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Prezzy, Jackobian Ceo Scammed Me 3000 Naira But That's Only Half Of The Story!

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by Prezzy, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Yesterday, I had a chat on WhatsApp with a Jkin which am sure that we all know if we have been online here for a while. Little did I know that the Hello message I sent to him was going to spark a little fire which will possibly grow into something that is bigger than I have imagined.
    While, I can as well chill and let it spread, of course dragging Jackobian behind it, I have taken to my PC right now to do my part in quenching this fire and will encourage you to approach this with an open mind too as we will face much less trouble that way.

    So, what happened?

    Part of my actions here on Jackobian involve keeping the forum as neat as it can be. upon one of my round offs in the forums did I spot someone selling data. It's certainly not the first time am banning such people because they have no control as to how they post their business in the forums. I motioned to ban him but saw an opportunity to support our ongoing FRE AIRTIME CAMPAIGN here so I decided to take it.

    Share And Win! Building Better Students, Better Jackobians!

    Am A Jackobian! Enter To Win Free Airtime! [official]

    As I had not money on my own, I sought for a way to help him sell more of his data and get some rewards myself with which we are going to use and celebrate Jackobian's entrance into 3000+ members today.
    So, I motioned to message him on WhatsApp and after a period of conversation, we agreed upon a price I thought will be cool for someone doing the business of the kind he did. The next minute, I got an alert and he already made the payments. WOW!

    Then I thought, so it's really so easy to scam people by SIMPLY CLAIMING THAT YOU ARE AN ADMIN ON JACKOBIAN???

    Let me teach this guy a lesson I thought. His ads were to last for 7 days starting from 12 am this morning so, with the time we have left before 12am, let's play a game and teach him a lesson.
    Little did I know that my was a good defender and aggressive attacker. Lols, i give him credit for that.

    After he sent screenshots, it was my turn to whin him so I started out as a complete stranger as though we never discussed. Refusing everything that had happened earlier before then. He was angry and confused while I enjoyed the show cos, I had lost money to people that claimed web gurus in the past... So, this is how they felt???

    I enjoyed the show for quite some time until I started hearing different things, Prezzy duped someone how much? lols.
    I ignored at first but before I woke up this morning, Omo, the thing don too much na.

    He was able to find comrades easily and the chat was all over WhatsApp...
    that's what happened. I don dey turn celeb small, people I didn't know were already discussing me. but, I no wan be that kind celeb sha, that's why this post came up.

    To everyone reading this, I have an important message to drop for you.
    Anyone can be anyone, times without number have people claimed my name for some activities but when it come to making transactions, you have to make sure you are conversing with the right people by messaging them directly, not through WhatsApp.
    The best way to negotiate anything is through the site here. Simply send me a PM and you will get a reply.
    Not WhatsApp cos people can even clone people's number these days.

    In all, the show which I enjoyed for few minutes will haunt me for maybe forever but the most important thing is that you learn from it.

    And I did.

    Don't forget, i have my public profiles @

    Facebook: Security Check Required
    Twitter: Precious okwuanaso (@PreciousMmeso) | Twitter
    Whatsapp *********

    If you have any sentence to pass, am all yours.
    I don't expect those that have already made up their mind to believe though cos there will always be people who will believe what they wish, but I trust that when you see the truth, you will always know.
    I rest my case guys....
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  3. princechi10

    princechi10 Jackobian

    But you need to pay back the money
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  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    same question that someone asked on whatsapp few minutes ago.
    i will like to draw your attention to something bro...
    His ads are running as you can see at the top.
    Ads started yesterday [after 12am though] as was the initial plan and will run till it expires!

    Seems you don't really get... it was all a plan to Fake till 12:00 before the ads is supposed to go Live beyond which it will stop being Fake:rolleyes:
  5. Unlimitedboy

    Unlimitedboy Rookie!!!

  6. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    i expected more from you bro.
  7. David Obriki

    David Obriki Rookie!!!

    Okay, so u didn't scam him but you were playing with him.. ...... You know say this na Buhari period so that kind play fit kill pesin
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  8. Deeboy

    Deeboy Well Known Mod

  9. victor_dhare

    victor_dhare Active

  10. Greatman

    Greatman Leader Mod

  11. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    So people no go play because Buhari is president abi?
    It wasn't play though, I just wanted him to learn in a cool manner. When I was scammed, I didn't get the chance to learn!
  12. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    From Whatsapp group...

    Secondly, I wanna thank everyone in here. At first I thought you guys acted out of hidden grudges but later realized you were trying to protect a fellow Jkin even from the very perceived sinful motions of I and for that am greatly joyful.

    Protecting oneself when the leader goes off track ✌

    However you should understand that Unity & understanding is what we hope to build on

    If you have read out Vision which we carried from - ->, you'll surely understand better.
    [read here, Jackobian Vision ->]

    So, I pledge with all of us to show some faith in What we are doing.

    Soon you'll know the fullness of what has in store for Nigerian students!

    All things go right, & with the special grace of God, * scholarships for few students yearly should start as soon as we have the cash!*

    Such is what we have in store.
    So, stay cool and don't stay far as we promise to shoulder all the pains as we take our country to the next level, out of 380naira - 1 dollar situation.

    Watch our back
    We've got your

    Jackobian Team!
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  13. Deeboy

    Deeboy Well Known Mod

  14. James Nille

    James Nille Leader Mod

    That is it boss
  15. osixkilz

    osixkilz Well Known Mod

    Dude has luck ...
    If he was talking to the CEO of /can't mention/ the cash would have disappeared...
    Most sites have joined CEO's ... And communicating with one of them instead of their official handle might lead to cases of memory loss
  16. victor_dhare

    victor_dhare Active

  17. Abasiofiok Bassey

    Abasiofiok Bassey Verified Moose Mod

    So this was why a nigga in the group almost killed me yesterday :oops::oops:..

    Can't say anything...
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