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Crypto News Radiologex Is A Next-gen Medical Network

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency News (HAPPENING!)' started by cryptooffer, Aug 13, 2019.

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    {filename}-Radiologex Is A Next-gen Medical Network

    Radiologex is a next-gen medical network that is web accessible and downloadable as an APP on any device, MAC, PC, IOS, and Android. It is powered by blockchain technology and RDGX AI, allowing medical professionals all across the globe to connect, communicate, collaborate, transact, access content, and perform services on one comprehensive and complete medical ECOSYSTEM. It’s more intuitive, easier to operate, requires ZERO hardware purchases, and is equipped with leading security features—all for less cost. It’s the Evolution of Telemedicine AND Teleradiology.

    At the core, Radiologex is galvanized by a blockchain powered state-of-the art content delivery network (CDN) that is designed to not only replace redundant and unnecessary multiple platforms, both software and hardware, but to connect you with the global Medical community in an all-in-one platform that will drive all communication, business (buy/sell/network), with powerful medical imaging technology (PACS) and RIS/CIS capabilities. Unplug yourself from redundant hardware and various software and applications, usernames passwords and hassle, function seamlessly, with no intermediaries. The future of Enterprise Imaging and True Telemedicine™ have arrived. With the renowned efficiency, security, decentralization of data, elimination of software fail points, transparency, and transparency and traceability of blockchain technology, Radiologex takes this core architecture to the next level to deliver a new way for the Medical Industry to interact and perform service.

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