Richest Man In Britain Offers To Buy Chelsea From Abramovich

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    {filename}-Richest Man In Britain Offers To Buy Chelsea From Abramovich

    Roman Abramovich has rejected an approach from Britain’s richest person to buy Chelsea Football Club.

    Jim Ratcliffe, the billionaire boss of multinational petrochemicals giant Ineos and a Blues season-ticket holder, expressed an interest in buying the club amid speculation Abramovich could be willing to sell.

    But the Russian oligarch made it clear he had no intention of cutting ties with Chelsea, despite his recent decision to halt plans for a new stadium because of his UK visa issues.

    The club refused to comment on Friday, stating only that Abramovich remains committed to a club he has owned for 15 years.

    Sportmail reports that Ratcliffe is among a number of approaches that have been rejected, including from China.

    Ratcliffe, who on Saturday was knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to business and investment, already owns a football club in Switzerland and has a personal fortune of more than double that of Abramovich.

    Source: Britain's richest man offers to buy Chelsea from Abramovich - Daily Post Nigeria
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    Roman Abromovich is one of the fewest football club owners who takes interest in his club's situations. I don't think he will sell Chelsea F.C. I know that he has some immigration issues with the U.K authorities but it doesn't mean he will sell the club. What are your predictions about it?
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    I think that Abramovich will never sell Chelsea )
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    yes, he might never
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    Sometimes rich people simply rely on the predictions they get from fortune-tellers, or from personal horoscopes.