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Learn Web Design In The Right Way With Webmaster Whatsapp Group

Discussion in 'Blogging | Nigerian Webmasters' started by raph, May 3, 2017.

  1. raph

    raph Upcoming

    There will be whatsapp groups with 10-15persons each for coordination!

    Each day, there will be time for
    1. Teaching.(theory/practicals).
    2.Questions and answers.
    3.Assignment and

    we r in a modern age...U can as well use your phone to do web design.

    People ain't serious, when learning is free!!! so u are to pay a token fee of #1000 for serious minded persons.

    Those who are serious to learn should click and join..
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  3. fasakin

    fasakin Rookie!!!

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  4. fasakin

    fasakin Rookie!!!

    check out the link for your domains web designs. God bless you

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  5. Arierhi

    Arierhi Upcoming

  6. AkinCosta

    AkinCosta Active

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  7. Taran100

    Taran100 Jackobian

    Wow, we are up to such activity lately that we do teaching web design on such level where we really are not up to what we have in some whatsapp group no matter what. And even there you really shouldn't go from some site on this level. Do you agree ?
  8. Bashir Ibrahim

    Bashir Ibrahim Upcoming