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New Ponzi Make 50% From Mmm.

Discussion in 'Ponzi' started by Arinze Cyril, Sep 6, 2019.

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    MMM is back and better!

    {filename}-Make 50% From Mmm.
    Brief Background Information
    MMM Cooperation is a peer-to-peer funding scheme that help to empower its members financially and also reduces the poverty rate across the world by providing its members the opportunity to provide financial help to others and then get financial help from others within a space of one month.
    MMM Cooperation is just a community of people that help each other for free, they transfer money directly to each other, from one bank account or crypto currency wallet to another, without any conditions, just only because they want to do so and earn profit from doing so.
    It means it’s a Mautual beneit fund. MMM is back and have been paying it’s participants since January 2019.

    It has same ideology and is same as the Popular Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM). Unlike the old MMM that offers 30% on investments, this one offer a better deal of 50% return on any amount invested, which will be due after a month (30 days).

    MMM had shut down its operation in April 2018 following the death of Sergei Mavrodi, its founder, but has relaunched globally since January 22, 2019. Those behind the relaunch are the managers of the former MMM and they did this to uphold the legacy of their boss. is MMM Cooperation Official website where members provide help to other members to solve their problems and in turn make up to 30% or 50% of their principal amount. New users can earn as much as $20, $50 and $100 for $200, $750 and $1000 all in their local currency.
    MMM Cooperation is already in a lot of American, African, Asian, European countries like: USA, Philippines, Nigeria, Ukraine, Ghana, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Canada, etc.

    MMM Cooperation sets the pace all over the world. They are currently the most populous platform with over 6MILLION participants within 4 months.

    Right here you will see procedures on how to participant on MMM Cooperation.

    How to Join

    1. Click to open registration page
    2. Fill in your details
    3. Input the following email address to the invite section: (note: if you use the link on this page, the email address would appear on the invite section, but incase it doesn’t, copy and paste to the invite section of the registration page)
    4. Fill in the “image code” correctly
    5. Then click on “register in mmm”
    6. Check your email for a confirmation email from mmm
    7. When you see the email, click on change password to activate your account. You can add a new password or reuse the one you entered during registration.
    8. Once this is done you can then login to your account.
    9. Go to account section on top of the page that appears to add your account details (bank account, btc, etc)
    10. To provide help, use the “I want to provide help” botton. You can get help from 14 days (explained below under FAQ 3: A & B
    Frequently Asked Questions About MMM Cooperation
    1. When was it launch?
      Ans: It was launched on the 22nd of Jan 2019
    2. Who are those behind it?
      Ans: Some of the Admin that worked with Marvodi that still wanted his legacy to live on
    3. How does it work?
    Supports more than 100 currencies including that of African, American, Asian… Countries and Crypto Currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin etc. There are two options in mmmcooperation

    A) Either u choose the options of 30% for 30days (defrost is for 14days) meaning u can GH after 14days or wait till 30days

    B) 50% for 30days (defrost for 28days), meaning you can GH after 28days

    4. Is there any recommitment policy before you can GH? Ans: Yes. For the platform to be sustainable, all members would have to recommit an amount equal or more than the previous PH and make down payment of 10% of the new PH before you can withdraw your principal then your profit earned

    The МММ COOPERATION Community is building a fair world in which everyone will live
    happily and become prosperous. Thus, MMM Cooperation is absolutely legal
    and does not break any laws. Because there are only money transfers between private
    persons and nothing more

    Follow the link below for more information: MMM is back and better!
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