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Poor To Rich In Crypto Investments: 3 Stages With Guidelines

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, May 9, 2017.

  1. Prezzy

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    Am gonna tell you a story. A story about someone who's never invested in Cryptocurrency before but wants to start doing that. If you are one of those, then this guide will show you what you need to get started.

    What are we going to be talking about?

    Simple. Guide for those who have only but little amount of money to invest in cryptos. The guide on how they can start with however little they have and progress to much bigger sums by doing some of the things that have been proven to work over time.

    Am basically going to walk you through starting from poor to hopefully rich status in Cryptocurrency investors which is where everyone wanna be right?

    Let's define small and big now
    By my own definition, given the audience we have here on,
    Small investors are those that are entering the cryptocurrency world with less than $100!

    So,if you have just $10 or $5, you belong to the small investors.

    The bigger Investors belong to $100 and above

    So, if you are a small investor and you wanna get rich in Cryptocurrency investment, do this:

    The 5 Stages to Getting Rich in Cryptocurrency Investments

    Step 1. Start small

    yeah, cos you are small! Lols, it's not a bad thing my dear. The entrepreneurs we know today mostly started very small too and I don't need to start mentioning their names right now because I will basically be listing like 95% of All successful people out there!

    You just have to understand that there is blessings in starting small. So, what do you do with your money as someone that's starting small in Cryptocurrency Investment?

    You go for this => Trading!

    Yeah, that's the best you can do with it my dear.
    You can't start Mining with it. It will not grow fast at all as you will not be able to reinvest your profits fast enough for it to start making some sense. So, go ahead and start trading what you got.

    We have a comprehensive post on trading Cryptocurrency here on Jackobian and you can check it out by clicking here => All About Bitcoin | Altcoins Trading For Traders On Jackobian

    We have also developed a game specifically for small traders and you can learn about it here => Cryptogame Project - A Investment Game To Gamify Investment Altcoins Investment

    I highly recommend the Game for you as a young trader.

    Step 2: Start Investing
    This is the next thing you should be doing.

    Once you have started earning some real Money from your trades, then it's time to do something else a little bit more complicated with more promise of better returns on your investment too!

    Start investing and there are indeed many ways to invest in Cryptocurrency!

    Here are some of the most trusted ones which I do myself

    1. Mine!

    Cryptocurrency Mining which you can learn about and start here => How To Purchase Hashpower On Hashflare Mining With Pictures

    2. Outright Investment

    There are some companies such as Trade coin club which @hugoboss described here => Make Up To 1btc Or More 5 Times A Week Trading On Trade Coin Club (tcc)

    And the Ethtrade which I discussed here => Live - Am Investing In And - Follow Up Here

    It's that simple!
    At this point when you are about to transition into the big guys, these investments (which has to be solid & real) will act as the support you need!

    One thing with investments is that they are way more stable than trading. For example, you put in some money here and you know that this is exactly what you are expecting!

    You aren't scared that you will lose it all when the market goes down or stuff like that so investments serve as good support against the calamities of trading.
    Then over to the next level which is actually for the big guys!

    3. Be Everywhere in Cryptocurrency!

    Yeah, at this point, you wanna be everywhere and the good thing about being everywhere is that YOU CAN NOT LOSE!
    Imagine you own Chelsea & Manchester United and both clubs have a match against each other.

    Are you going to lose in that game?
    No, you can't lose.

    You can either draw or win.
    Because when you lose, you still won and when you draw, it's what it is, a draw. In the same way, you wanna be everywhere in the last stage of crypto investment.

    How to be Everywhere in Cryptos?
    I have explained the strategy you can use to achieve this in a different post which I shared earlier this morning and you can read it up here: How To Get Rich Faster With Cryptocurrency Investment Using Altcoins

    Which is linked to our Crypto Rant yesterday comparing Altcoins with Bitcoins as Investment opportunities

    The Don in Cryptocurrency Investment

    I think that the only thing you need to be a don is not just having all the cryptos but ALSO

    Doing the other things in the other stages all at the same time!

    I Mean,
    You get to Trade
    You Get The Invest
    You still get to be everywhere!

    In that way, I don't think you can lose again unless the whole Market goes down.

    As you will imagine, this is a very gradual process but it works and it will work for you if you keep focus!

    My advice is that you keep focus and ensure that you don't joke with security. You can lose everything in a day if you are lousy or get unlucky so you should ensure that you fasten your belt and keep everything in check!

    Split up your portfolio accross different platforms and wallets so if something happens to one account you will have the others to go with.

    Alright my friends, that's what I got for you today! I sincerely hope you take my steps and apply them as well as modifying them through your own experiences and further information gained through education in this investment sector because I believe it's worth it!
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