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Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency News (HAPPENING!)' started by gbolahan, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

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  3. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    MNX Upgrade: Roadmap 2018

    About month ago our CEO Boris Shulyaev took stock of the last year and had briefly mentioned the future of MinexSystems. Today we’ll talk about our plans in more detail. This report is focused on a retrospective of the past January and 2018 goals. To be more precise, it’s focused on this year’s roadmap.

    Before you’d sink into the new roadmap, we need to say a few words about the past — it is a report after all. This January our team has concentrated on the improvement of the operating processes within the company. Although this work isn’t as visible as the releases of new products or system updates, it’s one of the fundamental factors for the company’s further growth. During the month we’ve strengthened the team (new employees will be presented in one of the next publications), optimised workflows between departments and radically changed some internal work’s algorithms. And it is already yielding positive results. While the world was resting after the New Year holidays, our team:

    • conducted a bug fixing for part of products;
    • presented an MNX Bank Wear application for smartwatches;
    • listed MNX on the Coinexchange;
    • agreed to several integrations which we’ll announce soon;
    • updated the FAQ and connected them to the CRM-system;
    • finalizes import of the MinexBank application for iOS devices;
    • finishes the assembly of the new desktop wallet (more details about it are little lower).
    And now let’s turn to the central theme of this article. In our Roadmap-2018 we’ll try to briefly outline the goals and milestones for products planned for this year. More detailed information about each product you will find out in the particular materials that will be published this and next month. Here is it, our Roadmap-2018:

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    MinexSystems Roadmap 2018
    Status: product improving

    Of course, we don’t leave working on our financial system, especially MNX has a lot of developmental pathways. In 2018 the team will focus on several directions at once, which will allow to strengthen, take the niche of our system, and move closer to #1 payment system in the world. The primary goal is to prove the world that a decentralized payment system can be convenient, fast and simple. The ideal situation at the end of 2018 supposed to look like this

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Minexcoin goals
    Status: product improving

    At the moment, we’re in the homestretch of final tests of the banking algorithm, although it’s too early to speak about full autonomy. At the end of last year, the bank’s system was utterly re-architect and qualitatively improved, and now MinexBank is waiting for some cosmetic and usability improvements.

    Also by the end of the first quarter, we’re planning to please you with the iOS version of the mobile banking.

    MinexWallet 2.0
    Status: launch in the first quarter of 2018

    It’ll be the first big release this year. After the launch of the first-version wallet, it became clear that some of the functions and its usability don’t quite meet the current world standards. So in the new version you will find:

    • Improved interface
    • Completely new design
    • Quality UX
    Minexcoin Atomic Swap
    Status: release in the first quarter of 2018

    Although we can’t disclose all our technical achievements at the moment, we can share the fact that at the end of February the team will present you a working Atomic Swap with Minexcoin blockchain — a technology that enables direct peer-to-peer exchange across separate blockchains.

    Along with this, we’ll release an alpha version of the decentralized exchange to you. At first, it will work as an interest-free exchanger for MNX/BTC and MNX/LTC pairs.

    Decentralized MinexExchange
    Status: launch in the second quarter of 2018

    After the successful Atomic Swaps presentation and final debugging of all the processes linked to them, a decentralized stock exchange will be officially released. Thanks to Atomic Swap, we’re planning to provide a high level of security with as low commissions for traders as it possible at the same time. You will read about these processes in a next article.

    Web&Mobile Wallet
    Status: launch in the second quarter of 2018

    The light-version wallet will allow any person to become a part of our project without the need to download MNX blockchain, install software, etc. But even this isn’t a primary objective. The web wallet will facilitate the MNX implementation into different services, and therefore will enhance the use of MNX. For example, you’ll be able to pay for services or goods in just a couple of clicks.

    Debit Cards
    Status: launch in the second quarter of 2018

    In the middle of 2018 we plan to issue Minexcoin debit (or even credit!) cards which allow you to pay in MNX around the world. In short, the system will transfer your virtual currency into fiat, which means you’ll be able to pay via cryptocurrency everywhere. Even where this kind of payments are not provided.

    Our primary goal is to develop such a product that would remain in the legal field of world regulatory laws. At the moment our financial team is drafting the roadmap and the concept of upcoming cards.

