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Powered Crypto Mining On Blockchain

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by laurapromoter, Jun 27, 2019.

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    upload_2019-6-27_12-2-40.png-Powered Crypto Mining On Blockchain upload_2019-6-27_12-3-9.png-Powered Crypto Mining On Blockchain
    Powered Crypto Mining on Blockchain
    upload_2019-6-27_12-3-56.png-Powered Crypto Mining On Blockchain
    Pieta is the world’s first blockchain project that aims to minimize the cost of cryptocurrency mining and make it more accessible and environment-friendly. It will be done with the use of the new X20 algorithm which reduces energy consumption in blockchain mining ,this will keep the mining equipment cooler. This will result in increasing the life of the mining equipment and in turn the profit of miners. The low energy (carbon) emission will also have a positive impact on the environment. In addition, Pieta is also committed to encouraging the use of renewable solar energy in the crypto mining process to further reduce its cost and save the environment.

    Our Mission
    To drive adoption of blockchain powered renewable and efficient energy solution for businesses of all scale and size. At the same time, Pieta envisions to make Mining a profitable and attractive affair for everyone irrespective of the individuals technological and financial prowess.

    Ensure fasttrack adoption of Green Energy Sources.
    Make Solar Energy the key energy source for efficient businesses operations.
    Drive Awareness Programmes to educate one and all about the present and future benefits of a smart, sustainable and comprehensive energy system.

    Why invest in Pieta Token?
    Pieta is one of the most anticipated tokens of the year, both in terms of popularity and investor profitability. Besides providing multiple revenue options to the holders of the tokens, Pieta enables users to engage in quick and cost-effective blockchain mining for amazing returns.

    Multiple Revenue Streams for the investors and holders of Pieta tokens, in the form of access to a Point of Sale network of merchants/businesses accepting Cryptocurrency payments (transactions) around the globe.
    Maximizing the adoption of cryptocurrencies through futuristic integration with other blockchains.
    High Mining Rewards at substantially lower investment of cost and time. Use of solar energy keeps the mining cost low while the X20 algorithm produces more output at lower energy consumption.
    Pieta token is capable of Trading on a number of major crypto exchanges
    Bonus – Up to 40%, depending on the stage of ICO you choose to invest at.

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