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Rant Memorable Events On Jackobian This Week! Rise Of 2 Cryptic | 2 Ponzic Jackobians

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by Prezzy, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    It's a beautiful evening again which is following and even more awesome week with a exciting Sunday ahead + an extra future of possibilities farther ahead.

    Open your eyes, you are on Jackobian and things are happening! Alright, this week has been a special one for jackobians actually especially those who have been actively involved in what's going on.

    In this thread, I'll spend about 1 hour to walk through the majors this week. I hope you don't squeeze your face as you read buddy cos the atmosphere here does not support that. Drop your worries as we walk through all of major events this week and pick up a smile, borrow one from this guy if you can find none :)
    Now, let's talk about what happened and where we are going with our community :cold:
    I encourage you to be a part of this thread because even if you haven't been an active part of the community, I wanna know you more now and figure out how I can improve your life & business as we move on as a community.
    However, it's not about me, but about us... Let's go!

    Event 1. Cryptic vs Ponzic Jackobians & the like in Between

    Actually that's a sad one... The way members of one party treat the other her on Jackobian.

    There was an outburst yesterday and it brought to my attention how some people feel they have been paid less attention.

    Check out this comment.. By @Chriswazo

    There was an uproar in the ponzi zone & I failed to show up on time, @slyb & @Chriswazo ceased the opportunity to confess their frustration @ how the ponzi world has been handled lately.

    Sadly they were right, Ponzi has been cheated a little
    There are some elements of truth in their argument which I respect and will work on in the coming week however, I'll like to emphasize that as a Jackobian, you are incredibly lucky to be in a community where Cryptos are held in such regards as they are held, taught and managed here.

    Cryptocurrency remains my highest Recommendation for Jackobians @ the moment
    I know that many will. Miss out in the cryptocurrency train because they think it's the same as ponzi but indeed it's not. And I'll encourage each and every one of us to seize the opportunity now and be educated about cryptocurrency. They won't teach you in school nor will. Anyone teach you elsewhere... Do us a favor and learn as much as you can the follow guidelines to invest.

    Finishing up... I also want to make it clear that there is no difference between Cryptic Jackobians(cryptocurrency investors) & Ponzic Jackobians(ponzi fans).

    I love both and we need to learn how to appreciate the presence of each other in the community. No fights, harsh words against someone who's trying to make a difference for himself and others. @slyb take note, you've been very rash recently with words & and it's not healthy for coexistence and growth :rose:.

    Learn acceptance and how to tolerate each other so we can remain as one in this FAM. I trust we can do that

    More on crypto & ponzi in a moment...
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  2. Alhaji

    Alhaji Well Known

    just set my notification alert now. I might benefit from this thread.

    Ride in bro
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  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    2. The Rise & Rise of UniqueBanker with @Yasssss!!!

    It's becoming a norm to mention both "Yasssss" & "Uniquebanker" in my comments these days :)

    Yeah, it was a case of RISE & RISE. From nothing other than a normal Jackobian thread to a scheme processing transactions, purging, matching and moving progressively daily, I stand in awe of how she did it.
    Perhaps, that's the most intriguing thing about Uniquebanker.

    It's always been guys doing the job that @Yasssss!!! Has somehow mastered by heart and delivered to both Jackobians and her people @ Uniquebanker.
    Yes, she took everyone by surprise such that midweek, when I wrote about the two platforms that Jackobians can trust and Uniquebanker wasn't there, Uniquebanker's fans weren't very pleased [here's the thread PrezzY - The Only Two Ponzi Schemes Jackobians Can Trust In Nigeria ]

    Indeed, it deserves a spot in that list. Haven paid for well over a week or two now as smoothly as it can, both the platform and the organizers have attained a level of success which is uncommon in recent times which is why I always refer people to emulate what they have done if they want to get to & keep. To the homepage for as long as they did.

    With Respect to Uniquebanker, there are some Notable events too

    1. A dedicated guide on Growing your new ponzi scheme & Getting our support to do so! which IS STILL POSSIBLE.
    If you have one, you should read it up here => PrezzY - Ponzi & Jackobian! We Need To Do Better Than Fashola

    2. @Yasssss!!! Got a custom title "Da Awesome!*
    You'll agree with me that she deserves that.

