Crypto News Nashcoin: A Crypto Learning Platform And Community Driven Coin

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    {filename}-Nashcoin: A Crypto Learning Platform And Community Driven Coin

    Nashtek is a company designed for the people , we will have a app full of crypto learning for beginners and memberships will go on for three months at a time . Nashcoin will power our site and platform we will be starting our ico on August 8th 2022 with members getting an extra percentage when they make there first purchase. Nashcoin will be used to learn how to trade and Buy from online stores . We have got a Nashcoin Wallet being developed for apple and android and also 2 games that can be played on the app to win nashcoins and Nashtek NFT prizes

    {filename}-Nashcoin: A Crypto Learning Platform And Community Driven Coin

    Mission and Vission

    The Mission of NashCoin under NASHTEK is to enable the people
    to grow and make huge assets with blockchain and
    cryptocurrencies. NashCoin wants to give proper knowledge
    through teaching its community about the blockchain. The users
    will learn about the way the world is getting and enjoying incentives
    with the use of these blockchain in various industries. We intend to
    provide people with the knowledge and resources necessary to leave
    their typical 9-to-5 job and live the life they always desired. We will
    educate people how to invest, when to invest, and how to execute
    crypto trades. We will offer online cryptography courses for
    beginners and experienced users. The vision of NashCoin is to make
    the people rich and provide with the maximum opportunities to
    learn and avail the already present opportunities in the market.
    This will help the people to avail all the opportunities in the market
    as they will already have the idea where will be the opportunities
    and where to avail them.


    The ecosystem of NashCoin is very broader and robust
    as it has its coin with a proper utility. The ecosystem is
    focused on the usage of NashCoin to teach the common
    people about the use and benefits of cryptocurrencies
    with the use of tools and other techniques. The
    ecosystem is discussed below in detail.


    The process of removing a certain number of tokens from
    circulation in order to raise the value of the tokens that are already
    in circulation is referred to as "burning" in the world of
    cryptocurrencies. Burning will take place within the ecosystem of
    the NashCoin coin in order to increase the value of the coin


    Name: ---------- Nashcoin
    Total Supply-------------21 billion

    More info


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    I was just about to take some courses on cryptocurrency. Now we need to study as early as possible.