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    As at Today 1 Ethereum and 1 Dash are worth $189 $148 respectively , Note these coins where worth 48$ and 23$ respectively few months back.

    v How to Profit From Their Rise
    So the price of Bitcoin is decreasing and the price of ethereum and Dash kept on appreciating. Some of you the only thing you know about ethereum is that the price is rising and you probably heard it from someone here not that you check the price chart. With this its becomes more easy to lose money to those that know quite a lot about ethereum. Ether price is quite volatile as at March it was dancing around the price range of $48 – and Now its $186 that’s is close to 400% increase for a period of four months.

    Now imagine if you have about 5 ETH as at March (48 X 7=336$) now Now after four Months the current price is 186$. Meaning your 5 ETH Now worth 7X189$=1323$.. Now imagine you have more..

    I wont go into details on how to trade crptocurrency. Because you can also make money through crptocurrency trading, but you will need to follow and monitor the market well or you lose.

    Now how do you make money trading. In the simplest words ( You monitor a coin that has the tendency of appreciating over time, somes coins are below a dollar now, some 5,8 30 35 $ choose your coin and monitor it well..lets say you buy a coin that worth of 5$ per coin currently and you decided to buy 60 of those coins (60x5=$300) and after a month or more or even less depends on its demand its rise to 15$ (60x15=$900) that’s close to 300% increase , NOTE its can be less or even more. Depending on how volatile the coin can be.

    Now Bitcoin is depreciating after it rose amazingly for like 1300$ to like $2400 within three months, Now this what have been explaining earlier. If you have $500 worth of BTC you will be having like $950..and once you notice its has start to depreciate all you need to do is to cash out ,or trade it with other Coins. This is for those who can trade crpto currency o.just allitle bit like forex.

    Now if you can not trade all you need to do is to locate a promising coins purchase and store for a period of like 2months.


    We all now BTC as the master of coins currently its drops because it’s a crpto-currency now the price is even cheaper, we see opportunities where people don’t. now instead of buying BTC Expensive you can now get it Cheaper than it used to be, because the price has dropped.


    Examples: then Btc can go for like 500/$ we all know or 450/$ but now people and exchange site now sell for about 350/$..lets say I buy at the rate of 350N/$ and I got like $ 500 worth of BTC (300x350=105,000 N) those that want to use it as a mini business can Re-SALe to people for 400N/$ making a gain of 50 Naira in each dollar…lets say you eventually sale all your $500 at your own price of 400N/$ (300x400=120000N)Now your are having a profit of 15000N just for that can buy more and make it a part time business. Build trust and stand by it.

    • Also if you don’t want to go through that you can as well you studied currency and store. 1 Ethereum as at march was 48$ now its worth 190$

    • 1 BTC as at march worth about 1300$ now it worth 2100$..yet it has depreciated.

    While Dash price even went as high as $100 early March but the market later corrected itself and it drop down to $80 but it is now worth $148.

    The Story Of Ethereum that Some of You Might Not Know.
    Ethereum was already gaining a lot of traction early last year until June of 2016 when the DAO, (the Distributed Autonomous Organization) that had collected over $150m worth of the cryptocurrency ether, was reportedly hacked, causing a broad market sell-off.
    The DAO lost 3.6m ether, With ether trading at roughly $17.50 per coin as that time, that puts the value of the stolen cryptocurrency at more than $60m. And of course what do you expect? Ether markets plunged on the news, falling below $13 in trading on the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex.

    Below are the fundamental analysis responsible for Ether price spike.
    1. General Adoption In The Cryptocurency Industry.
    As Bitcoin price kept rising in the last month and dash also spiking to all time high, the industry gain more attention and users and adopters came in so that brought less volatility to the market.
    This is predominantly due to the fact that movements in price, especially in the upward pattern as observed lately, does not depend on isolated events. Most cryptocurrencies show upward price movements mainly because new adopters are entering into the ecosystem, therefore, use case scenarios are on the increase which automatically creates demand for the cryptos and subsequent increase in value.
    2. Development in The Ethereum Community.
    One of the reasons Chris Dunn believe this is the year of come back for ether was because ethereum have a hard working team that could bring new development. The rise in Ethereum price have coincided with certain partnerships and developments within the community.
    3. Bitcoin ETF disapproval.
    Yesterday in my bitcoin price fall analysis i talked much about the ETF disapproval by US SEC. Ether prices have risen over the last several sessions, following the broader digital currency market higher after the SEC opted to reject the bitcoin ETF proposed by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.
    Ether prices have risen more than 100% since then, climbing from a low of $17.68 on 10th March to $47 today.
    I ended up spending time on ethereum only, my next post I will talk about dash and the profit potential in both cryptocurrencies…

    Check for you crypto currency ranking and detect which coin is rising and which is falling.

    v Also personally I trade with you can check it out on google. Also learn more info is power , spend much time learning things that we help. Use youtube type relevant things and learn..u can also try how to trade cypto currency using bittrex.



    v How to make money from youtube. Frankly I make small change from youtube. Everyone knows about this, you too can. But you need to be a little bit creative and think outside the box.

    v Lastly plan on making an Ebook on DROP SHIPPING USING AMAZON…
    These are my opinions and that the cypto currency market Is quite volatile
    kindly contact me 09032356962 or [email protected] thanks for reading.

    v First post on Google Adsense gained recognition which I was invited to say more, hope this one does. simple see u at the top. Bye for now Screenshot (88).png-Learn How To Make Money With The Rise And Fall Of Crpto-currencies
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    Just went through and I must say it's a pretty indepth research on Ethereum and crypto generally.
    It's equally motivating to top it all.

    Presently, I won't encourage anyone to buy Ethereum as it's gone beyond $200 and should fall below that considering Segwit scare is still on!

    However, we have seen a strong support level at $170-180 and I think buyers should keep an eye for that
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    Thanks Everyone. Really appreciate the recommendations. Still monitoring DASH. and seems BTC is going up again..
    Now watch DASH on the Coin Market table. and see what am talking about. just 4days ago i posted this DASH was 148$ Now its 190... Have about 3.3 DASH. that should be 3x148= $488.4 (four days back)...Now opening my wallet and seeing 630$ made me check it worth and behold it has increased thats why i came here to update this........... 1 DASH now worth 190$ why i saw 630$ in my wallet was cox my 3 D ash x $190=630$.. Dint Mentioned the ETHER as i know that one is always appreciating...adding more small small dollars to the wallet...Last time i posted it was 148$ now 229$...

    .......... c.png-Learn How To Make Money With The Rise And Fall Of Crpto-currencies
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