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Discussion in 'University of Nigeria Nuskka' started by Onyeka Peter, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. Onyeka Peter

    Onyeka Peter Rookie!!!

    Kashwell is now matching fast. Hurry to the website and get ur money. I have just received mine in the 10k package
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  3. Eriwaego

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  4. Efe1

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    Click on link to register!

    You will glad you did.

    REGISTER - JustGivers-No.1 P2P Donation Platform
  5. Henry klassik

    Henry klassik Rookie!!!

    Guys is dropping by 10:30 pm ooo
    3:1 matrix

    Small packages like 10k...To get 30
    20 ...For 60
    Up to 150 ...For 450
  6. Eltino

    Eltino Upcoming


    Hello ladies and gentlemen.
    wiseinvestors Administrators has come together to help you Earn twice ur pH in less than 24 to 48hours. Join our ever growing community of truthful participants.

    In this platform, you provide help of 4k and get twice your pH within 24hrs.

    Donations should be done in this form
    Name/phone number/amount/
    Where you ph
    4k to get 8k

    8k to get 16k

    ✅A working mobile banking
    ✅active whatsapp to keep you online
    ✅And your cash

    ✅Its first come first serve
    ✅Don't pH if u can't pay
    ✅send all complains to the admins

    Below is the link
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    Help wisely and Earn wisely
  7. Evangel

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  9. Evangel

    Evangel Jackobian

    By 12am.
  10. Kelvin spade

    Kelvin spade Jackobian

  11. john cej

    john cej Upcoming

  12. john cej

    john cej Upcoming

  13. Richard65

    Richard65 Rookie!!!

    Welcome To (Coming Soon) *is gonna rock!*

    *Its Here Now! Going Live by 9:00PM Prompt today being 2nd of March.*
    *Launching by 6:30PM Prompt sunday being 5th of March*.

    *Features Of The System*
    *4x1 Matrix System* ie it gives *400% Returns of Investment*
    *15k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 500k, and 1m Packages*
    ➡ *Dedicated Server*
    ❣ *Auto Purging of unfulfilled payments after 12hours.*
    ❣ *Efficient and Responsive Support System*

    *STEP 1: Create an account with by clicking on the register button. STEP 2: Wait till you are matched with a fellow participant. Matching takes a maximum of 2 hours, and you are given a countdown time of 4 hours to pay up. STEP 3:For security reasons, please pay only to the account details you see on your dashboard; and kindly call the receiver before payments to confirm account details, and after payments to confirm receipt of funds. STEP 4: After payment, upload a proof of payment in the section provided for it and wait to be confirmed. Uploading of fake POP will lead to the automatic termination of the account, only serious participants are needed in STEP 5: Once your account has been confirmed activated, it will be queued in the list of the accounts that will receive payment from other members. Getting paired with an account that will pay to you usually takes 1-3days or even less! STEP 6: Once you confirm the last payment, the system automatically recycles you to a participant that you will pay for the same package you registered with. Once you pay for the recycle and you are confirmed, the system pairs you with participants that will pay you.*

    *When you Join, you will need to donate the sum of either N15000, N25000, N50000, N100000, N500000, or N1000000 to a fellow member assigned by the system or your direct link, and the member will then confirm your donation and then the system will automatically assign 4 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you the joining amount each, into your bank account, making 400% (i.e. 400% of N15000 is N60000, 400% of N20000 is N80000, 400% of N50000 is N200000 100% of N200000 is N80000, 400% of N500000 is N2000000 and 400% of N1000000 is N4000000).*
  14. Neyin

    Neyin Jackobian been serving us since dec2016 unlike those HIT nd RUN overnight ponzi schemes it's reliable,self sustaining and Paying!!!
    15k to get 75k previously now
    15k to get 30k to fasten the system....HURRY!! Grab ya money
  15. Ajayi Ayobami

    Ajayi Ayobami Upcoming

    NARACLE is the fastest and easiest peer to peer donation system where you make over ₦40,000 in just two levels With a one-time donation of ₦1,500, you earn at every level as shown below...
    Sign-up: ₦1,500

    LEVEL 1:
    Register with ₦1,500 and four(4) people are merged to pay u ₦1,500 each= ₦6,000
    [Upgrade to level 2 with ₦2,500]

    LEVEL 2:
    At level 2, you earn ₦40,000 from the downlines of your downlines...
    [Upgrade to level 3 with #10000]

    The higher the level, the higher your earnings

    WHY NaRaCle ?
    ✳ Perfect Spillover System!
    ❇ NO SCAM!
    ❎ DOWNLINES ADDED ON A First Pay First Served BASIS!

    Additional info :
    1. If you don't upgrade, you'll miss your earnings from your downlines... So once you can Make SURE you upgrade so you'll just sit back and keep receiving alert.
    2. If you do not have ₦1,500 Do NOT register... You'll have a deadline of 48hours to make your payment to your sponsor.
    3. Every unpaid users are deactivated after 48hrs to keep a steady system

    Follow dis link and mk 6000 in 3 -7days just lyk claritta.. It's real trust mi