    Status: alpha version launch in the second quarter of 2018

    It is a platform for adding MNX as a payment tool to any business, both offline and online. Together with our API, the user will receive a convenient accounting system and an acquiring application for the convenience of mutual settlements.

    Status: alpha version launch in the third quarter of 2018

    A platform for selling — virtual or real — goods and services. The market is one of many places that will allow MNX to become a full-fledged means of payment.

    Status: alpha version launch in the third quarter of 2018

    Since new government regulatory acts came into force, we understood that the platform as it was conceived will not be effective and demanded. Therefore, we’ve corrected the product concept and shifted its direction towards the B2B market.

    MinexPlatform will become an ultimate tool for creating any kinds of digital values. This product opens a blockchain-world to an ordinary person or company without the need to study the code, algorithms, or any other things that we all love so much). That is, unlike existing solutions, the user will be able to use user-friendly UI and UX to meet the challenges using blockchain.

    The platform will work in two versions — standard and enterprise-expansion for business. The business pack may be compared to one of the families of the office programs. It’ll be a set of solutions based on the blockchain combined into one product. You’ll be able to create decentralized registries, issue your tokens, or create smart contracts for different business needs.

    Green Algo
    Status: development by the third quarter of 2018

    It’s no secret that most of the mining capacities are currently being wasted. Yes, we produce cryptocurrencies, but at the same time, we spend energy on calculations for the sake of calculations itself. That’s how we thought when Green Algo was planned.

    The total capacity of the MNX network today is about 53 MSol/s, or in other figures — about 1110 GTX 1080 video cards that could work not only for the benefit of their owners but for the good of the world. That’s why our blockchain department (along with the other processes) has started to develop an entirely new algorithm for MNX. It will make possible not only to make calculations for transactions but to do it for some specific purposes. Perhaps, correctly our community will discover a new star or help to decrypt a new DNA chain.

    Decentralized Computer
    Status: development by the fourth quarter of 2018

    And the most ambitious goal for 2018 is to lay a foundation for developing own virtual Turing environment for performing smart-contracts in the Minexcoin network. The creation of a virtual, decentralized world computer will open to us a whole range of new opportunities for 2019.
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  4. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    MNX Q1 Report: Spring Harvest
    Minexcoin detailed performance overview of the period from January to March 2018.

    Hi, Community! The first quarter of 2018 made it essential that the bearish market isn’t just a consequence of Chinese New year, or crypto adverts ban by the main media, or whales machinations. We’ve just wrapped a big rally. The global crypto community had weeded out users behaving like “you-know-what-little-animal” and had prepared expecting conclusion of this correction. On the one hand, the ending of the hype is a misfortune for quick buck seekers. On the other hand, this is the best time for the teams to get back to work coming to grips with product development, notwithstanding the fact how many Xs their token/coin has or hasn’t made. We believe that times likes this will tell who is playing the long game and who is just following what’s trending. In this article we’re going through Minexcoin’s goals achieved to approve our dedication to the long game.

    Product Development Retrospective
    Firstly, in January we presented an upgraded Roadmap on 2018. In contrast to the last years’ version, we’ve changed some targets for our existing products and set new global goals for the MinexSystems. You can get acquainted with full version at this link. It should be mentioned that for the start of the spring we’ve achieved almost all goals that were set on the Q1 (like MinexBank for iOS or Atomic Swap technology). You’ll find more detailed info about them below.

    Next big step is that MinexBank algorithm successfully passed its test-period. Now it demonstrates an adequate response to entirely different market scenarios, but the work on algo is still ongoing. The algorithm works in an autonomous mode with the manual verification of its solutions. Next goal is to make this product fully automated.

    In January MNX team presented an application that helps to follow all MNX and MinexBank stats through Android Wear. It does not require authorisation. Just open it on the watch, and you’ll get the information about stats, Parking rates, price, trading volume or MNX rank in the top of cryptocurrencies in the real time.

    Also, MinexBank debuted on the Apple devices. Similar to the Android version, MinexBank for iOS includes a wide range of features and allows to use MinexBank whenever and wherever. As we reported earlier, appearing in the App Store is a landmark event for us. The thing is, the app verification shows confidence in the project from Apple support and prove that MinexBank is transparent and clean on the law. The app is available for free.