    3. Additionally, the Uniquebanker thread was promoted severally during the week, featured multiple times and an attack on the system was handled in the best way possible at the moment.

    One word for Yasssss & Uniquebanker

    Uniquebanker has gotten to the point where she has to rely ALSO on the power of her members to make the next stride.
    OUR Support here has assisted but reaching out to members who have benefited from the platform is about the best thing that you guys can do now.
    Am sure you have plans and executing some as I write. I pray they remain genuine and God don't allow the devil to come in the way of your thoughts and actions because I know how things can change when they become large.

    Remain blessed and keep setting the pace as our support is present in any way we can come in and help
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  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    We still have much to cover bro
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  5. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin GrandMaster

    What an event..... :)
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  6. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    3. The Rise of Cryptographic Entrepreneurs on Jackobian!

    In this community, We have always wanted to be in the position to inspire, educate, assist, promote and do whatever it takes to ensure progress is always the now-thing & the next-thing irrespective of the forces that are working against that.

    Am referring to..

    @Black Snow236 developer of Kongcoin, an upcoming cryptocurrency by a Nigerian
    Official thread => Live - My Journey To Creating Kongcoin - My First Cryptocurrency

    Am sure you know Bitcoins, yes, black snow is working on something similar using data made available by Litecoin team.
    Hopefully, when he's done, we will be able to reward Jackobians with his crypto as a way of promotion :rose:

    Beyond that, when we have a Crypto emerging from one of us, it's our duty to pick It up and take it as far as it can go by offering the support needed, financially and otherwise.

    .. Speaking of finances, there's an opportunity to contribute to the success of this project which I am sure you want too. Please click this link to learn more and contribute => Live - My Journey To Creating Kongcoin - My First Cryptocurrency

    To @Black Snow236 keep it up and work hard because the sky is the limit for what you are doing. Just give us something to celebrate and promote and we will do the rest :tumbsup:

    @MSAGEER who's working on Cryptomart, a trading platform for Bitcoin users on Jackobian & Nigeria

    No Official thread yet but this serves well=> We Are Expecting A Cryptocurrency Exchanger Website From @msageer!

    The platform is actually online but @MSAGEER is yet to give us full details on what we need to know about it. Am most patiently waiting for that over here.

    When I saw these two people come up with the ideas they have and start to work on it, I knew they were passionate.

    As always, we are on the lookout for innovative Jackobians who are willing to do what it takes to make the difference which is needed to better the lives of fellow Jackobians and Nigerians.

    Am glad we have the opportunity to celebrate and promote our own people and not always some other guys. Of. Course, we do celebrate and promote others and their products but here we are talking about HOME & yes, there's every reason for it to be more interesting, compelling and satisfying.

    @MSAGEER & @Black Snow236 keep it up :thumbs:,
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  7. phyzyprogrammer

    phyzyprogrammer GrandMaster

    sowy to say this but ion just care,
    all i want is to earn and earn
    and this site [JACKOBIAN] has brought that to me
    tankx alot guys ,, u are the best ...
    my first ever 1$ i ever made online was from jackobian

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  8. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Hope that's not HYIP bro?
  9. phyzyprogrammer

    phyzyprogrammer GrandMaster

    yes its hip but it has close since 2016
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  10. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

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  11. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    4. Anticipating the Return of a Ponzi Legend @Itoro - is it about time?

    Check this out & you'll understand what I mean..

    If @Itoro wants to make a move, it should be just around the corner.
    Just in case you are wondering, he's the founder of the all popular claritta which took everyone by surprise, swept an incredibly powerful wave through ponzi, possibly rocking the foundations of the likes of GHW & Nnn at its time and all can be accredited to the way the platform was managed by @Itoro and his crew.

