Simple Steps On How To Venture Into Photography Business In Nigeria

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    A lot of people in Nigeria really have this flair of taking pictures but they don’t actually known that they can turn this hobby to a money making venture. Without been told the scourge of unemployment in Nigeria has actually aided the growth and development of the creative industry where photography really plays a massive role. One of the most current competitive businesses in Nigeria today is photography business. Today, there are a lot of new professional photographers springing up on a daily basis, there are still some of them who are still on top of their career.
    Furthermore, photography business in Nigeria has been boosted by the current pre wedding photo shoots. If you look at the social media today most especially Instagram and facebook, you will see the constant demand for photographers, despite the competition. In Nigeria there is really a good market for photography business. The reasons are because most sectors (like the fashion, beauty, food entertainment, media, etc.) actually need the services of a professional photographer. In Nigeria today the budget for photographers at any events are always very high, that is why most Nigerian photographers make as much as a million naira for covering an event. In Nigeria photography business are categorized into different types;

    - - The event photography: As a photographer you can actually make a lot of money photographing at any events. In Nigeria, almost every weekend there are marriages, burial ceremonies, and different types of parties’ celebration. There are a lot of couples that pay professional photographer’s huge sum of money for the covering of their wedding. If you are an event photographer you also have the opportunity of covering fashion shows as a fashion photographer.

    - - Having a studio: In Nigeria today, there are a lot of photography studios. These photography studios deliver professional top notch services. The popular photography studios in Nigeria are Bighstudio and Studio24, although there are also some smaller ones. A lot of people in Nigeria usually troop in into these photo studios for different photo shoots. A lot of Nigerian celebrities normally have shoots for promoting their work, also families and different individuals troop in into these photo studios for different photo shoots.
    Furthermore, let us look at how to start a photography business In Nigeria. The following are the steps on how to start a photography business In Nigeria;

    1. You need capital: There is actually no business in Nigeria that does not require capital to start. If you actually want to start with a studio you really need a reasonable amount of money for studio space.

    2. Purchasing the necessary equipments: Some of the equipments you will need are a good camera like Nikon Canon Eos 50, D800, Olympus E3, etc. all these may cost about #200,000. You also need professional lenses which also may cost about #150,000 upwards and also a very good laptop. If you actually want to run a studio you will also need equipments like soft boxes, modifiers, reflections, tripods, etc.

    3. Getting a good location: The location of the photo studio will really determine the success of the business. Make sure the photo studio is located in a place that is access able, if possible an urban areas. The location of the photo studio should be very easy for the clients to locate.

    4. Choose a name for the Photography business: Choose a unique name for the photography business and register it with Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC).

    5. Promotion and marketing: One of the marketing tools you can use to promote your photography business is social media. Today a lot of Nigerian photographers has social media pages where their creativity is been showcased, this make clients easily get in touch with them. As a photographer, clients can only reach you when they see your good work. There are a lot of social media networks you can promote your photography business. You can also print business cards and flyers.

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    Having decided to build your own business, you must understand and be prepared that you won't have an employer supplying you with work and orders; you will have to bear all the costs of maintaining your studio or office, photo shoots. In today's reality, your success as a professional photographer depends almost entirely on your ability to successfully manage and develop your business. If you are thinking about starting your own photography business, you need to master communication skills with people to promote your business and sell your services. After all, you should be able to stand out from the thousands of other photographers trying to make money, just like you.
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