every industry has come with a lot of new jobs (data related jobs, new coding technologies, new marketing techniques…) and type of jobs (flexible jobs, freelancers, remote workforce…) that didn’t exist before. Traditional education is several steps behind labor market’s needs and the result is a new era of “easy and cheap” knowledge acquisition channels (e-learning, bootcamps, MOOCs, Wikipedia, how-to videos on Youtube …).

    In addition, the “commoditization” of degrees and the hyper competition related, have shifted the requirements of the labor market. A new era of skill allocation (show me what you’re able to do) has started. This skill allocation era has also brought a new paradigm in skill contextualization (how you allocate the knowledge/skills you acquire: soft skills) and skill boosting (how you multiply the effects of skill acquisition, allocation and contextualization: the attitude).

    upload_2018-2-24_14-28-6.png-Skyllz Is Building A Transparent Platform To Assess, Validate And Empower Human Skills
    Blockchain layer
    Skyllz is built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain
    Proof of Skills
    Skyllz reputation. Non-tradeable. Assigned as validations of skills acquisition, allocation, contextualization or boosting.
    SKT (Skyllz Tokens)
    Exchangeable ERC-20 compliant tokens of fixed supply that enable users to participate and get validations of their skills on or across any application of the ecosystem
    Open-source APIs that provide access to Skyllz Smart Contracts.
    Application layer
    Skills Touchpoint Applications (STapps) that add to and get value from the whole ecosystem

    The 7 Rules Of The SDP

    1. The Meritocracy Rule: Skyllz is designed to exclusively empower people based on their exceptional abilities and talents. It aims to allow any person, no matter its gender, race, country of residence, or social, economic and education background, to access, improve and develop its inner potential without external limitations.
    2. The Distribution of Power Rule: Qualifier Power: 3+ anonymized ratings from different Raters are needed to resolve the overall rating that triggers the smart contract(s) that allocates Proof-of-Skill to a pre-specified skillset and, if appropriate, transfers SKT to the user. Decision-making Power: working in tandem with the Meritocracy Rule, all crucial decisions that directly impact the Skyllz ecosystem such as, but not limited to, its partners, its Raters and its next milestones and governance will be decided by Proof-of-Skill holders along with SKT holders in a decentralized voting system. Data Ownership Power: Disrupting monopolization of data ownership, all the data related to Proof-of-Skill and Skyllz Tokens transactions are publicly accessible. STapps are welcome to design profitable business models around the data but cannot lock or restringe the public information to themselves.
    3. The Unbiased Rule: Users and Raters need to remain anonymous during the Rating Period to avoid biases and possible corruption of the validation system.
    4. The Inter-connected Impact Rule: The whole ecosystem is intended to create and extract value from the collaboration between all agents. Only solutions that also have a positive impact for the ecosystem as a whole will be accepted.
    5. The Transparency Rule: Every new skill or skill set created, and any annotation or update of Proof-of-Skill and SKT transaction is recorded and publicly accessible by anyone, avoiding data ownership by centralized institutions.
    6. The Positive Achievement Rule: Skyllz wants to create a universal and evolving Human Skills Ecosystem that replaces CVs based on individuals’ capabilities and potential. The SDP only tracks positive achievements of their users to incentivize shareability. It will never store under-qualifying performance.
    7. The Game-changing Rule: Every solution, feature or improvement on the SDP or the Skyllz ecosystem as a whole, should focus on innovation and adaptability to the market and the society needs.

    What is Proof-of-Skill?

    as a concept only makes sense if it is publicly accessible by anyone who needs it, reaching its maximum potential when trustworthiness and immutability play together to ensure that you are capable to track and share your skills. Those characteristics are inherent to Blockchain technology and become a fundamental part of the Skyllz ecosystem, values and mission. But, would it make sense to track negative experience on the Blockchain as well as to penalize “bad” users?
    No. All individuals are unique and have something that makes them valuable to someone and to something. In addition, sharing is part of the human being. Social recognition, status and esteem is received as a consequence of displaying certain characteristics, reaching certain achievements or engaging in certain activities. To really become a global solution, Proof-of-Skill should be shareable. Every person has something to be proud of and that’s the only thing that should be tracked forever, in an immutable way. That’s why Skyllz believes in positive human skills and only records exceptional achievements on the blockchain.

    The Skyllz Distributed Platform:

    Why Ethereum Protocol And Smart Contracts? Ethereum is an open blockchain that works as a decentralized computer. It allows the execution of smart contracts. Smart contracts help you exchange anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman. Smart contracts not only define the 10 rules and penalties around an agreement in the same way that a traditional contract does, but also automatically enforce those obligations. The SDP’s main value is provided by the standardization and unification of human skills’ assessment, validation and empowerment. To provide the ecosystem with a distributed and automated enabler of the 7 principles, and to become the easiest and the most attractive global solution to unify skills validations, the Ethereum Blockchain and the smart contracts are the perfect scenario to build Skyllz. SKT: An ERC-20 Compliant Token One of the most significant token standards of all for Ethereum is called ERC-20.

    defines six different functions for the benefit of other tokens within the Ethereum system. These are generally basic functionality issues, including how tokens are transferred and how users can access data about a token. ERC-20 also prescribes two different signals that each token takes on and which other tokens are attuned to. Put together, this set of functions and signals ensures that Ethereum tokens of different types will typically work the same in any place within the Ethereum system. As part of the Ethereum Network, Skyllz will issue a fixed amount of Skyllz Tokens (SKT) to fuel the ecosystem, and allow meritocracy (the Meritocracy Rule) across its applications. Security The Skyllz Distributed Platform along with Proof-of-Skill, Skyllz Tokens and the Skyllz APIs will incorporate all the necessary security mechanisms that guarantee the protection of its users.

    All connections, both web and mobile, will be encrypted using the HTTPS protocol with a TLS certificate. The architecture of the system will prevent any application, both internal and from third parties, from attacking critical elements, such as the database (which is directly stored on the Ethereum Blockchain), or processing critical actions. The communication API between STapps and the Skyllz Smart Contracts, critical elements in the SDP, will be designed so that all internal calls are secured by secret dynamic keys that limit operations only to verified systems. Additionally; communications between the other components will be similarly secured with hashed keys.

    Open-source Application Programming Interface (API)

    Skyllz APIs (, the service layer of the SDP, connects STapps with the token and blockchain layers. The SDP’s end state aims to be a universal, standardized software development framework for creating, adapting or connecting STapps that can bring and get value from the ecosystem. adds an abstraction layer to the SDP to make it more developer-friendly and accessible to more entrepreneurs and game-changers, even if they are not totally familiarized with blockchain technology but see the potential of the Skyllz ecosystem.

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