    Now, people need such an experience again... Is he ready to provide it again? ;)

    Uhm, I doubt that and hope so:)

    What can I say?
    We are supportive to any Jackobian who wants to do good. That's how @Yasssss!!! Emerged

    In the event of a claritta season 2..
    Big bro, please do us a favor and do it with the username @Itoro to indicate originality as it was a major issue here with the Realearners scandal.

    Remain blessed and I trust you'll make the right decision for yourself and the ponzi world!
    Whichever it is, you are still a Jackobian and have our full support.
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  12. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    5. CryptoGame Experiments continue as we Hope to Simplify cryptocurrency investment for Cryptic Jackobians

    Official thread => PrezzY - Cryptogame Project - Let's Create A Investment Game

    Yeah, we started creating the game some weeks ago and so far, a few captains have joined in with their calvary.
    So far, I have 15 castles under attack and @Black Snow236 & @enoone7 have similar if not better experience so far.

    Briefly, CryptoGame is a set of instructions that helps people to invest in Cryptocurrency and remain PROFITABLE.

    If you are an investor in Bitcoins, altcoins, please go here to learn more about the game => PrezzY - Cryptogame Project - Let's Create A Investment Game

    More testers are equally welcome to join as the game is still under development and the rules are still open to modifications.

    The goal is to produce something that's fun doing which generates money in Cryptocurrency in ways that weren't possible before!

    Idea is to have human involvement and not some software and gamify the investment process.
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  13. phyzyprogrammer

    phyzyprogrammer GrandMaster

    thank ... will do that now ..
    but I only brought that up to let u know I started making money from jackobian
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  14. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

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  15. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    I can keep going on and on but I'll keep it there for this meeting:)

    I DARE NOT FORGET TO CHIP IN THAT JACKOBIAN IS kinda +1 yeah. One of us added one to our family by adding to hers.
    Nay... I can't mention names but please celebrate with her 4 me :rose:
    Are you still confused about what I mean by added 1?look @ my profile pic :adore:

    So happy for her!

    Alright, I didn't speak much about what's coming next but I assure you that it will be amazing because we aren't backing down until we achieve our vision which you should lean about here =>
    The Revelation, The Vision, The Plan & Where Jackobian Is Headed

    I remain @Prezzy, Jackobian_Protector, your own biggest fan as long as you choose to remain incorruptible!
    To a better Jackobian & a better Nigerian too, we MARCH!
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  16. Chriswazo

    Chriswazo Active

    Hmmmmm, i have a lot to learn from u sha @Prezzy, u are just AWESOME!
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  17. Prezzy

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    We all have something to offer bro. God brought us together for a reason... So I believe
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  18. SalimSojay

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    This is SalimSojay ✋✋
    I am here LIVE & DIRECT.
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    I sight bro. Good to have your presence
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    @Prezzy nice bro, jsy kip it up
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    I will. Thanks :)
  22. slyb

    slyb Active

    @Prezzy I read ur write up from A 2 Z.. Am just tire to reply you now.. Am going to give a proper reply when the time comes. I never get ur time.
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    You are d boss. As you wish :ninja:
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  24. Oyekanmireadone

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  26. precious Fregene

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  28. Prezzy

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    That's my big bro.
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  29. precious Fregene

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    i loyal oh.... even though i no like ur don dey pain me to talk am since
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  30. prinxesb

    prinxesb Active

    Late for the meeting? Better late than never they

    I know @Prezzy is human will not live on jackobian all day but as a 'protector' you should be available most times....if you were around to say a word just a word when @sango was trying to air his fears about realearners I think more jackobians would have been saved....

    Unique banker is doing good...yea @Yasssss!!! Is awesome. But can stand the test of time if we all support it...

    @Prezzy just like unique banker I can say we have two platforms they may be on Jackobian here doing great job and I read on one of their threads that you won't say nothin or something like you are biased..... and are doing great over week or so already their representatives on Jackobian are amazing...these one's feel @Prezzy is biased

    it is not easy but you got to try make a balance not just on bitcoin or crypto vs ponzi but within the ponzi... The lord is your strength

    And personally help me create a bitcoin wallet...ah don tire I need to embrace crypto as soon as now. Tell me d info u need i cant deal.