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Make Money Weekly For 6months

Discussion in 'Make Money with Offline Investments' started by bakky, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. bakky

    bakky Active

    This investment opportunity let's you earn 5% of your money weekly for 6months and after 6months you get your money back

    Am not here to introduce you to a ponzi scheme or a new company, but a old company with better feature. Have you heard of Ngexchanger? It's similar to Instantgold where you exchange digital currencies. They have been in business for over 2 years and are registered by CAC.

    They partnered with another company recently, to help you let your money make more money for you. How does it work? Register at

    After registering, Invest any amount between (35,500-10million). After a week you start receiving 5% of the amount you invested for 6months, after 6months they remove 10% of your initial capital as service fee, 90% of your capital is returned to you.

    Basically, I invested 100k so I get paid 5k every week for 6months, that's 20k a month and after 6months they remove 10% Service fee and return 90k. So i will make 120k as interest within the 6months, they remove 10k as service fee and return 90k. 120+90k=210k. Attached is payment photo for my first two weeks.

    This is a safe, risk free Investment.. to be sure you can search about them online or search CAC database to be sure. They a office in Port Harcourt, they have a livechat on the website and they have WhatsApp and telegram groups where investors post payment evidence.

    This is the best Investment for 2019. Register here

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