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Say No To Expo On Jackobian & In The Better Nigeria Which We Believe In

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by Prezzy, Jun 14, 2016.


Do you support expo???

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  5. NOOOOOO, I support a Better Nigeria!

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  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    It may seem like a joke to some but it's not. Expo, exam malpractice is not supported on Jackobian and there is a very good reason for this although we all knows the reason already.
    The summary of the whole thing is that exam malpractice is one of the major reasons why Nigeria has never moved forward in several decades instead we are moving backward.
    The above statement is what i will build this post round.

    Expo in Nigerian Schools: the number 1 murderer of Future Nigerians

    Expo in Nigeria started in 1970s. before then, no one knew what expo was and PRACTICALLY, NIGERIA WAS DOING WELL. People were thinking normally and being innovative but after the menace called Expo came into Nigeria's educational system through some corrupt Nigerians who wanted to have more money than Queen Elizabeth, we have heard nothing like progress again. We end up importing everything which we were meant to produce through the knowledge gotten from sound education. we will get to that.

    Meanwhile, let's see how Expo has eaten Nigeria and Nigerians raw from the ground up.
    The Educational system in Nigeria starts from the Nursery level and these set of pupils are like Angels, so Innocent, Smart, creative and they yearn to learn as people should. If you have a sibling in the nursery school, you can boldly confirm what i just said. Unfortunately, just after the nursery sector, the pupil starts being exposed to Exam malpractice. initially, just asking questions in the exam hall and peeping into each others exam papers. This is where the big problem starts because the Teachers in primary schools fails to beat the DEVIL of Expo out of them at this tender age.

    Eventually, they grow with this Evil attitude into Secondary schools where they meet people that are even smarter and more advanced in Expo and the story continues. Just before Junior waec, they already know the Tactics more than they know the exams they are going to write and at the same time most of the students are already addicted to it. too bad. At the same time, the teachers in junior secondary schools fail to teach them that this is the downfall of our country by taking the expo seriously. Because pf this, they develop faith and great affinity to expo. More than half of the students entering senior secondary from the junior section are already addicted to and cannot write and pass any exam without the use of EXPO. This is not a lie as you can confirm it.

    During Senior Waec, these set of students take the Expo thing to another level by developing unheard-of strategies to cheat in the exams. they are already professionals in expo even when they are not yet undergraduates. Too bad.
    Expo started with students who are writing the then WASCE/WAEC and this is the very point where the future of most Nigerian students gets buried and forgotten.

    The worst thing about expo at this level is that it's an organized one, you can call it a formal expo because

    • Principals come out to fight for their students and rescue them when they are caught with expo
    • students, or whatever they are at this level contribute lumps of cash to distribute to all their expo agencies including shameless NYSC, Invigilators, External supervisors, School staff, etc.
    • The external invigilators go to exams with high hopes of collecting large sums from students who wants to engage in this Nigeria-Murdering [forgive me, that word ain't in the dict.]
    View attachment 165

    The result of expo at this level leaves the educational system permanently fractured. Most of these students are so useless to the community, country and even themselves that they cannot write a simple essay. It's real and it's happening and it makes my eyes bleed red. we are talking about Future Buhari and Goodluck Jonathans. Gone are the days when intelligent men that knows how to speak very good English if nothing else mount the Presidential seat. So shameful, the wife of our former president brought Nigeria's literacy level to the Limelight. For goodness sake, that woman headed the office of the whatever it was. Yet, ... we know what happened.

    you may wonder, is the condition really that bad?
    Of course, it is worse, that's why Naira is now #360 to $1

    Let's head back to the discussion...

    Expo in the Universities and Polytechnics is very very very very Painful because you will see SUG officials plotting Expo with INTEGRITY & PRIDE. worse still, Lecturers give a helping hand in this.

    We are clearly paying for our sins now, even though we are still committing them. The worst part of it is that, Mother Nature is a BITCH, you give her shit and she will paint you with it. You may kill and beg God to forgive you but you cannot beg nature... you cheat to pass and you see the repercussions straight now because she doesn't hear "please" like GOD.

    that's the reason why Nigeria is in so much hardship, there are very few people who are qualified to lead this nation academically but unfortunately, it's a dirty game of politics so, what can we do but watch while the corrupt and empty heads take all the positions while the qualified serve on the fields. Such is clearly the situation in the country.

    I believe that the worst impact of Expo in Nigeria is in the Industrial/Manufacturing sector
    . Nigeria is the country in africa with the largest population but all we use, tech-wise is imported from far away countries. Not even phone batteries are manufactured in this country or have you seen any MADE IN NIGERIA BATTERY?
    you can't even begin to imagine how other countries have effectively set up drill pipes to drill nigeria of both money,oil and anything good while they use the realized revenue to develope their countries... while our leaders seat and watch them from their private jets as they enjoy us.

    I won't go further but hopefully, you have a clearer view at How expo has lead to the downfall of nigeria.

    What is the Way Forward?

    View attachment 166
    It's not too late to start correcting our Mistakes. If we curb expo out of our system, we can now have properly educated nigerians who have Nigeria's affair at heart who also are capable of turning the situation around for the better with the support of fellow Nigerians
    Noone is going to repair Nigeria if not SOUND NIGERIANS with GREAT minds like NNAMDI AZIKIWE
    & our faithful fore fathers...
    If we must change, we have to start NOW. The future holds no value for Leaders who know nothing but how to cheat and pass...

    let the bashing begin........!
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  3. James Nille

    James Nille Leader Mod

    One mind boss... I sincerely agree with u ....Everything we do there is always a repercussion.. Make We the Youths Wise Up oo
  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Push the motion bro. Share on Facebook. Nigerians needs to be sensitized.
  5. Gigi2sure

    Gigi2sure Well Known Mod

    I support dat bro!! D Idea of Expo in Nigerian schools has to b eradicated.....can u believe dat because of d many wrong things dat re done in nigeria the upcoming children(d future of 2maro) nw see them as right? Because dy grew up to meet it dat way nd no one corrected them... A YOUNG BOY WAS ONCE ASKED WAT HE WANTED TO BCOME IN FUTURE HE SAID HE WANTED TO GRADUATE FRM THE UNIVERSITY...BUT DAT WAS NT D ANSA HE WAS ASKED AGAIN WAT EXACTLY HE WANTED TO BECOME....HE SMILED ND SAID HE WANTED TO B A GHOST WORKER. CAN U IMAGINE? D YOUNG ONES RE NW EVEN TAKING D WRONG STEPS.......EXPO ONLY CORRUPTS.....EVEN IF U PASS UR EXAMS WITH EXPO, WEN D TIME COMES U'LL REGRET IT COZ UR DEGREE WILL BECOME A BURDEN TO U WEN U CANNOT DEFEND IT!
  6. James Nille

    James Nille Leader Mod

    but u know what... This expo of a thing is caused by the so called exam officials....for it to stop God have to press the refresh button for Nigeria ....
  7. Gigi2sure

    Gigi2sure Well Known Mod

    yes oo...during waec exams if u refuse to participate in d expo by paying d amt required d Invigilator will Frustrate u some wil refuse to accept ur papers while others will fill malpractice form 4 u wen u actually were nt involved
  8. James Nille

    James Nille Leader Mod

    can u imagine....
  9. Talkon

    Talkon Rookie!!!

    Yes we need to start being realistic and not mindless of the down fall of our country. Just like we are doing now, I believe it when you said some "corrupt Nigerians who wanted to have more money than Queen Elizabeth" there are the pioneers of this expo.