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Ask Matter Arising: Every Jackobians, Come Here And Have Your Say

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by D-termined, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    Hello Jackobians, it is a great news for us as we just hit 34k members and still moving, but however we are still lacking something here which are our INACTIVE MEMBERS..

    {filename}-Matter Arising: Every Jackobians, Come Here And Have Your Say

    I created this thread to let us have our say on What we can introduce on jackobian to keep every members here more lively and entertaining..

    We believe what we need here is something completely New so we need you to suggest to us and trust us, every suggestion won't be taken lightly here because we value our members so much...

    Only about 10% of Jackobians are active daily, where are the other 90% of our jackobians {filename}-Matter Arising: Every Jackobians, Come Here And Have Your Say

    Pls and pls let us talk wetin dey our mind here, Jackobian is our friendly home so lets feel free to suggest what can improve and rank us better as one of the top forums in Nigeria at large.

    {filename}-Matter Arising: Every Jackobians, Come Here And Have Your Say

    We Can Only Do This Together, We Love You all

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  3. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Another mega thread on this topic.
    That shows the dedication towards building the home we all dream of here on

    Am eager to hear what we have to say so abeg, leave your own suggestions. Very important.
    We know there are people here and we want to really feel it.
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  5. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    Yes this is the time!
  6. Jenero200

    Jenero200 Leader Mod

    Lets make this home lively!

    The ball is now in our court
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  7. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    i tell you
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  8. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    @Donlex and @meme7 pls your comment is highly needed here... dont just read it and go
  9. Jenero200

    Jenero200 Leader Mod

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 29, 2017
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  10. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

  11. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    say something better than that bro..
  12. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    @Praise and @Edoziesmart dont just read without dropping a comment. dont forget you are part of jackobians
  13. Abasiofiok Bassey

    Abasiofiok Bassey Verified Moose Mod

    Nice thread here ..

    Pals come in here and drop your comments
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  14. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    Yh bro... We need their suggestions
  15. Greatman

    Greatman Leader Mod

    Good one bro. I've also been wondering and also asking some, why staying offline they keep saying they are busy but they are always online on whatsapp.
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  16. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    I wonder why some are doing that...
  17. James Nille

    James Nille Leader Mod

    34K members wow!!!!
    Hmm... I think weekly salary should d be paid to all members.. Lols am joking..

    Come to think of it out of 90% of inactive members.

    70% inactive members were introduced into because of ponzi schemes.

    While the remaining which is 20% came into as the result of free browsing tricks and the rest of them.

    In other words, now that there is no genuine ponzi scheme, there should be something akin to ponzi scheme, that should be introduced into in a different way.. But i can't suggest what that gonna be... May be awarding the most active member with something.. Like recharge card of 1000naira a month:D
  18. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    Amazing idea so far on this thread... It will be looked into
  19. jams

    jams Leader

    Yes you've already say it all cause that is the main factor affecting Jackobian in my own perspective because Jackobian was elevated in so much traffic because of ponzi scheme and the like, now that people have deviated from it, they're not consistently visiting Jackobian. But we need more than, nice suggestions @James Nille .

    Please, other should try and contribute also and if there's anything you really need us to adjust ranging from the new feeds and all that matter, please feel free to share your ideas. Your suggestions are highly needed and that's the reason this thread was created.
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  20. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    Thank u for your addition, the fact is that there is no way some members will make comments, some prefers to be like a ghost here.
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  21. zedzed

    zedzed Grand Mod

    Yes.This is d true fact though am referring to d main reason not the reward part
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  22. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    you make a lot of sense with this actually bro.
    something similar to ponzi? nothing on my mind like that o

    however, cryptocurrency investment is one thing we are taking seriously, do you think that it can help/substitute the ponzi stuff for real?
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  23. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    from what you guys are saying, only 30% of Jackobian members is what's left.
    the source of the statistics still thrills me though.

    @James Nille so you have been keeping count all these while.
    meanwhile, one major take away for me here is that people truly care about what's oging on here.. thanks to people like @D-termined @James Nille and @jams

    Honestly, am a bit surprised to find @zedzed outside of crypto zone showing care for what's going on here.

    thanks all.
    Right now, we need such suggestions as james was trying to point out because we need to develop this community further and this is the time.
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  24. foxcode

    foxcode Active

    In my case, i cam to know about this forum during d ponzi days, nd i'm still here bcos i sometyms get news on crypto market and other bitcoin businesses. So in my opinion i will suggest dat business ideas with lucrative earnings be discussed here, it may bring lost folks back.
  25. zedzed

    zedzed Grand Mod

    Hmm..except if there should be frequent reward for quick result.
    But even without reward,people will still embrace cryptocurrency in the future and guess!!! Where would they seek for info?Of course online.That is when people will troop in.The only thing that can hinder this is emergence of new way of making quick cash or stoppage of cryptocurrency which can never happen.If there is a new way of making quick and cool cash,and free browsing cheats we are still there Lols :thumbs:,
  26. zedzed

    zedzed Grand Mod

    Daz true bro.
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  27. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    sorry for bailing in here, absolutely No
  28. zedzed

    zedzed Grand Mod

    Oga Determine.Cryptocurrency is the only biz/investment online now
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  29. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    you have a nice idea, Nigerians need something rewarding like Awoof, promo, free recharge cards, sponsorship and the likes....
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  30. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    i am not doubting that.... the only challenge i have is where and how to kickstart the crytocurrency that will bring quick results to me
  31. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    exactly bro!
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