    And the latest top news, we introduced an Atomic Swap technology and had started its public testing. Despite the fact that teams usually focus exclusively on the development of their products, we try not only implement the best from the blockchain world but to contribute to the crypto-society either. Therefore, along with the core technology which allows making cross-chain exchanges between MNX and BTC (for the date of this release), we also released a user-friendly GUI making the Atomic Swap more accessible and understandable to average users.If you passed this news, you could find a detailed instruction how to change a test-coins with your friends via our interface here MNX Atomic Swap GUI: Let the Tests Begin – Minexcoin – Medium

    Market Situation
    One of the most important first quarter achievements, which concerns MNX, became a release of our second Memorandum. All the goals stated in the first one was successfully reached. An updated version is focusing on strengthening coin’s position among other players of the crypto-market and setting goals on the period until September 2018. Recall that MinexBank set a new benchmark for the MNX to USD growth rate (based on the reached level of 20 USD/MNX) at a rate of no less than 84.88% per annum.

    The full text of the second Memorandum available at MinexBank Presents its Second Memorandum – Minexcoin – Medium

    Furthermore, we’ve made several powerful partnerships which opened up new opportunities to promote MNX among global crypto-society. For example, MNX is supported now by Coinomi (one of the oldest, most secure, and most popular multi-asset wallets in the world) and added to the (one of the top investing resources). Also, MNX has listed at the CoinExchange with two pairs — MNX/BTC and MNX/DOGE.

    And now let’s see traditional number indicators. On the end of the quarter they are:

    · The number of MinexBank users is 9740.

    · The number of Parkings rose to 13 256.

    · 42 times MinexBank changed its parking rates in the Q1.

    · MNX capitalization rose to 115,5M in March.

    · Minexcoin rank in the first quarter was between 98 and 110 places at CoinMarketCap rating. We not only significantly improved our position compared to the last year but even fell several times into Biggest Gainers List while the biggest crypto-players were in the red zone.

    And now let’s give the floor to our CEO Boris Shulyaev: “First of all, this Quarter has intimated our dedication to the project. We’ve demonstrated our willingness and ability to challenge complicated technologies such as Atomic Swap. And now, the team keeps working hard on other products declared at Roadmap. I’d like to highlight one more time that we create more than just a coin. To reach our main target — to become the global reserve cryptocurrency — we’re designing the complex finance infrastructure. Obviously, that such an ambition plans can’t be made in reality in a week or a month, furthermore even one year isn’t enough. This process is gradually carried out, step by step. Therefore, those who expect explosive growth or swift to-the-moon should reconsider MNX once again. That’s how we shall win!”
    Further Plans
    Our team keeps moving along Roadmap milestones. And the next release will be MinexWallet 2.0. Unfortunately, we had to move the deadline for this product from the first quarter due to some technical moments and final bug fixing. The development team is in the home stretch now. In the foreseeable future, we’re planning to introduce you a new design first and then released the final solution.

    Moreover, we continue to develop the project’s infrastructure and work on strengthening our positions in the market. We’ve already outlined the scope of Q2 works, and (in addition to goals set in Roadmap) it includes:

    • New listings.
    • New partnerships.
    • Some integrations with other projects. As a teaser, we can say that they’ll be not only from the blockchain sphere.
    And last but not least, our community has grown by more than 3K people for last quarter, so thanks for your support and your help in spreading MNX ideas and philosophy around the world.
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  5. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    MNX Market Behaviour Update
    Don’t miss important announcement from Boris Shulyaev, CEO of MinexSystems. Find out more about latest MNX monetary policy changes.

