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ICO Orvium Open And Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

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    Science from the inception of it, has played a major role on the society and through it, major revolutions has occurred which has in fact, has changed human stories, and in the other hand improve human way of living and the way we communicate and relate with one another, including having drastic change in our way of working.

    Human quality life has improved, with it all starting and tracing the root from science and technology. Health wise, science has gradually changed how it works.

    To keep data of all these, Orvium Platform will be managing peer review scholarly publications' life cycles and the associated data.
    {filename}-Orvium Open And Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

    What is Orvium?

    Orvium is the first open source and decentralized Platform for managing peer review scholarly publications’ life cycles and the associated data.

    Orvium goal will be focusing on helping the Science Community, to share its publications, eliminate existing inefficiencies and biases of the publication market and improve the quality and effectiveness of the publication life cycle.

    All of these has a simple but ultimate objective, which is to become the leading publication platform for the research community but on the other hand, returning the benefits of science to society.

    For this project to come on, Orvium will be using blockchain technology and a decentralized storage approach which will be allowing a public, a full traceable and trustworthy record of the publication process at a minimal cost.

    Also Orvium’s source code will be published with an open source license and working through the community.
    Competitive Analysis

    {filename}-Orvium Open And Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

    What Orvium will bring to the Table

    There are whole benefits that Orvium will be bringing in, which includes the followings:

    No delay publication: In a matter of seconds, establishes an independent, decentralized and immutable time-stamped proof of existence, authorship, and ownership in the blockchain.

    Recognizing Researchers for their Impacts : Orvium will reward researchers publicly and also gain reputations as an author and researcher.

    Authors' Full Copyright and Licenses to their works: The Platform will give Authors and research institutions full control over copyrights and licenses of their publications and works.

    {filename}-Orvium Open And Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain
    Decentralized journals: It will create and provides a global platform for the creation and maintenance of scientific journals management and a very low cost.

    Social platform: It will create an avenue where the entire community can participate and provides feedback to the work of other researchers, thereby enhancing, boosting collaboration and knowledge dissemination.

    Support for research data: It is possible to share research data and code with the whole community or a particular team, including unpublished data to move the research forward.

    Accommodates gray literature and its validation.

    Token Details

    Ticker: ORV
    Token Type: ERC20
    Bounty: YES TBA
    Whitelist: YES JOIN
    Accepts: ETH
    Total Tokens Supply: 379,000,000
    Tokens For Sale: 227,400,000 (60%)

    60% - Token Sale60% - Token Sale10% - Team10% - Team10% - Partners,Advisors10% - Partners,Advisors20% - Foundation20% - Foundation.

    Team & Advisors

    {filename}-Orvium Open And Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

    Senior Project Leader and Blockchain Expert — Manuel’s career has focused on supporting large collaborations through technology innovation. He has led critical data management, big data and machine learning initiatives for the largest and most complex scientific instrument ever built (CERN LHC). Beside that, he has collaborated with NASA-JPL, Fermilab (U.S. Dept. of Energy) and GSI among others, has participated as a guest lecturer for the Executive program at ESADE business school and, has advised large companies such as Oracle, BMW, Caixa, Gassco, Eni, UPS.
    {filename}-Orvium Open And Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

    Technology Solution Architect — Antonio has led several big data and machine learning efforts for the R&D partnership between CERN and leading ICT companies. His work accelerating cutting-edge predictive maintenance and machine learning solutions has motivated ground-breaking operation optimizations for the CERN accelerator complex. He has collaborated with other institutions such as Fermilab, GSI and EMBL-EBI.
    {filename}-Orvium Open And Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

    Application and Cloud Technology Expert — More than ten years of experience working in the private sector for companies like Deutsche Telekom, Just Eat or Asos Ltd. Leading, designing and developing high-availability software solutions. Decentralized technologies advocate. Roberto enjoys being part of, as well as leading, successful and productive teams. Decentralized technologies advocate and passionate about developing innovative and creative solutions to problems. He built his own software house in 2016.
    {filename}-Orvium Open And Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

    Scientific Advisor — Alberto is Head of the CERN openlab partnership programme. He is also senior project manager at CERN with more than 20 years of experience in leading technology projects and activities in the field of computer science and software engineering within large scale collaboration frameworks. He has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Ph.D. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.
    {filename}-Orvium Open And Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

    Scientific Advisor — Visionary and practitioner in applied collaboration, leads a collaborative, practical and hands-on approach with JPL and industry to investigate emerging IT technology trends relevant to NASA and large enterprises. Tom has led large scale and remote teams in both startups and large companies. Some examples include Telos, enterWorks, Digital Island, Exodus, Cable & Wireless, and Raytheon.
    {filename}-Orvium Open And Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

    Scientific Advisor — Expert in software design and construction of large-scale data-intensive systems. He co-invented Apache Tika, one of the most widely used frameworks for content detection and analysis. His work has also been utilized for a number of NASA space missions. He is member of the Board of Directors of the Apache Foundation and adjunct Associate Professor in University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering.

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