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Jambites Physics Questions 2018

Discussion in 'Jamb' started by zedzed, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. zedzed

    zedzed Grand Mod

    Below are Physic questions for 2018 jambites to study out

    Question 1 of 20
    {filename}-Jambites Physics Questions 2018

    The diagram is that of

    • an auto transformer
    • a step-down transformer
    • a step-up tranformer
    • an oil transformer
    Question 2 of 20
    I. High thermal capacity.
    II. High sensitivity.
    III. Easy readability.
    IV. Accuracy over a wide range of temperatures.

    From the statements above, the qualities of a good thermometer are

    • I, II, III and IV
    • I and II
    • II, III and IV
    • I, III and IV
    Question 3 of 20
    The velocity of sound in air at 16°C is 340ms-1. What will it be when the pressure is doubled and its temperature raised to 127°C?

    • 400ms-1
    • 8,000ms-1
    • 160,000ms-1
    • 4,000ms-1
    Question 4 of 20
    In a hydraulic press, the pump piston exerts a pressure of 100ρa on the liquid. What force is exerted in the second piston of cross-sectional area 3m2?

    • 100N
    • 300N
    • 150N
    • 200N
    Question 5 of 20
    The wavelength of a wave traveling with a velocity of 420ms-1 is 42m. what is its period?

    • 1.2s
    • 0.1s
    • 1.0s
    • 0.5s
    Question 6 of 20
    An object weighs 22kg in water and 30kg in air. What is the upthrust exerted by the liquid on the object? [g = 10ms-1]

    • 50N
    • 220N
    • 80N
    • 520N
    Question 7 of 20
    In a common emitter configuration, the output voltage is through the

    • resistor
    • base
    • collector
    • emitter
    Question 8 of 20
    An object of mass 20kg is released from a height of 10m above the ground level. The kinetic energy of the object just before it hits the ground is? [g=10ms-1]

    • 200J
    • 4000J
    • 2000J
    • 500J
    Question 9 of 20
    Which of the following is used for the correction of short-sightedness?

    • Concave lens
    • concave mirror
    • convex mirror
    • convex lens
    Question 10 of 20
    {filename}-Jambites Physics Questions 2018

    In the diagram 200W bulb is lighted by a 240V a.c mains supply if 1kWh is sold at N 40, the cost of keeping the bulb lighted for a day is ?

    • N19.20
    • N1.92
    • N1920.00
    • N192.00
    Question 11 of 20
    {filename}-Jambites Physics Questions 2018

    In the diagram, if the south-poles of two magnets stroke a steel bar, the polarities at T and V will respectively be ?

    • north and north
    • south and south
    • south and north
    • north and south
    Question 12 of 20
    Which of the following is a property of steel?

    • it cannot retain its magnetism longer than iron
    • It can be used for making permanent magnets.
    • It can easily be magnetized and demagnetized
    • it can be used for making temporary magnets
    Question 13 of 20
    In an a.c circuit, the ratio of r.m.s value to peak value of current is

    • 1/√2
    • 2
    • √2
    • ½
    Question 14 of 20
    In a discharge tube, most of the gas is pumped out so that electricity is conducted at ?

    • low pressure
    • steady voltage
    • high pressure
    • low voltage
    Question 15 of 20
    An object 4cm high is placed 15cm from a concave mirror of local length 5cm. the size of the image is ?

    • 4cm
    • 2cm
    • 5cm
    • 6cm
    Question 16 of 20
    The pressure of one mole of an ideal gas of volume 10-2m3 at a temperature of 27°C is? [Molar gas constant = 8.3 x J mol-1K-1]

    • 2.49 x 105Nm-2
    • 2.49 x 104Nm-2
    • 2.24 x 104Nm-2
    • 2.24 x 105Nm-2
    Question 17 of 20
    An object is embedded in a block of ice, 10cm below the plane surface. If the refractive index of the ice is 1.50, the apparent depth of the object below the surface is ?

    • 7.63cm
    • 7.50cm
    • 2.50cm
    • 6.77cm
    Question 18 of 20
    Under which of the following conditions do gases conduct electricity?

    • low pressure and high P.d
    • high pressure and high p.d
    • Low pressure and low p.d
    • High pressure and low p.d
    Question 19 of 20
    Two inductors of inductances 5mH and 15mH are connected in series and a current of 5A flows through them. The total energy stored in the inductors is ?

    • 250.0J
    • 50.0J
    • 62.5J
    • 500.0J
    Question 20 of 20
    An object is weighed at different locations on the earth. What will be the right observation ?

    • the mass is constant while the weight varies
    • both the mass and weight are constant
    • both the mass and weight vary
    • the weight is constant while the mass varies
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