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No More Meetings With Igbo Leaders, S-east Govs - Ipob

Discussion in 'BIAFRA' started by Prezzy, Aug 10, 2018.

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    {filename}-No More Meetings With Igbo Leaders, S-east Govs - Ipob

    No more meetings with Igbo leaders, S-East govs

    ‘’Under such circumstance, we felt the meeting had lost its purpose, hence the need for us to pull out of any talks, which consequently brought the entire process to an end.

    “As a result of these meetings, any lingering doubt that Ohanaeze Ndigbo, South-East governors and some Abuja-based political jobbers instigated Operation Python Dance, has been dispelled by their inability to lift the proscription they themselves imposed on IPOB. Fulani governors of the North never proscribed murderous Boko Haram or terrorist herdsmen, but Igbo governors and politicians hastily proscribed the only movement, IPOB, fighting for the masses because they want to continue enjoying Abuja patronage. As the masses continue to wallow in abject poverty and oppression, these Igbo sell-out leaders, their families and cronies will continue to live large courtesy of their all powerful Fulani masters, who can make or break them”.
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