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Dear Minexcoin community,

    On May 1, it will be exactly six months since Minexcoin has appeared on the market. This is undoubtedly very important milestone that helps us to evaluate project results and the quality of the work we’ve done, and of course, to set ourselves new goals. Time has shown that the MinexBank mechanism operates according to the planned parameters and crypto-society, indeed, demonstrates interest to the Minexcoin. Here are just a few examples:

    • To date, the number of downloaded MNX wallets has exceeded 14,000.
    • The number of MinexBank registered users is 10,398.
    • The number of active parkings is 16 023.
    • The volume of parked coins is 1 030 620 MNX.
    • The parking payments amount for the entire period of MinexBank activity exceeded 400 000 MNX.
    • The amount of the month parking payments reached 127 500 MNX per month.
    Also, I want to remind you results of the first Memorandum. Absolutely all goals declared in this document have been completed, and Minexcoin has achieved the following macroeconomic indicators:

    • In a short time reached the 20 USD/MNX average exchange rate(through the basket of the top ten cryptocurrencies).
    • Upon reaching the rate mentioned above, the MXN to USD growth rate was set at the 42.7% per annum. This rate corresponded to the average annual growth of the market capitalization of top ten cryptocurrencies in 2016 — the first half of 2017.
    We are entering a new phase of MNX development. As you may have noticed from the figures above, today’s volume of parked coins is approaching 30% of the total number of all MNX in the market. For the team and you, dear community, it means two things. Firstly, according to the MNX development roadmap, meeting this target requires an adaptation of interest rates to the base annual rate (it is 70% at the current moment). Secondly, according to the basic economic principles, because of the excess of supply over demand, there is a disproportion arise. It puts pressure on the rate of Minexcoin and hinders its further growth.

    Based on these facts, MinexBank starts the process of adjusting interest rate policy. In 16 days after the publication of this message, the parking rates will be reduced to the base rate of 70% per annumenvisaged by MinexBank Memorandum (Minexbank ). Namely to such interests:

    Daily 0.19%

    Weekly 1.34%

    Monthly 5.83%

    Quarterly 17.5%

    Half yearly 35%

    Annual 70%

    However, I want to reemphasize that parking payments at the moment have reached 130 000 MNX per month. Such a volume of monthly increase in the monetary base negatively affects the exchange rate of MNX, that does not satisfy investors’ expectations. Reduction of parking payments and adaptation of interests to the base rate are aimed to achieve goals outlined in the second Memorandum, namely the sustainable planned growth of the MNX price of 84.88% per annum.

    Of course, we take into account the fact that market might be affected by short-term negative trends after the implementation of new rates. Therefore, I’d like to focus that our team is completing work on mechanisms to neutralise such an impact. By the way, access to new exchanges is just one of them. The more detailed information you will get from our future publications.

    I am sure that these innovations will have a positive impact on the further MNX development and will be perceived by the community with understanding. As always, we’re trying to conduct a completely open policy and to engage in dialogue every participant of the project. If you have any questions, our official channels are open to you 24/7. I believe, only with the full support of the community, we will be able to achieve all the global Minexcoin goals. Thank you and stay tuned!

    This text comes into force from the moment of its publication on April 24.

    Yours faithfully,

    Boris Shulyaev, CEO of MinexSystems
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  6. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    MNX/LTC Atomic Swap
    Get acquainted with the results of successfully atomic tests between Litecoin and Minexcoin blockchains.

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Hello, dear community! Our team continues to moving forward towards our trustless-exchanger. Step by step researching Atomic Swap abilities, today we are pleased to present you a new pair available for cross-chain exchange. It’s LTC/MNX.

    As you remember, more recently we showed you the exchange process between Bitcoin and Minexcoin and presented the alpha-version GUI for our future product. Similar to BTC/MNX pair, the Atomic swap with Litecoin uses blockchains in Testnet modes. Coins in Testnet does not have any value and allow developers or testers to test new technologies without worrying about breaking the main chain or risk their assets.

    To conduct MNX/LTC cross-chain exchange we’ve expanded the functionality of our framework, so you can also test it. To do it, just use the solution on our official GitHub at this linkminexcoin/atomicswap

    So far, the LTC/MNX exchange is not available in the GUI, but it will be added there with several new cryptocurrency pairs soon.

    You might ask, why did we choose Litecoin? Well, it is one of the oldest coins on the market, which is used widely and popular almost like BTC or ETH. Just to remind you, Litecoin is the second (after Namecoin) fork of Bitcoin developed by Charles Lee in 2011. This coin is a peer-to-peer internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. At the same time, Litecoin features faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency. Moreover, this coin is considered as one of the few Atomic swap ready cryptocurrencies across the market.
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  7. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Watch minexcoin interview with CEO by one of the minexcoin investors and YouTube blogger

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  8. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    You can join their telegram and have a nice discussion with the support
  9. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    MNX App Update: New Functions
    Discover new features of MinexBank Android app.

