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My 6 Best Advice On Cryptocurrency Investment For Old & New Investors

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by Prezzy, Mar 16, 2017.

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    It's all about How to invest in Bitcoins and Altcoins [the wiser way!]

    I have always wanted to compile some my articles on the topic of investing your money in Alternate cryptocurrencies otherwise known as Altcoins. Actually, it's one thing to invest in Bitcoins which is an already established cryptocurrency and another thing to invest in Altcoins. They are not entirely different but there's a noticeable difference in the tactics employed for each of these investments. This is large because Bitcoin, as we know, is an established Cryptocurrency but the rest aren't so the behavior of Bitcoins as seen through its graph is definitely different from that of upcoming ones like Ethereum & Dash which has doubled itself severally within the past few days!

    In this post, we will focus on the Altcoins as I already mentioned and will provide you with some useful information that will guide you when you wanna invest in these altcoins. Now, you have to understand this... In the past, I have written a number of articles on this topic and they are going to help make our life lot easier now because I will simply be explaining the topic of each then dropping a direct link that leads to them so you can read them up and understand each one fully.

    Actually, it gives organization to what we are doing and makes it easier to locate different things with detailed steps on what could be done. So, let's get started.

    In the first place, if you don't understand what Alternate cryptocurrencies otherwise called altcoins are, they are simply establishments that adopt the blockchain technology to enable people to send these digital tokens to one another without the need for a third party. They are simply towing the part created by Bitcoins.
    You can learn more about their nature here =>
    What Are Altcoins? The Simplest Explanation For A Cryptocurrency Newbie!

    Tips of the Cryptocurrency Investment Sphere you Should Know!

    1. Invest in What you Love!

    Just like in everything else, you can tolerate it when someone you fancy does something that will otherwise piss you off.
    Robert, Kiyosaki said, making money while doing a job you don't love is a miserable way to live your life!
    Am not saying that making money from cryptocurrencies that you don't understand is wrong in any way. No, no, I like to believe that I do and that others do too but investing in technologies you like is a way to have fun investing which is something you wanna do for real.

    To read the full post on Investing in what you love, please click here Cryptocurrency Investment (4) The Most Important Thing To Consider For Altcoins Investment

    2. Investing in Disruptive Technologies emerging on the Blockchain!
    This is the one that is very popular. I also encourage people to do this. Invest in technologies and new cryptos that will change the way we see and do things now and you are sure that you have locked up your money in the future which can always get very exciting!

    Bitcoin is an example and we now know that there is much future in disruptive tech than in ordinary ones.
    To learn more about this very point, please go over here Investing In Altcoins (6) - Is The Cryptocurrency Disruptive Enough?

    I don't joke with technology and I always have my eyes open for the disruptive and game-changing ones. I feel you should do the same and I encourage you to do just that.

    3. Got low Budget? Stick with those little ones because they will get Big!
    Now that's it. I believe anyone can potentially make a lot of money in Cryptocurrencies by investing in them when they are but very young. As these cryptos grow, your money grows along.

    These tactics have been in practice for as long as I can remember and I encourage you to go for it too. Instead of sourcing for $1230 to invest in Bitcoins when you don't have more than $20, I'll advise you to rather invest $10 in Dogecoin and other Cryptos that will get you thousands of these smaller coins.
    They don't need to appreciate to a dollar {per each of those cryptos } before it becomes a Million naira!
    With that, let's move on with the next crypto advice

    4. Better to Invest in Twenty Cryptos than to invest in just Three
    I call it Hit & Fail & I have spoken about it in the past here. How To Invest $1000 In Cryptocurrency 'hit & Lose' Method For Jackobians
    It's simply based on the belive that you stand a better chance of winning when you are involved in a lot of these cryptos.
    Kindly click on this link to understand it better.

