Crypto News Jupyter Network: A Decentralized Applications (dapps) Built On The Bsc Chain

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    {filename}-Jupyter Network: A Decentralized Applications (dapps) Built On The Bsc Chain

    What is the Jupyter Network ?
    The Jupyter Network is a suite of decentralized applications (dApps) built on the BSC Blockchain.

    What is $IOM ?
    $IOM is a BEP20 compatible token which can be used in all Ethereum wallets that support the Binance Smart Chain.


    • 50% or 500'000'000 $IOM
    Tokens are available for trading on Pancakeswap( $BNB/$IOM), for better security and prevention from rug pulls exploits, the proof of liquidity (position) from this liquidity is sent to dead wallet addresses

    • 24% or 240'000'000 $IOM
    Tokens will be available for trading on another DEX(TBD) From which 6% or 6'000'000 $IOM Tokens are available for trading on Pancakeswap for the $TKP/$IOM trading pair.

    • 20% or 200'000'000 $IOM
    Tokens are held in a Gnosis Safe multi-signature wallet and used solely for project funding. (Team Wallet). The majority of the token is in the community's hands forever.

    Where can i get $IOM ?
    You can get your $IOM from Pancakeswap or later on from Jupyterswap.


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    As of recent world events we have noticed that more and more innocent people, wake up to a
    reality where bank accounts are blocked, transfers
    freezed, and so on. We see this as a huge opportunity for the crypto space, why trust a bank
    when you can read the smart contracts, that will follow an immutable protocol.

    Our Goal

    Advancing the bigger mission of getting people away from the Fiat currency system, to a
    decentralized system, where the price of cryptocurrencies is not measured in dollars,
    instead, dollars will be measured in

    Visit : Jupyter Network
    More info | Linktree

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