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Hi, community! We are pleased to present you the new update for MinexBank Android application. The convenient widget, redesigned validation interface and optimized work are waiting for you.

    Let’s start with the most interesting — the Widget. It is a simple application extension which provides you with a quick view of actual MinexBank Parking rates and the MNX price. It can be permanently opened, for example, on the widgets page in your smartphone. Here’s how it looks:

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    To add it to your phone’s screen:

    1. Tap the Home button.

    2. Press and hold on an empty space.

    3. Tap Widgets.

    4. Tap and hold a widget.

    5. Drag the widget to your Home screen.

    The second update focused on aesthetics. We changed the design of validation process to match the latest version of the Android. Now it looks like this:

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    And last but not least, our development team refactored the app’s architecture, checked a code once again and optimized the work of the MinexBank. So update it and enjoy at a higher speed:

    MinexBank Android mobile app
    MinexBank iOS mobile app
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  10. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Hi guys,watch the part 2 of the interview with CEO (boris)....explaining how the credit card will be implemented on minexcoin ecosystem and lot exciting info

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    Am still eyeing this coin
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  12. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Keep on observing bro.....just update us with what you would have learnt.
  13. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Here we go,watch the part 3 of the interview

  14. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    here is the part 4

  15. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Watch the concluding part of the interview
  16. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Watch the AV/AR game coming from minexsystem
  17. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    More video on crypto rich visit to minexcoin office
  18. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Watch Cryto rich interview boris @ minexcoin office in kiev

    Part 1

    Part 2
  19. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    "According to boris....two new exchanges will be announced(doesn't mean will be listed on that day) before or at the end of May, one from top 10 and the other from top 20 by volume."

    IMG_20180523_095020_572.jpg-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion

    What do you think about the price before and after the new two upcoming exchange? Let discuss @philipj @Timmzy
  20. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Minexcoin Announces Listing on HitBTC and EXMO
    Meet new exchanges

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Hello, community!

    We are excited to announce the news you’ve been asking us these days — MNX will begin trading on HitBTC and EXMO. Our team has reached a preliminary agreement about listing on these platforms and, to date, we’re on the stage of the technical realization following the agreements reached.

    Unfortunately, due to security rules, we can’t say the exact date of listing on any of these platforms yet. However, it is a significant step towards the development of our project.

    According to Minexcoin CEO Boris Shulyaev, admission to HitBTC and Exmo is a part of MNX long-term strategy which aims to popularize and strengthen the coin’s presence in crypto-community. After adding to new trading platforms, Minexcoin will be presented on four exchanges.

    As for the exchanges themselves, currently, HitBTC ranked 8th in the TOP-10 world crypto-exchanges according to CoinMarketCap with a daily trade volume of over $250 million. This platform has earned the reputation of a safe, fast and affordable exchange with one of the most convenient and technologically advanced algorithms on the market. HitBTC offers traders a wide range of features such as real-time clearing, cutting-edge order matching algorithms and more than 500 trading instruments. Established in 2013 by the Hong Kong company HIT Solution Ltd, today this exchange provides markets for more than 300 of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies.

    The second exchange — EXMO — is currently a rapidly developing project from TOP-50 largest crypto-exchanges with daily trade volume about $ 36 million and 1,5 mln users. It is noteworthy that Exmo is highly prevalent among traders from Eastern Europe and Russia. Some of them consider this exchange as a starting point where you can train before trading on the world’s largest exchanges. According to statistics, almost every third Russian-speaking trader registered here. Add to this useful API for crossplatform trading robots, the multilingual functional, a cashback and you will receive another convenient trading platform.

