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Rant Memorable Events On Jackobian This Week! Rise Of 2 Cryptic | 2 Ponzic Jackobians

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by Prezzy, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. prinxesb

    prinxesb Active

    Late for the meeting? Better late than never they

    I know @Prezzy is human will not live on jackobian all day but as a 'protector' you should be available most times....if you were around to say a word just a word when @sango was trying to air his fears about realearners I think more jackobians would have been saved....

    Unique banker is doing good...yea @Yasssss!!! Is awesome. But can stand the test of time if we all support it...

    @Prezzy just like unique banker I can say we have two platforms they may be on Jackobian here doing great job and I read on one of their threads that you won't say nothin or something like you are biased..... and are doing great over week or so already their representatives on Jackobian are amazing...these one's feel @Prezzy is biased

    it is not easy but you got to try make a balance not just on bitcoin or crypto vs ponzi but within the ponzi... The lord is your strength

    And personally help me create a bitcoin wallet...ah don tire I need to embrace crypto as soon as now. Tell me d info u need i cant deal.
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  2. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    thanks for bringing them to my notice. am sure i have seen the Jollygroove guy around but not sure of others.
    Please drop a link to their respective threads so i can say hello

    here's for you: Bitcoin Newbie - How To Open A Bitcoin Wallet On Xapo

    And this to help you chose: Here Are The Best 10 Bitcoin Wallets Of All Time!

    Welcome to Crypto!
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  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Amen bro
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  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    there's a reason it's there but this is EASTER so, we got to rep what's going on!
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