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Buzz Latest Best Alternative To Nnu

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Cryptogeek, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Cryptogeek

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    Hi guys..It been long..Today i want to introduce to you a new alternative to nnu..offcourse i know most of you are already looking for an alternative...
    So today let me officially introduce You to Bankalert income...
    BankAlert Income program Review: We have been discussing many online business over the past two months such as NNU, Newspay, Wakanda, Blog9ja,Enigeria,PayNig and many other online income programs but in this post, i shall be introducing a new income program “BankAlert Review”
    BankAlert Review:How does BankAlert Income program works
    Just like other income programs in Nigeria mentioned above, Bank Alert income program gives you the opportunity to earn real money online with your mobile phone right at the comfort of you home.

    With Bank Alert income program, You don’t need to open a workshop or heavy duty online store to get started making money online..

    How to Make money with Bank Alert income platform

    There are two ways through which you can make money online with BankAlert income program which are: BankAlert Earning and BankAlert Affiliate Program

      • Bank Alert Earning:
        This earning method is grouped into sections:
        1. You earn ₦10 automatically for every Post you share on Facebook social media
        2. You earn ₦50 For each Post you Submit on BankAlert website
      • BankAlert Affiliate Program
        The bank Alert affiliate program allows you to earn 70% referral commission via any new premium user that signed up through your BankAlert Referral Link.

        As soon as you sign up and Login to your BankAlert Dashboard Referral, you will see your Referral Link right from your Homepage, copy the link and share with your friends on social medias, Forums, and other platforms. If a Friend register with your Referral Link you will earn ₦700 credited instantly to your BankAlert income account.
    BankAlert Review:Earning potential of Bank Alert income program
    Did you Know that BankAlert income platform update more than 200 blog posts in a day? That means you will be earning around ₦10 × 200 which is ₦2000 Daily for Sharing Blog posts on Facebook social media.

    There’s no limit to the amount of posts you share daily as far as they keep posting, you are free to keep sharing while your account is credited with ₦10 for every post share.

    Concerning Sharing and Updating Blog Posts on BankAlert, You will earn ₦50 for every post you submitted on BankAlert earning program.There’s no limit to the amount of posts you can submit daily. Your account will be credited as soon as your post is officially approved.

    Let Assume you Shared 150 sponsored posts daily, you will earn ₦150×10 and you submit 100 posts daily, you will earn ₦50×100 and you referred 2 persons daily you will earn 2×700

    BankAlert Income Program Registration
    Before you get started earning from BankAlert, you must make sure your Upgrade or registration fee of ₦1000 is ready.

    That’s the one time payment you will make for your BankAlert account to be activated.

    Having gotten your Investment fee ready, to register on BankAlert click on the registration Link BankAlert | Earn Money Online

    You can use any Phone Browser to access this site including opera Mini Browser: It’s compatible on all mobile and PC Browser.

    The best part of these is that Bankalert income pay weekly and you don't need any at all referrals to withdraw from Bankalert...
    Guys so what are you waiting for..Just with 1thousand naira you can be earning more #2000 per day...So guys what are you waiting start your registration now before it get flooded with many members like NNU so that you will earn more and get paid quickly..kindly visit these link BankAlert | Earn Money Online
    If u have any question..Feel free to ask...
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    Guys register on hot and paying
  4. AkinCosta

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    Entertaining offer. But if we talk about earning money online I prefer more profitable albeit risky ways. I talk about casinos. You might say: 'but lots of sites ain't reliable'. Unfortunately, it's true. But on you can check sites, see their rates. It's very easy.
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    I would prefer to bet instead of Casino games because, Many esports betting game site are available like arcanebet, It provides many betting games & easy money withdraw service to your account.
  6. Camberpruff

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    In fact, if you are interested in sports betting, I can advise you one pretty reliable betting portal. Here is a link to their website In my opinion this is a fairly reliable option, besides there are really quick payouts here, as well as a very user-friendly interface. Try