    We hope to inform you about the exact dates of the listing as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned:





  21. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Boris (CEO)shared some new information about the cards in Russian telegram chat
    - card will be announced a day or two before listing on HitBTC
    - Within two weeks, pre-processing of cards will be available (it is unclear whether this will be before or after the announcement)
    - cards will be available at a cost of 1, 5, 20 or 200 MNX
    The cheapest card will have the commission itself and the lowest withdrawal limit. The most expensive of them will have a commission of 0 and the highest withdrawal limit
    - The limit for withdrawing the most expensive card is $ 20,000 per day!
    - The card will be a VISA card, so it can be used in any store that accepts VISA
    - Cards will be delivered via courier service
    - Cards for USD and Euro. But payment can be made in other currencies (addition: like any other commission for credit card conversion, can be applied)
    - There should not be annual fees. A small fee can be applied if the card has not been used for a year
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
  22. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian


    Types of cards
    This card is suitable for small miners and people who take not significant funds in the crypto currency relating to the crypto currency as a hobby

    This card is for those who trade and trade on the stock exchanges for the withdrawal to Fiat of funds earned as self-employment (the main but small amount)

    Business card for owners of large farms, people constantly trading on stock exchanges, medium-sized investors

    Premium card, for large investors, raising the status and minimizing costs
  23. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    IMG_20180612_174335_180.jpg-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion

    Card replenishment in currencies USD, EURO, BTC, ETH - 0,5% MNX 0% fee
  24. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    446301084_165242.jpg-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Here is a new update about the card features
  25. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Full details about the card is coming soon but before that see the designs of those card. IMG_20180625_151332_826.jpg-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
  26. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

  27. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Before the presentation of card here are little info about the card

    MinexPay main advantages

    • Borderless: You can pay with MinexPay card worldwide wherever VISA is enabled (Visa card is accepted in more than 200 countries, 40 million retail outlets and 2.5 million ATMs for withdrawing cash).
    • Ease of use: The process required for exchange and management is already taken care of. Who said a crypto card has to be complicated right?
    • No disruption of service: Funds are available at any time using the mobile application or the website.
    • Real time governance: The current balance in $, constantly updated, allows to choose the right currency to spend.
    • Low service fees: In comparison with other cryptocurrency cards, MinexPay offers reduced service fees (from 0%), as well as up to 1% cashback.
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    keep it up minex!
    @gbolahan you are doing a good job here too
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  29. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Minexcoin team have developed 4 different cards that match specific customer needs allowing everyone to choose the service package that fits best. Check the description of each card below and decide which one is best for you.

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Price: 2 MNX, no required balance

    • 2% ATM withdrawal fee for MNX, 4% for other cryptos
    • 1% Point of sale terminals for MNX, 2% for other cryptos
    • 200 daily withdrawal limit, 2000 monthly (equivalent in USD)
    • 0% replenishment fee for MNX
    • 80% overdraft limit

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Price: 5 MNX, required balance: 50 MNX

    • 1% ATM withdrawal fee for MNX, 2% for other cryptos
    • 0% Point of sale terminals for MNX, 1% for other cryptos
    • 1000 daily withdrawal limit, 5000 monthly (equivalent in USD)
    • 0% replenishment fee for MNX
    • 90% overdraft limit

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Price: 10 MNX, required balance: 200 MNX

    • 0.5% ATM withdrawal fee for MNX, 2% for other cryptos
    • 0% Point of sale terminals for MNX, 1% for other cryptos
    • 5000 daily withdrawal limit, 100000 monthly (equivalent in USD)
    • 0% replenishment fee for MNX
    • 95% overdraft limit
    Platinum cards have 0.5% cashback.

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Price: 100 MNX, required balance: 1000 MNX

    • 0% ATM withdrawal fee for MNX, 1% for other cryptos
    • 0% Point of sale terminals for MNX, 0% for other cryptos
    • 20000 daily withdrawal limit, 600000 monthly (equivalent in USD)
    • 0% replenishment fee for MNX
    • 98% overdraft limit
    Infinite cards have 1% cashback.

    So, which card do you like the most? Don’t worry, you can choose up to 2 cards for 1 identity document.

    Pre-order here:

    How the order will work
    1. Choose and Pay for your card on minexpay
    2. Wait for verification (KYC,which will start in the second half of July)
    3.Activate your card once arrive by paying the residue MNX of the card you purchase (50MNX for Gold,200MNX for platinum and 1000MNX for infinite)
    4. Start using your card for purchase in any store that accept visa
  30. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Minex is seriously employing the principle of parking to hype coin price. It seems to be working pretty well so far.
  31. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Minex is seriously employing the principle of parking to hype coin price. It seems to be working pretty well so far.
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