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[jce]fast & Stable Cn/v8/heavy/tube/xhv Miner, Cpu+gpu

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by James Rut, Jun 21, 2019.

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    JCE Cryptonote CPU Miner

    Welcome to the Fastest Cryptonote CPU Miner ever!

    Try the GPU Version (includes the CPU miner), the fastest CN-Heavy/XHV/Tube miner!

    You can download it from the Mega page here:

    Download JCE Miner

    Like all miners, JCE gets detected as a virus by most Antiviruses, including Windows Defender. But it’s not. Read more about Privacy and Security below.

    Is it just yet-another fork of a common miner? No!

    You’re not losing your time testing a made-up rip of a common miner, JCE is brand new, using 100% new code.

    Are the new Monero-V7, Cryptolight-V7, Cryptonight-Heavy, IPBC, Alloy, MKT and XTL forks supported? Yes!

    The --variation parameter let you choose the fork. More details below.

    Recent history

    0.33q CPU and 0.33b18 GPU
    * TurtleCoin defaults to v2
    * Fix possible Masari v8 bad shares
    * Waltz/Graft fork as --variation 22

    0.33b17 GPU
    * Masari v8 support
    * watchdog can restart the miner instead of quit, parameter --restart

    0.33p CPU
    * Native Stellite v8 and Masari v8 support

    0.33b16 GPU
    * Stellite v8
    * Rig-id
    * Light optim for mixed cpu/gpu mining

    0.33n CPU
    New fork: Stellite v8
    Rig-id parameter (optional)

    0.33b15 GPU
    Backport of 0.33m CPU
    New fork: Turtle v2, as --variation 20
    New coin: DeroGold
    Remote Managment through the HTTP server
    IGP autoconfig fix

    0.33m CPU
    New fork: Turtle v2, as --variation 20
    New coin: DeroGold
    Remote Managment through the HTTP server

    0.33k CPU
    Separate assembly for Bulldozer x64 on v8 algo

    0.33b14 GPU
    uPlexa fork, as --variation 19
    Backported CPU optim from 0.33j
    --legacy now keeps the CPU idle when mining only with GPU

    0.33j CPU (upgrade to this one or later for CPU mining highly recommended)
    uPlexa fork, as --variation 19
    Better/restored speed on v8
    Updated a few shitcoins forks.

    0.33i CPU
    Big optimization for v8, for all CPUs +2%
    Sumokoin wallets default to Ryo

    0.33b12 GPU

    0.33b11 GPU
    New coin FredCoin
    Better pool-side efficiency

    0.33h CPU
    New coin FredCoin
    Little optim for Zen CPU on v8

    0.33b10 GPU+CPU
    Fixed possible bad shares
    Little optim for RX on v8
    Little optim for Zen CPU on v8
    Warning when a non-AMD gpu is enabled to mine

    0.33b9 GPU (upgrade to this one or later highly recommended)
    Fixed Nicehash netcode
    Very little optim for RX on Heavy/forks
    Warmup now all automatic

    0.33b8 GPU
    More stable hashrate
    Speed increase in most cases

    0.33b7 GPU
    Cryptonight-FreeHaven backported from CPU version
    Cryptonight-Dark too
    Fees lowered back to 0.9% for all algos
    Little optims

    0.33g CPU
    Cryptonight-FreeHaven algo with --variation 18
    MoneroOcean "algo_perf" configuration possible
    Updated doc

    0.33f CPU
    Cryptolight-Dark algo with --variation 17
    Parameterless config (service style)

    0.33b6 GPU
    More stable hashrate
    Temperature watchdog
    Fixed OpenCL bug 0-2.10
    Updated doc
    Very light perf boost

    0.33b5 GPU
    Crazy huge performance boost for Heavy/HVX/Tube + 20%
    Respective fees increased to 2.1%
    Very light perf boost for CN-v8

    0.33b4 GPU
    Huge performance boost on CN-v8
    Graft now defaults to CN-v8


    In short, JCE is:

    Crazy fast on non-AES 64-bits, usually 35-40% faster than other miners
    Compared to other 32-bits miners, still faster on non-AES 32-bits, sometimes beating even the other miners 64-bits versions
    And still faster on non-AES 32-bits Cryptonight-Heavy, with usually +50% speed.
    Barely faster than the other best on AES 64-bits, beating them by ~1%, +2.8% on V7 fork, +4% on Cryptonight-Heavy
    Also a lot faster on AES 32-bits, but it’s a rare case (mostly seen on Intel Atom tablets)
    Here’s a benchmark against three other common miners.

    XMRStak means: the released Unified binary from github (not recompiled myself)
    XMRig means: the respective best released binary gcc (32-bits) and msvc (64-bits) from github (not recompiled myself)
    Claymore means: best Claymore CPU (3.4 for 32-bits, 3.9 for 64-bits)
    When not supported, score is zero, if not tested yet, score is ?
    Fees are included in the score
    Core2 Quad 2.666 GHz 12M, 4 threads, 64-bits, Cryptonight

    JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
    116 80 85 57
    Core2 Quad 2.666 GHz 12M, 4 threads, 32-bits, Cryptonight

    JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
    93 0 68 50
    Ryzen 1600, 8 threads, 64-bits, Cryptonight

    JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
    506 502 502 443
    Ryzen 1600, 8 threads, 32-bits, Cryptonight

    JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
    434 0 327 275
    Ryzen 1600, 8 threads, 64-bits, Cryptonight V7

    JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
    503 492 491 ?
    Ryzen 1600, 8 threads, 32-bits, Cryptonight V7

    JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
    424 0 320 ?
    Core2 Quad 2.666 GHz 12M, 4 threads, 64-bits, Cryptonight Heavy

    JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
    50 33 36 0
    Ryzen 1600, 4 threads, 64-bits, Cryptonight Heavy

    JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
    252 169 250 0
    Ryzen 1600, 4 threads, 32-bits, Cryptonight Heavy

    JCE XMRStak XMRig Claymore
    191 0 174 0

    Getting started

    If you’re new at mining Cryptonight, here’s the simplest way:

    Choose the coin to mine, see the list below. The most common is Monero.
    Get a wallet, that’s a ~95 character long identifier. If you don’t have one yet, you can create it
    Choose a pool to mine on, and its port. For example Pool pool minexmr com and port 4444
    Edit the start.bat that’s shipped in the .zip
    Change the example POOL by yours
    Change the example PORT by yours
    Change the example WALLET by yours
    You can leave the default password x
    (Optional) If your coin is exotic, maybe you also need to change FORK=0 to another number. See the list in the start bat
    Run start bat

    Basic topics

    Need .net 4.0 and >

    Q. Is it free (as in beer, as in freedom)?
    No and no. It has fees, and is not open source. But the program itself is free to distribute.

    Q. How much cost the fees?
    Current fees are:

    2.0% when using at least one mining thread with non-AES architecture, or 32-bits
    0.5% when using only 64-bits AES architecture
    The fees are twice higher in non-AES mode and/or 32-bits because JCE offers a huge performance gain here.

    Q. Will it work on my computer?
    Minimum is Windows Vista 32-bits, or Linux, with a SSE2 capable CPU. 64-bits is faster, prefer it.
    For best performance, Large Pages must be enabled, JCE will try to auto-configure them, but it may work or not depending on your Windows version and security configuration.

    Q. What currency can I mine? On which pools?
    You can mine any coin on any pool.
    If your coin is listed, all is automatic.

    Run the miner with --coins parameter to get the up-to-date list. Current list is:

    Aeon (AEON)
    Alloy (XAO)
    ArQmA (ARQ)
    ArtoCash (RTO)
    B2BCoin (B2B)
    Bitcoin2network (B2N)
    BBSCoin (BBS)
    Bitcoal (COAL)
    BitcoiNote (BTCN)
    Bitsum (BSM)
    BlackRose (BLR)
    Bloc (BLOC)
    BitTube (TUBE)
    BlueberriesCoin (BBC)
    Bytecoin (BCN)
    Caliber (CAL)
    Catalyst (XAT)
    Citadel (CTL)
    Citicash (CCH)
    Constella (XCC)
    Crepcoin (CREP)
    CryoNote (XCN)
    Dero (DERO)
    DeroGold (DEGO)
    Dinastycoin (DCY)
    DragonGlass (DRGL)
    Electronic Dollar (EDL)
    Electroneum (ETN)
    Elya (ELYA)
    Fonero (FNO)
    FreeHaven (XFH)
    FreelaBit (FBF)
    FuryCoin (FURY)
    Gadcoin (GAD)
    Graft (GRFT)
    Haven (XHV)
    HospitalCoin (HOSP)
    Iridium (IRD)
    Italo (ITA)
    KashKoin (KHK)
    Karbowanec (KRB)
    Lethean (LTHN)
    Leviarcoin (XLC)
    Lines (LNS)
    Loki (LOK)
    Lumeneo (LMO)
    MarketCash (MKT)
    Masari (MSR)
    Monero (XMR/XMV)
    Mox (MOX)
    Niobio (NBR)
    Ombre (OMB)
    ParsiCoin (PARS)
    Plenteum (PLE)
    Pluracoin (PLURA)
    PrivatePay (XPP)
    PyrexCoin (PYX)
    Qwertycoin (QWC)
    Remix (RMX)
    Saronite (XRN)
    Solace (SOL)
    Stellite (XTL)
    Sumokoin (SUMO)
    SuperiorCoin (SUP)
    Swap (SWAP)
    TaxfreeCoin (TXC)
    Tritanium (TTNZ)
    Triton (TRIT)
    Truckcoin (TRKC)
    Turtlecoin (TRTL)
    UltraNote (XUN)
    UPlexa (UPX)
    Veronite (XVV)
    VideoGamesCoin (VGC)
    Wownero (WOW)
    Xaria (XARI)
    X-Cash (XCA)
    zBucks (ZBK)
    Zelerius (ZLS)

    Otherwise, if your coin is not listed, or your wallet not recognized, use the --any parameter, plus the --variation N parameter, with N the fork number, see list below. The fork detection is automatic on known coins, but manual on unknown coins. The coin list is periodically updated.

    Q. Is Nicehash supported?
    Yes, see list above. The Nicehash-specific Nonce is then automatically enabled.

    Q. Is SSL supported?
    Yes, with parameter --ssl

    Q. I get only bad shares, what happens?
    Your coin has probably forked. Add --variation N parameter, with N as listed below, until you find the one that works.

    Advanced topics

    Q. Are there requirements or dependencies?
    No. JCE is just a big standalone executable.

    Q. Is there a Linux version?
    Yes, starting from version 0.29

    Q. Is there a GPU version?
    Not yet.

    Q. Is there a 32-bits version?
    Yes, both 32 and 64 are always in the same release, for both Linux and Windows.

    Q. How many threads can I setup?
    Maximum is 64 threads on 64 CPUs.

    Q. Do I get a discount on fees if I use SSL?
    I’m not Claymore.

    Q. What is that value logged when I find a share?
    The amount of hashes your pool will credit you. This is not the amount of crypto-coins.

    Q. Can I plug it to a stratum proxy?
    No, it must mine on a real pool on Internet.
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