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Remoroc - Start Trading Wisely And With Confidence In The Cryptocurrency Market

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by laurapromoter, Apr 5, 2019.

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    Remoroc - Start trading wisely and with confidence in the cryptocurrency market
    upload_2019-4-5_0-23-29.png-Remoroc - Start Trading Wisely And With Confidence In The Cryptocurrency Market
    Remoroc is a social platform where traders share their investments and other traders can follow other’s activities on leading exchange.

    At Remoroc, traders from different exchanges can easily activate their account. After a trader has activated their account he will gain access to the Main Dashboard Page, there he will find statistics on about his portfolio.
    A trader who becomes a Publisher will share his statistics and will allow other traders to follow him.
    A trader who is not a Publisher can follow a Publisher of their choice, and even better, they can filter by the parameters that are found in the Explore tab to make a better and more efficient Publisher selection.
    As soon as that a non-Publisher decides to follow a certain Publisher, any action made by that Publisher will be reflected immediately and automatically on the Subscriber’s portfolio.
    The Subscriber can choose the amount they decided allocate to specific Publisher.

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