    5. When to Buy Cryptocurrency
    This is one of my best advice to people which I failed to keep yesterday when I sold all my Ethereum to buy some Dash and it's working against me now.
    Am sorry about that guys and by so doing, Ethereum has risen sharply and Dash has dropped further. Learn from my mistakes and stick with this method!

    The idea is that you don't buy a Cryptocurrency when the price is going up. Please click here to learn more about this tip => How To Invest In Cryptocurrency: Should I Buy Altcoins When It's Rising Or Falling?

    If you don't know how and when to buy, you aren't an investor. Read up my own advice above and it will help you navigate this rough crypto graphs.

    6. Have large or Small amounts of Cryptos? Here's where you can take it to!
    It doesn't matter the size. You can use low to get big and you can start with big and end up with very little. If all depends on what you know and what you do.

    This is why I take this seriously and I have a post dedicated to it. Don't go learning the alphabets when you are meant to be studying physics and don't do that because that other guy did it.
    Do what's right for what you got and you'll be happier and stand more chances of Succeeding.

    What's that which is good for you?

    This is it => Best Places To Invest Bitcoins Online For "small & Large" Investors!

    Bonus Tip: Start Trading Bitcoins!

    Yeah, this is one powerful thing you can do when it comes to investing in Cryptocurrency because it involves studying and capitalizing on the upward/downward movement of the Altcoins to make profit which can be incredible!

    However one important thing to note about cryptocurrency trading is that it requires a lot of time to understand the tactics involved and even more time to master them. You have to be patient as you walk through the early stages of the art of course with mistakes and failures along the line but you'll eventually get to where you are going!

    To learn more about trading Bitcoins, please read this compiled article: All About Bitcoin | Altcoins Trading For Traders On Jackobian

    Trust me, you'll love trading!

    Final Advice on Investing
    Yes, this is the best one I can give you or anyone at all can offer you when it comes to investing in Cryptocurrency.
    You just can't get the perfect formula Because it doesn't Exist. Rather, follow your Intuition which will lead you into places that your brain capacity will not be able to.
    Note: by Intuition, I don't mean you should start guessing. Lols, that's actually a bit worse.

    One Last Advice for those who think they have failed in Cryptocurrency Investment!
    Yes, one last one.... Hey! You did the thing that seems the right one at the moment so, at no point in the future should you bother or blame yourself for death because you made a mistake... WHO DOWNSTAIRS DOESN'T MAKE MISTAKES?

    hence, don't go blaming yourself for a mistake you made. Pick yourself up and keep going because that's how you'll succeed!
    You succeed by failing, learning and pushing on dear.

    Those are what I consider the best advice for investors in Cryptocurrency

    And that brings us to the end of this article which I describe as a handy compilation of some of the very best advice for new and old investors in the world of Cryptos

    If you enjoyed reading this, Hit LIKE and don't forget to get an account here on Jackobian so you can be part of what's going on here if you aren't yet! It only takes a while but there's lots to take out of it. Click here to create an account: Sign up | Jackobian
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    Alright sir. I just realized you are my first commenter here.

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    My advice is very simple and that is to make investment across the board, it is a huge mistake to put it all in one. I go for multiple investments and one recent thing is this Blendcoins, as it is very special in every term.

    They are building kind of bridge for us in terms of cross-platform lending investments. They are yet to announce the date for the pre-sale, but already are on the attention list. With having staking trading and affiliate features, it makes them very special one and one to really look forward to.
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    I am not really anyone to pass through advice to anyone, but one thing is very obvious and common, its going through what kind of team is behind it, as any project that’s likely to become big will be run by experts.

    That’s where Hurify is so very unique and special with offering opportunity for IoT product development. It is MOST awaited upcoming ICOs out there, which you just can’t afford to miss out on.
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    My advice will be simple and that’s to ensure you know what you are doing and also to make it a priority to track the market closely. I follow up ETH forecast, which is very easy to do and then decision making becomes easier as well.

    But it is not just to that instead planning right too is equally crucial and needed for all to do. Once you get all these factors right then there can be a lot of gains made.