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    Hello jackobian's, it's been long since we discussed about cryptocurrency...as we are all aware, cryptocurrency has been so very easy..but currently, it has diversify to NFT and lots more. As of today, I will like to talk about NFT.


    NFT === Non-fungible token

    An NFT or a Non-fungible token is a digital asset that is stored on the blockchain.

    -Digital assets are the files created electronically, and exists as data held on a digital storage drive or computer.


    A fungible asset is an asset that has the same properties with another unit of same asset.

    FOR EXAMPLE: Gold, Money, Bitcoin are all fungible.

    EXAMPLES OF NON-FUGIBLE ITEMS ARE: Vehicles, art, and properties.

    Fungible and non-fungible items are traditionally tangible items. As our
    world gets increasingly digitized, intangible items are now becoming
    increasingly common.

    Actually anything can be tokenized and created as an Nft ranging from
    1. Static Art
    2. GIFs/Videos
    3. Photography
    4. Generative Art...etc

    You can read more about this and everything on google

    These are MY FIRST NFT's

    Picsart_22-04-24_18-13-30-725.jpg-My First Nft Picsart_22-04-24_18-05-49-264.png-My First Nft Picsart_22-04-16_22-40-16-787.jpg-My First Nft

    You want to know how to create your own NFT? Let's Goooooooooo

    MY FIRST NFT [l]

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